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Here are the most popular examples for cover letters on our blog. Tried and tested, sure to impress employers and land you the job you want.

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Cover Letter Writing Guides

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More than 53% of employers think a resume is not enough. You need a cover letter.

Our cover letter–writing guides walk you through the entire process, from header to footer and section by section. We’ll make sure you’ll convince the employer you’re the perfect candidate.

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Example of a cover letter with an explanation
  1. Write the perfect cover letter, but don’t forget to get your contact details right.
  2. You’ve got to start your cover letter strong and end your cover letter in a compelling way.
  3. Make sure you know how long a cover letter should be, which cover letter format to use, and what to include in a cover letter. Better yet, just have a look at our cover letter tips!

Examples of Cover Letter Templates

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Accounting Cover Letter

Our accounting cover letter guide will make sure your career stays in the black.

Administrative Assistant Cover Letter

Browse our admin assistant cover letter guide now, and learn how to write your own.

Computer Science Cover Letter

You’ve got the computer; we’ve got the science. Check out our guide on cover letters for computer science make one now.

Customer Service Cover Letter

Here’s how to write the perfect customer service cover letter that will get you the interview.

Engineering Cover Letter

Struggling to write an engineering cover letter? Our guide will help you engineer the perfect one in no time.

Entry-Level Cover Letter

It’s tough to make an entry-level cover letter or one with no experience… unless you read this guide.

Graphic Design Cover Letter

Here’s our guide on writing a graphic design cover letter that will see you into the position of your dreams.

Internship Cover Letter

Want to write an internship cover letter that will stand out? Here’s how to do it.

IT Cover Letter

Make sure you create the perfect IT cover letter with all your Is dotted and Ts crossed. Here’s how.

Nursing Cover Letter

Your nursing cover letter not getting any calls back? Use our guide to nurse it back to health, stat.

Retail Cover Letter

Our retail cover letter guide has all the advice and examples you need to make the perfect one.

Sales Cover Letter

To get that sales job, you’re going to need to sell yourself to them with a perfect sales cover letter. Here’s how to go about it.

Software Engineer Cover Letter

Browse our software engineer cover letter guide now, and learn how to write your own.

Teacher Cover Letter

In this guide, we’ll teach you how to make the perfect teaching cover letter so you can get back to teaching others.etail-cover-letter.jpg?q=80

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