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50+ Resume Objective Examples: Career Objectives for All Jobs

50+ Resume Objective Examples: Career Objectives for All Jobs

A complete guide to writing a job-winning resume objective + career objective examples for all professions and industries!

A resume objective (or a career objective) is a heading statement of your resume, in which you describe your professional goals in the job you’re applying for. A resume objective is usually 2–3 sentences long and should be placed at the top of your resume. You should tailor it to the position on offer.


Why do you need it?


Because it’s the only way to make sure your resume grabs recruiters’ attention. It’s necessary when you’re changing careers or writing an entry-level resume with little or no experience.


A well-written career objective will prove to the recruiter that you’re just the candidate they’ve been waiting for. Even when you’re just starting out.


And you came to the right place to learn how to write one.


This guide will show you:


  • The perfect objective statement for a resume employers want to see.
  • When to use a resume objective to stand out from other candidates.
  • How to write an objective for a resume that will land you the interview even if you have no experience.
  • 50+ examples of perfect career objectives for all professions you can copy, adjust, and use on your resume.


Here’s a sample resume with a career objective. We created it in our builder.


Notice how the career objective statement stands out!


Want to save time and have your resume ready in 5 minutes? Try our resume builder. It’s fast and easy to use. Plus, you’ll get ready-made content to add with one click. See 20+ resume templates and create your resume here.


sample resume templates

Sample resume made with our builder—See more templates and create your resume here.


In the next two sections, we’ll explain when exactly you should use a resume objective and how to write yours step by step. We’ll also explain differences between a resume objective, resume summary, and a resume profile. But—


If you just want to see some sample career objectives to get inspired, pick your industry and see 50+ pitch-perfect examples of career objective statements.


Just click on the section that interests you in the Table of Contents:


Career Objective Statements for Most Common Scenarios

  • Career Change
  • College Student
  • Fresh Graduate
  • High School Student
  • No Work Experience


Office and Administrative Job Objectives for a Resume Samples

  • General Clerical Positions
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Executive Assistant
  • Office Assistant
  • Office Manager
  • Receptionist
  • Secretary


Sales and Customer Service Sample Job Objectives for Resume

  • Customer Service
  • Sales
  • Retail
  • Cashier
  • Call Center


Education & Teaching Resume Objective Examples

  • Tutor
  • Teacher
  • Child Care


Medical Career Objective Examples

  • Nursing
  • Medical Assistant
  • Dental Assistant
  • Phlebotomist
  • CNA


Finance Resume Objective Examples

  • Accounting
  • Bank Teller
  • Data Entry


Food Service Resume Objective Examples

  • Bartender
  • Restaurant Worker
  • Waitress


General Business Resume Objective Examples

  • Paralegal
  • Project Manager
  • Marketing
  • HR (Human Resources)


Technical Career Objective Examples

  • IT
  • Engineering
  • Maintenance


General Labor Resume Objective Examples

  • Warehouse
  • Housekeeping
  • Mechanic


Other Good Examples of Career Objective Statements

  • General Entry-Level Positions
  • Internship
  • Truck Driver
  • Law Enforcement
  • Flight Attendant
  • Social Worker
  • Graphic Designer



What Is an Objective on a Resume & When to Use It


Let’s start with the basics:


What is a career objective on a resume?


A career objective on a resume is a top paragraph outlining relevant skills you’ve mastered so far and explaining what career you’re seeking at a given company.


Resume objectives should be used by candidates who don’t have much work experience in the industry they’re applying to: typically, entry-level job seekers or career changers.


Although it’s called an “objective,” you shouldn’t focus your resume heading statement only on what your actual objective is. It is to get a job, everyone knows that. Writing things like “I’m looking for a challenging role where I can expand my skill set,” is a relic of the nineties, according to HR experts.


Nowadays, you need to use your objective on a resume to show recruiters how your qualifications can translate into their success.


See these general resume objective examples written for an administrative assistant position:


Resume Objective Statements (Administrative Assistant Resume)


English graduate with proven communication, travel planning, and email management skills. Seeking a position as an administrative assistant at Acme Inc., to leverage organizational and research skills to support internal and external communication.
Looking for an admin assistant role where I can apply my skills. Not much office experience yet, but I’m a self-starter and I want to make a difference.


