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How to choose the best cover letter template?
simple cover letter template

Simple cover letter templates

Sometimes, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Use a simple cover letter template if you want to make sure your cover letter will look great once printed out. In this template of a cover letter, all the information is legible and well-organized.

Who benefits from a simple cover letter template?

This is a great cover letter template for students; it can be used either as an internship cover letter or as a cover letter template for scholarship applications. It’s also a great general cover letter template for traditional industries: it’ll make a killer finance cover letter, retail cover letter, or a cover letter for customer service.

professional cover letter template

Professional cover letter templates

Choose a neat, elegant cover letter template if you want your job application to reflect your professionalism. A separate header section with your professional title and contact information adds a touch of personal branding to this resume cover letter template.

Who benefits from a professional cover letter template?

This cover letter example is best for corporate jobs. It’s a great marketing cover letter template, project manager cover letter template, or a template for an accountant cover letter.

basic cover letter template

Basic cover letter templates

Not everything is about fancy looks. Less can be more. Use our generic, standard cover letter template design if you want to give your cover letter that nice, minimalist touch.

Who benefits from a basic cover letter template?

The cover letter template example above is a perfect intern cover letter template, entry-level cover letter template, or a cover letter template for a first job.

modern cover letter template

Modern cover letter templates

Show every recruiter that you’re up-to-date with the latest trends and choose a modern cover letter template. Notice how this cover letter header template makes your name, professional title, and contact info immediately pop. All thanks to the smart use of colors and shades.

Who benefits from a modern cover letter template?

A modern cover letter template will be the best pick for all those who work with technology. It’ll be a good IT cover letter template, technical cover letter template, or a cover letter template for engineering jobs.

business cover letter template

Business cover letter templates

Show employers you mean business and choose one of our classy templates for your cover letter. The traditional cover letter format makes the contents clear and easy to read. The little logo with your initials will surely grab attention and make your cover letter stand out.

Who benefits from a business cover letter template?

Sometimes you need a formal cover letter template. If that’s the case, the one above is your best option. It’s a good template for a cover letter for senior positions. It’ll make a perfect business manager cover letter, or an executive cover letter.

creative cover letter template

Creative cover letter templates

If you don’t want to be like everybody else, don’t submit a cover letter like everybody else’s. Choose a unique cover letter template and express your individuality! Our creative resume and cover letter templates will help you do it.

Who benefits from a creative cover letter template?

The sample cover letter template above will be an excellent cover letter template for creative and artistic industries such as advertising or graphic design. It’s also a good short cover letter template. You can be brief and to-the-point; let your cover letter design do the rest of the talking.

best cover letter template

The best cover letter templates you’ll find in 2018 - all in one place

Choose from 20+ amazing templates for a cover letter. Create matching resume and cover letter. Consistent design of your application documents will show your professionalism and impress every employer.

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Once you choose your job cover letter template, download it in PDF. We also offer downloadable cover letter TXT files. Currently we’re not offering cover letter templates in Word (.doc or .docx).

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