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20 Most Popular Example CVs

CV samples by CV experts. Each guide will provide you with brilliant advice—no more worrying whether your curriculum vitae is good enough. Just follow our easy how-tos!

Here are the most popular curriculum vitae examples on our site:

Simple CV-Writing Guides

Does sending each and every CV feel like sending a message in a bottle?

Chin up, we’ve got what it takes to help you turn this around.

Our English CV-writing guides will help you work your way through the entire process, from top to bottom and section by section. Who’s the perfect candidate? You are. And we’ll help you show that!

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Example of a CV with an explanation
  1. Make sure your contact details on the CV are top-notch.
  2. Choose the professional summary or career objective. for your personal statement in the CV profile.
  3. In your work experience area tailor your CV template, include the right CV keywords, and impress the employer with achievements.
  4. Detail your knowledge by showing off your education.
  5. Highlight your document with a list of skills...
  6. ...and prove them with certifications, volunteer experience, and even hobbies in the extra sections.

CV Example Guides by Industry

Our curriculum vitae writing guides provide you with right and wrong examples and sample CV text created by career pros. Simple, easy, they’ll undoubtedly save you hours of work.

Here’s a list of our perfect CV guides by trade. No need to read a lengthy how-to if you can get precisely what you need with a single click.

Accounting & Finance

12 positions

So, you’re good with numbers. We’re good with words. With our finance CV examples, you’ll quickly create one that will keep you in the black—you can account on that!


4 positions

Does landing a dream job feel like a pipe dream? Call us CV plumbers then! We run a CV builder, after all. Stop mucking about, follow our advice, and start building stuff that’s worth your time.

Creative & Cultural Fields

17 positions

Education & Learning

20 positions

Engineering & Scientific

7 positions

We’ve gotten our CV example guides down to a science, and they are perfectly engineered to help you get your next dream position.

Food Service

11 positions

With our CV examples, writing one that gets you the job will be easy as pie. We’ll get you a 5-star CV, you just worry about getting a 5-star Yelp review.

Hospitality, Travel & Transportation

8 positions

With our CV examples, writing one that gets you the job will be easy as pie. We’ll get you a 5-star CV, you just All aboard! Zety’s CV template guides are like the best concierge you’ve ever met—ride along as we get you from your home to the office of your dreams, whether it’s behind the wheel or at 40,000 feet.

Information Technology (IT)

26 positions

Law Enforcement & Emergency Services

3 positions

No matter how many times you canvass the area, we are certain that our guides are the best way to enforce your CV with just what it needs to get you into uniform.


6 positions

You handle the legal advice, and we take care of the CV advice. Follow our CV guides to help you get the job you lawfully deserve!

Maintenance & Repair

7 positions

Repair your ramshackle CV with the excellent example guides that we maintain. Read our CV examples, fix up your CV, and make sure everything is in order and shipshape.

Management & Leadership

15 positions

You’re a leader and you’re absolutely brilliant at it. Consider us your outside consultant. With the helpful advice in our managerial CV examples, you’ll be on target to get back to decision-making and directing in no time.

Manufacturing & Warehousing

3 positions

You can take your old CV out of cold storage and toss it straight into the rubbish pile. Our commercial-grade CV examples will let you manufacture a CV of your own that will pass even the most rigorous QC.

Medicine, Healthcare & Wellbeing

26 positions

Office & Administrative

16 positions

Don’t want to end up with a David Brent-type as your boss? No worries, with a sample CV template like one of these below, you’ll get hired by someone worthy of your time.

Real Estate

2 positions

With our help, you’ll write a CV made of bricks: employers will huff and puff, but will never blow your CV down. Follow our property consultant/manager CV samples, and you’ll rule the land!

Retail & Customer Service

8 positions

Writing a retail CV not your cup of tea? Department store CVs are our department, and we’ll make a convenience store CV as convenient as possible.

Sales & Marketing

18 positions


13 positions

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