The twist?

Both of these job objectives come from the same candidate!


In the right example, she refers to skills she learned through internships, volunteering, and in college. And she clearly shows how her qualifications will benefit the employer.


In the wrong example, she just said what she wanted out of the job. That won’t be enough to impress recruiters. All other candidates are looking for an admin assistant role.


When to use a resume objective?


As we explained earlier, career objectives for a resume should be used by candidates with little or no professional experience in the industry. These are:


  1. People who are entering the job market for the first time.
  2. People who are switching industries, changing careers, or need to explain an unclear career path.


If you are in one of these groups and need good resume-writing advice, make sure to see one of our dedicated guides:



Not sure you should use a resume objective? Got years of experience under your belt? There are a few other types of resume introductions for candidates with relevant work history in their industries:




How to Write a Resume Objective to Land More Jobs


They say: State your objective, but...


Here’s a useful trick—


Before you write your resume objective, write the rest of your resume first.


Then, skim the cream—


Pick the most important skills and qualifications you have. They all need to appear in your career objective.


Here’s how to write an objective for a resume:


  1. Start with a strong trait, add 2–3 skills, describe your career goals, and say what you hope to do for the company.
  2. State the position to which you’re applying and use the name of the company.
  3. Keep it short. 2–3 sentences or 30–50 words is the sweet spot.
  4. Avoid first-person pronouns.


Have a look:


Example of a Career Objective for a Resume


Hard-working (strong trait) retail associate, skilled in POS tech and inventory management (2 key skills). Seeking to increase sales and customer loyalty (what you hope to do for the company) as a Sales Associate at Chiller Outfitters (the position and company name). Built volunteer retail experience at Goodwill as cashier and restocker, receiving management commendation for excellent customer communication.


And there’s one more thing—


You can’t just write one general resume objective and put it on every resume you send out. Employers will tell it’s generic copypasta.


You need to tailor every resume objective to the description of the job on offer. Look for keywords related to necessary qualifications and responsibilities. Then, mention those in your objective.


See how it works in practice.


Here’s a description of a legal assistant job with the most important keywords marked:

description of a legal assistant job


The candidate applying for this job hasn’t worked as a legal assistant yet. But—


She held a few part-time personal assistant jobs where her responsibilities were similar to those listed in the job ad. Plus, she completed a legal assistant course and got a certification.


Here’s her tailored career objective for a resume. Notice how the highlighted fragments match the job description:


Resume Objective Sample


Engaged, organized graduate with Duke Continuing Studies Legal Assistant Certificate, specializing in real estate law(1). 2+ years of experience in coordinating and organizing(2) key communications(3) and scheduling executive calendars(4) for the Tiffany Group team. Seeking to join Hogan & Partners to deliver excellence, timeliness, and attention to detail preparing wire transfers(5), arrangements, and expense reports(6).


See that? For your career objective on a resume to work equally well, you need to pick those nuggets from your experience and education that fit your desired job like spandex.


For more information on how to tailor every section of your resume to fit the job requirements, see: Targeted Resume: How to Make a Resume Match the Job



Five Examples of Resume Objective Statements for Most Common Scenarios & How to Write Them


In the following section, you’ll see career objectives for resume for virtually all professions and industries.


But before we move on to that, here are some resume objective samples for people in specific situations.


Resume Objective with No Work Experience


Let’s say you never worked full-time. Maybe you also don’t have higher education. Fret not. You can still write a stunning resume objective and land your dream job.


In your career objective statement, include:


  1. Strong trait.
  2. Your skills.
  3. Position name and the company.
  4. Value you’ll add for the employer.


See the sample career objective below.


Good Objective for a Resume: Example


Organized and motivated employee able to apply time management and organizational skills in various environments. Seeking to join Acme Corp as an administrative assistant to help ensure good internal communications and budget management.


The bottom line?


“I know what your business goals are and I can help you achieve them.”


That’s music to every employer’s ears. Despite having no experience, the candidate makes a clear offer.


