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Improve on 30+ issues and get ahead of the competition. Free addition to your Zety account.

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Improve on 30+ issues and get ahead of the competition. Free addition to your Zety account.

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Getting your resume right is no easy task. There’s so much to keep in mind! Hit the right keywords, properly showcase your achievements, add metrics to prove your value… And do all that while avoiding that random typo or a grammatical lapse.

And the worst part? Six in ten recruiters will reject a resume if it contains any kind of error. Scary? Not anymore. Let Zety help you out.

Our state-of-the art Resume Check algorithm will automatically scan your resume for grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. Plus, you’ll get tips for what skills and keywords to mention to get through resume screening software, and some extra advice on how to best phrase every sentence.

In a word, we’ll do all the proofreading and editing for you so that you score more job interviews and focus on what really matters. All part of your Zety account, no extra charges!

Here’s what we help you improve:

Got a resume already? We’ll show you how to make it 10x better. Need a new one? We’ll walk you through the process.


Enter the job title you’re applying for or paste a full description of your target job, and we’ll provide you with a list of the most sought-after skills, and areas of expertise in the industry. This will help you enrich your resume with the right keywords so that the hiring manager immediately knows you’re the right fit.


Almost 60% of employers said they’d reject a resume if it contained typos. This isn’t a risk you’d want to take, is it? Our automatic scanner checks for errors in words and numbers, and scans for basic punctuation mistakes like double spaces or no full stops at the end of sentences.

Summary statement

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or an entry-level candidate, the header area of your resume is what makes the greatest impact. We’ll help you craft a pitch-perfect resume summary or a career objective, packed with power words and your best accomplishments.

Measurable Results

Yes, it’s hard to come up with numbers to illustrate your results sometimes. In fact, that’s what candidates struggle with the most! Our resume checker suggests you exact phrases you can use to show, not just tell, how amazing you are as a professional.


Not everyone is good with words and that’s okay. Luckily, we are (and you have us in your corner). We’ll help you phrase every sentence of your resume as if it was written by a professional. Plus, our checker will kill every unnecessary filler word to help you save space.


No matter how great the contents of your resume, if it doesn’t make a stellar visual impression, it goes to the dreaded “rejected” pile. Our software makes sure you never have to worry about the design of your resume again. It will always look just right.


How long should a resume be? Well, as long as it needs to. We’ll suggest the perfect length for your document based on your industry, seniority level, and years of experience.

Contact information

It seems so easy but it’s actually quite tricky! You wouldn’t want a silly mistake in your contact information section to cost you the job. We’ve got you covered here as well.

Sections included

Finally, our resume checking app will scan your document for all key sections and tell you if there’s anything you should add. See, 66% of candidates go the extra mile and include additional sections (Certifications, Languages, or Extra Training) to their resumes. Surely you don’t want to lag behind.

How it works, step by step:

We want to help you make a great resume

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