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Resume Templates

Whether you’re looking for a simple, modern, or creative resume template, Zety’s got you covered. Just pick your favourite resume template, fill in the details, and be ready to apply for your dream job in minutes!

Professional Resume Template CascadeUse this template


Professional resume template. Practical and readable, with no clutter.

Professional Resume Template ConceptUse this template


Modern resume template. Features a timeline and small icons to save space.

Professional Resume Template CrispUse this template


Creative resume template. Optimum readability with a creative touch.

Professional Resume Template CubicUse this template


Perfect resume template. Readable no matter how much you write.

Professional Resume Template DiamondUse this template


Single-column resume template. Focuses on your work history and job titles.

Professional Resume Template EnfoldUse this template


Two-column resume template. Summary and skills are most prominent.

Professional Resume Template IconicUse this template


Icon-based resume template. Graphics help to highlight individual sections.

Professional Resume Template InfluxUse this template


Elegant resume template. Tells a story, makes sure it gets heard.

Professional Resume Template InitialsUse this template


Creative resume template. Colours and initials add personality.

Professional Resume Template MinimoUse this template


Minimalistic resume template. Great readability with a professional finish.

Professional Resume Template ModernUse this template


Modern resume template. Elegant accents help to make it stand out.

Professional Resume Template MuseUse this template


Visual resume template. Two columns that help focus on your experience.

Professional Resume Template NanicaUse this template


Traditional resume template. The layout puts your achievements in the spotlight.

Professional Resume Template NewcastUse this template


Basic resume template. Classic design with a modern finish.

Professional Resume Template PrimoUse this template


Infographic resume template. Timelines and graphs add visual impact.

Professional Resume Template SimpleUse this template


Simple resume template. Excellent readability, intuitive layout.

Professional Resume Template ValeraUse this template


Unique resume template. Eye-catching typography with a classic structure.

Professional Resume Template VibesUse this template


Sleek resume template. A clean format with exciting details.

Looking for resume templates for specific jobs?

See resume examples

Free Resume Template to Download and Use

Personal Information

[Your Name]

[Your Job Title]

[Phone Number]

[Email Address]


[Optional: Personal Website, Twitter, Instagram, Or Other Relevant Links]

Resume Summary or Objective

Dependable/Detail-oriented/Creative [Your Job Title] with [X] years of experience in [Your Industry/Niche]. Helped [increase revenue/cut costs/train employees/other achievements] by [X]%. Looking to join [Company Name] to ensure [the highest customer satisfaction scores/a steady boost in ROI/prompt project delivery/other metrics and KPIs you hope to deliver for the prospective employer].

Work History

[Your Job Title]

[Company Name]

[Date Range]

  • List your jobs in reverse-chronological order. Go with the most recent one first.
  • Go back no more than 15 years of your work history.
  • Use up to 6 bullet points to describe your work history. Don't cram your resume with unnecessary details. As you go back in time, limit the number of bullet points under each entry.
  • Focus on your relevant achievements and skills. List them as accomplishment statements beginning with action verbs, e.g., [Boosted sales/cut costs] by [X]% through implementing a new system of [invoicing/project management/procurement, etc.].
  • Stay on one page.



[University Name]

[Graduation Year]

  • If you have a few years of professional experience, limit your education section to your highest degree.
  • If you don’t, leverage your academic achievements. Include your CGPA if it's high enough to impress recruiters and add relevant extracurricular activities.


[Skill #1: Advanced]

[Skill #2: Advanced]

[Skill #3: Basic]

Additional Resume Sections

[Certificates And Licences]


[Industry Conferences]


[Foreign Languages]

[Hobbies And Interests]

Create your resume now

Best resume templates
for freshers and professionals

Creating a resume from scratch quickly turns into a nightmare: unwieldy margins, uneven layouts, and 3 pages too many. This is where professional resume templates come in: just pick a design, fill in the details, and the Zety builder will take care of the rest.

Create a resume now
Build a resume that gets you hired

Great designs

Each template features a professional resume format that highlights your best-selling points. Eye-catching icons help to free up space that you can use for your achievements. Graphs draw attention and show off your skills. Best of all, one- or two-column resume templates make it possible to fit your resume on a single page.

Professional resume templates with modern designs

Easy to use

Ever downloaded a template for a resume that went all over the place as soon as you started typing? Not the case with Zety. We keep it simple: pick a resume template that suits you best, add your content, and let our builder handle the rest. To make your life even easier, our resume wizard will guide you every step of the way, providing resume-writing tips and examples to use. Drag, drop, and edit as much as you like: your resume template will adapt to your needs.

Zety professional resume template
Zety simple resume template

Quick & intuitive

Why waste your time on building the perfect resume when there’s a tool to do it for you? With Zety, all you have to do is choose the best resume template and follow the resume wizard’s tips. Pick a resume template for freshers and start from scratch, or upload your old resume to give it a makeover. And guess what? You can even create a cover letter while you’re at it. You’ll be ready to apply for your dream job in minutes, hours ahead of your competition!

Zety resume template to download

Confidence boost

With Zety, you can make your resume look as if it was custom-made by a team of designers. Each of the 20+ resume templates will impress recruiters and make you stand out from the competition, giving you the confidence boost you need to land the job.

Zety simple resume templates


Our professional resume templates were designed by career experts who know exactly what recruiters expect from successful applicants.
With Zety, hiring managers and recruitment software alike will have no trouble recognizing you for who you are—the perfect candidate.

Zety modern resume template

Rated Excellent on Trustpilot

Try Zety's professional resume builder

Land your dream job now