Entry-Level Resume Objective for College Graduates


Here’s how to write a resume objective if you’re entering the workforce after having graduated from college:


  1. Lead with your strong trait.
  2. Say how your education will help you perform well for the job.
  3. Name the position and the company you’re applying for.
  4. Show how you can add value to the company.


Sample Objective for a Resume: College Graduate


Highly-motivated (strong trait) Business Administration graduate with a 3.9 GPA (education) looking to fill a position as a Management Assistant at ABC Corp (position and company). Wishing to use strong data-analysis and management skills to help the ABC Corp with your upcoming challenges (added value).


What if you’re still studying in college and looking to get a side gig to earn some extra cash or find a short-term position during holidays? It doesn’t make that much of a difference. Let’s go through writing a resume objective for college students:


College Student Resume Objective


  1. Lead with your education.
  2. Outline your most relevant skills.
  3. Name the organization you’re applying to.
  4. Show how you can add value.


Sample Career Objective for a College Student Resume


Senior year biology student at Anytown University (current GPA: 3.7) (education), looking to join XYZ State University Department of Marine Biology Research Team as a part-time research assistant (organization and position). Seeking to leverage strong data entry and lab maintenance skills (skills) gained through volunteer lab experience at the campus to ensure all research databases and libraries are easily accessible to XYZ State’s students (added value).


What if you’re looking for a full-time job but only graduated from high school? No worries! Here’s how to write your job objective on a resume:


High School Student Resume Objective


If you're applying for your first job, focus on the traits that will make you a good employee.


Look back at your accomplishments and activities as a student. Find traits that are easily displayed during those activities.



Here’s what to include in your objective on a resume:


  1. Strong trait.
  2. The name of the position you’re targeting.
  3. Added value for the company.


If you have any work experience, including part-time jobs or volunteering, mention that in your high school resume objective too!


See the below career objective example for reference:


High School Student Resume Objective Example


Dedicated team player (captain of the swim team 2 years) (strong trait) with proven leadership and communication skills earned as an editor-in-chief of the official school blog. Seeking an opportunity to leverage my talents as a server at your restaurant (position you’re applying for). I have the follow-through and positive attitude that will allow me to achieve company targets (added value).


Career Change Resume Objectives


Got job experience but not yet in the industry to which you’re trying to transition? Here’s how to craft your resume objective:


  1. Start with a strong trait.
  2. Use your current job title.
  3. Describe your experience and skills.
  4. Use the name of the company and the position you’re targeting.
  5. Show how your skills will translate to add value.


See resume objective statements samples below.


The first one comes from a customer service rep wishing to start a new career as a delivery driver.


Sample Objective for a Career-Change Resume


Diligent customer support representative with 3+ years experience at high-volume call center. Seeking to leverage fast-paced work ethic with top-rated customer service (100%) to help DHL grow and meet future demand as the new delivery driver.


And here’s another example from a candidate who has some freelance experience as a software developer and wants to start her first full-time job in programming.


Career-Change Resume Objective Statement Example


Results-driven freelance software developer, seeking to use proven Python and Ruby skills to deliver coding excellence to Cryptoconic, Inc. Have developed 3 webapps and 5 mobile apps. Contributed to 7 GitHub projects and debugged 17 apps. Wrote back-end code for 40 working business websites.


So you’ve learned all there is to know about writing a job objective for a resume.


But enough theory. In the next section you’ll see sample resume objectives for every profession. Find yours on the list, then copy, tweak, and use the career objective on your resume.



50+ Resume Objective Examples for All Jobs


Resume Objectives for Administrative and General Office Jobs


Administrative Assistant Resume Objective


English graduate with proven communication, travel planning, and email management skills. Seeking a position as an administrative assistant at Acme Inc., to leverage organizational and research skills to support internal and external communication.


See more examples: Administrative Assistant Resume—Examples and Writing Guide


Receptionist Resume Objective Samples


Outgoing college grad hoping to work in the private sector. Looking to apply proven organizational and technical skills in a receptionist role with BCD M&E. Eager to expand my skill set through external trainings to help boost all major front desk KPIs.


