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Job Interviews

Top 25 Nursing Interview Questions & Answers [+Examples from Pros]

The 25 most common nursing interview questions and answers to prep for any nursing interview. Know what they’ll ask in advance and prepare for the top interview questions for nurses with a time-tested approach. Get your career off life support, walk into the nursing interview ready and calm, and land that dream job!

Top Phone Interview Questions & Answers [+Examples to Prepare For]

Got the dreaded phone interview coming up? No problem. The best way to learn how to prepare for a phone interview is to simply understand what telephone interview questions you will likely get asked. Our guide gives some examples of phone interview questions and answers to get you ready in no time.

65+ Best Questions to Ask an Interviewer & Land Top Jobs [Proven Tips]

Examples of top questions to ask the employer in an interview when you hear: “Do you have any questions for me?” Interviews are conversations, not an interrogation. Ask HR the right questions in a job interview and you’ll start work on Monday. Ask the wrong one and you’ll be browsing job boards for weeks.

STAR Method for Acing Behavioral Interview Questions (25+ Examples)

What is the STAR interview method? How can you use the STAR format to answer behavioral interview questions? Interviews can be tough, but, luckily, this helpful model for interviews is your secret weapon. Learn how to use the STAR method to ace your next interview in our complete guide.

Top 25 Teacher Interview Questions & Answers [+Examples from Pros]

The 25 most common teacher interview questions and answers to prep for any teaching interview. Know what they’ll ask in advance. Prepare for the top interview questions for teachers with a time-tested approach. Don’t get caught in your underwear! Walk into the teacher interview ready and calm and land that job!

What Motivates You? How to Best Answer the Tricky Interview Question

“What motivates you?” This interview question is trickier than you might imagine. There is no one right way to answer it, but there are a number of replies to avoid. With this guide, we’ll cover how to best answer the what motivates you interview question, what not to do, and advice on more specific situations.

50+ Successful Interview Tips, Advice & Guidelines (With Examples)

Need interview tips and advice for acing your next job prospect appointment in 2018? Check out dozens of our best advice and tips for interviews, including preparation, dress, during the interview, phone and Skype interviews, alleviating nervousness and anxiety, and much more.

15 Best Informational Interview Questions to Ask (& Why They Matter)

These 15 informational interview questions will take your job search from the slow lane to light speed. The best questions to ask in an informational interview give you special knowledge, plus insider allies pulling to get you hired fast. Learn the information interview questions that break the ice and multiply your network!

20 Situational Interview Questions and Answers to Nail Your Interview

These 20 situational interview questions/answers show the right/wrong way to handle hypothetical situations. Top interview questions look for evidence you can do the job—so learn to give it! Equip yourself for these problem solving interview questions. Then "Tell me about a time" you aced the interview and got the job!