See more: Receptionist Resume—Examples and Writing Guide


Office Assistant Resume Objective


Friendly, efficient office assistant, seeking to leverage proven tech and communications skills for Caliphon, Inc. Have handled temp administrative assistant duties for several firms. Answered phones, fulfilled CRM data entry, and performed administrative tasks. Received frequent commendations from management for efficiency and positive attitude.


See more: Office Assistant Resume—Examples and Writing Guide


Examples of Resume Objectives for Secretarial Positions


Dynamic college graduate with excellent communication skills seeks school secretarial role. Excellent initiative and project management skills developed over the course of my degree. Ready to use organizational skills to provide administrative support to XYZ’s team.


See more: Secretary Resume—Examples and Writing Guide


Office Manager Resume Objective


Hard-working office manager, seeking to improve KPIs at Prescott Global. As wait staff supervisor at H. H. Restaurant, trained and oversaw 20+ staff members. Gave regular reviews, sourced inventory, and managed all bookkeeping operations. Saved 20% per year on supplies and cut errors in cash-drawer management by 26%.


See more: Office Manager Resume—Examples and Writing Guide


Executive Assistant Resume Objective


Enthusiastic executive assistant. Excellent EQ level. Skilled time manager. Served as freelance assistant to three executives in mid-level firms. Received glowing references from each for resourcefulness. Hoping to leverage organizational skills to help ABC Corp introduce time-saving schemes for all executives.


See more: Exec Assistant Resume—Examples and Writing Guide


General Clerical Resume Objective


Dynamic college graduate with excellent communication skills seeking an office clerk role. Excellent initiative and project management skills developed over the course of my degree. Ready to use organizational skills to help EY’s team with implementing the new internal communications system.


See more: Office Clerk Resume—Examples and Writing Guide


Career Objective Samples for Customer Service and Sales


Customer Service Resume Objective


Passionate, engaging, and attentive customer service specialist trained in conflict resolution and communication. Seeking to leverage interpersonal skills to build customer loyalty for Center Cable Systems.


See more: Customer Service Resume—Examples and Writing Guide


Sales Resume Objective


Highly-engaged sales representative with a BS in Biology, seeking to enhance sales figures for Azult Medical. Worked as part-time sales rep for Fluid Kayaks for three years. Built relationships with 40 key customers in own landscaping company. Maintained 99% accurate product knowledge in a high-volume retail store.


See more: Sales Resume—Examples and Writing Guide


Retail Resume Objective


Hard-working retail associate, skilled in POS tech and inventory management. Seeking to increase sales and customer loyalty at Chiller Outfitters. Built volunteer retail experience at Goodwill as cashier and restocker, receiving management commendation for excellent customer communication.


See more: Retail Resume—Examples and Writing Guide


Cashier Resume Objective


Dependable cashier with proven interpersonal skills. Commended 5x by management at Daisy Care Home for the Elderly as volunteer cashier. Filled in as cashier at Pizza Hut. Also worked as volunteer part-time cashier at Goodwill.


See more: Cashier Resume—Examples and Writing Guide


Call Center Resume Objective


Enthusiastic call center agent, seeking to leverage proven customer service skills for SpeedyCollect. Provided excellent customer satisfaction both in person and on the phone, as Pizza Hut waiter, landscaping employee, and temp call center representative. Have received 5 accolades from customers and managers alike.


See more: Call Center Resume—Examples and Writing Guide


Education & Teaching Career Objectives Examples


Tutor Resume Objective


Enthusiastic tutor, skilled in ACT and SAT tutoring. Raised one student's score on the SATs from 1100 combined to 1400. Graduated with a 3.9 GPA from Davidson College and led a popular peer tutoring group for three years. Scored in the top 0.06% in the nation on the SATs.


See more: Tutor Resume—Examples and Writing Guide


Teacher Resume Objective


Highly-motivated Elementary Education graduate looking to fill a position as a Music Teacher at Anytown High. Organized, hardworking, and energetic. Wishing to leverage my passion for technology and instruction to influence students.


See more: Teacher Resume—Examples and Writing Guide


Child Care Resume Objective


Compassionate high school math teacher with 2 years experience diligently supervising young adults and communicating effectively. Seeking to leverage genuine passion for child enrichment with top-rated satisfaction scores (100%) to grow with Daffy’s Daycare as the new child caretaker.


See more: Child Care Resume—Examples and Writing Guide


Medical Resume Objectives Examples


Nursing Resume Objective


Dependable licensed RN trained to work in high-stress environments and stay calm under pressure. Seeking to leverage meticulous record-keeping and analytical skills to gain experience as a Nurse and help XYZ Hospital raise patient-satisfaction scores.


See more: Nursing Resume—Examples and Writing Guide


Medical Assistant Resume Objective


Efficient medical assistant with volunteer experience in a fast-paced private practice. Seeking to leverage proven skills in patient care, EHR, and inventory management for MedFast.


See more: Medical Assistant Resume—Examples and Writing Guide


Dental Assistant Resume Objective


Certified, energetic dental assistant with experience volunteering for two different dental practices. Member, PA Dental Assistant's Association. Frequently receive customer satisfaction scores 95% positive. Highly efficient at dental procedure preparation.


See more: Dental Assistant Resume—Examples and Writing Guide

Phlebotomist Resume Objective


Detail-oriented phlebotomist, skilled in customer service and interpersonal skills, seeking to deliver high-quality patient care for Life Peak Health. Have worked as volunteer phlebotomist at Mercy Hospital, Salvation Street Blood Bank, and fill-in at Phlebotek. Total of 200+ blood draws to date.


See more: Phlebotomy Resume—Examples and Writing Guide


CNA Resume Objective


Trustworthy, newly licensed CNA 2017 graduate seeking to use nursing care and advocacy skills in an assisted living setting at Sunsetters Retirement Home. CPR certified.


See more: CNA Resume—Examples and Writing Guide


Finance Career Objective Examples


Accounting Resume Objective


Enthusiastic entry-level accountant. Prepared 15 tax returns in the past six months. Consulted to local convenience store as CPA. As part-time volunteer accountant at nearby animal shelter, identified $6,000 cost savings that saved the lives of 500 dogs and cats.


See more: Accounting Resume—Examples and Writing Guide


Bank Teller Resume Objective


Reliable and detail-oriented employee looking to apply record keeping and accounting skills in a banking environment. My people skills and accuracy will allow to help US Bank with your upcoming goals and challenges.


See more: Bank Teller Resume—Examples and Writing Guide


Data Entry Resume Objective


Detail-oriented data entry clerk with 15,000 KPH 10-Key typing speed, seeking position with EGHI Faucets. Took 1st Place in the February 2017 Typeracer Global Typing Speed Competition. Well-versed in MS Excel. Was made cashier at the Last Unicorn Restaurant because of excellent data entry skills.


See more: Data Entry Resume—Examples and Writing Guide


Food Service Resume Objective Examples


Bartender Resume Objective


Responsible Mathematics Undergraduate with an upbeat attitude. Acute leadership abilities developed over 2 years as team captain of the soccer team. Seeking to use organizational skills and a fantastic memory as a part-time banquet bartender at The Black Lodge Bar and Lounge.


See more: Bartender Resume—Examples and Writing Guide


Restaurant Resume Objective


Energetic waitress and restaurant worker. Have filled in for catering and festival food service, as well as fast food restaurant positions. Complimented for great personality, work ethic, and solid hustle.


See more: Restaurant Resume—Examples and Writing Guide


Waiter/Waitress Resume Objective


Diligent sous chef with 5+ years experience with small Greek restaurant. Obtained highest grades in food safety (100%) and blind taste tests (97.3%). Seeking to further food service career by growing with the Eataly team as the new server.


See more: Waiter/Waitress Resume—Examples and Writing Guide


Business Resume Objective Examples


Project Manager Resume Objective


Enthusiastic entry-level Project Manager, PMP-Certified. Have worked in Agile environment as a software engineer for 3 years. Proven history of successful work with cross-functional teams. Seeking to deliver project management excellence to Apple New York.


See more: Project Manager Resume—Examples and Writing Guide


Marketing Resume Objective


Performance marketer passionate about KPIs and growing customer base. Seeking to leverage strong knack for quantitative measurement, data visualization and results tracking to gain experience with MC Crates.


See more: Marketing Resume—Examples and Writing Guide


Paralegal/Legal Assistant Resume Objective


Engaged, organized graduate with Duke Continuing Studies Paralegal Certificate, specialized in financial and bankruptcy law. Seeking to leverage my skills in legal research, assisting foreclosure trials, and customer service as a junior paralegal with the ACLU.


See more: Paralegal Resume—Examples and Writing Guide


HR (Human Resources) Resume Objective


Energetic entry-level Human Resources Specialist looking for an HR assistant role with KPMG. Assisted with administration of HR for a mid-sized retail company. Facilitated the interviewing and onboarding of 4 new employees. Organized company events and employee gatherings.


See more: Human Resources Resume—Examples and Writing Guide


Technical Resume Objective Examples


IT Resume Objective


Diligent support specialist with 3+ years experience with large cloud services agency. Obtained highest grades in build spec (100%) and quality (97.3%). Seeking to further IT career by growing with the Lansing team as the IT technician.


See more: IT Resume—Examples and Writing Guide


Engineering Resume Objective


Enthusiastic engineering college graduate with freelance experience. Completed several client projects, including small consulting and research jobs. Made a watch movement in CAD with precise dimensions. Designed a process to thread fiber bundles along different sections of a working coil. Delivered each job under budget and before deadline.


See more: Engineering Resume—Examples and Writing Guide


Maintenance Resume Objective


Outgoing, dependable team-player with 2+ years of experience as HVAC helper. Seeks to leverage technical and diagnostic skills as a General Maintenance Worker at Vrooom!. Makita certified user of power tools.


See more: Maintenance Resume—Examples and Writing Guide


General Labor Resume Objective Examples


Warehouse Resume Objective


Dependable employee seeking a position as a warehouse associate at Acme Corporation to apply my physical strength, organizational skills, and general problem-solving knowledge to ensure highest quality of warehouse management and no warehousing errors.


See more: Warehouse Resume—Examples and Writing Guide


Housekeeping Resume Objective


Energetic housekeeper, skilled in daily cleaning and responding to customer needs. As a crew member at McDonalds, facilitated regular sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, and customer service. Received 95% positive feedback from management for punctuality, presentability, and flexibility.


See more: Housekeeping Resume—Examples and Writing Guide


Mechanic Resume Objective


Enthusiastic mechanic, skilled in diagnostics and auto body repair. Handled 500+ appointments in own home shop. Volunteer consult regularly to 20+ clients. Fix small engines in spare time 5+ hrs/week.


See more: Mechanic Resume—Examples and Writing Guide


Other Resume Objective Examples


General Entry-Level Resume Objective


Enthusiastic Business Analyst, skilled in leadership and communication. Seeking to enhance understanding of key metrics for IPSoft. As business report writer for Valens Securities, grew employee grasp of key concepts by 37%. My PowerPoint presentation of GBMP's Policy Deployment plan was turned into a webinar that got 1,400 views.


See more: Entry-Level Resume—Examples and Writing Guide


Internship Resume Objective


Detail-oriented English Major seeking to leverage excellent written and verbal communication skills to succeed as an Intern at XYZ company. Excel at working on teams with +3 years of experience as Captain of the Lacrosse team at Xavier University.


See more: Internship Resume—Examples and Writing Guide


Truck Driver Resume Objective


Hard-working CDL-A truck driver with proven skills in vehicle maintenance and problem solving looking to join XYZ company. As dump-truck-driver for Blue Rock Stone, performed physically demanding work. My vehicle inspection and maintenance skills caught and fixed a safety issue that averted a potential catastrophe and earned a management commendation.


See more: Truck Driver Resume—Examples and Writing Guide


Law Enforcement Resume Objective


Mentally-tough former Marine and police cadet, with 4+ years of experience in leadership, weapons training, and interacting with the public. Recognized by the department for conflict resolution ability. Commended by academy professors for self-defense skills. Looking to join Anytown Police Department.


See more: Police Officer Resume—Examples and Writing Guide


Flight Attendant Resume Objective


Friendly and responsible guest relations supervisor for large hotel chain. Obtained highest regional client satisfaction scores (98.37%). Seeking to enliven my passion for travel by growing with the team at American Airlines.


See more: Flight Attendant Resume—Examples and Writing Guide


Social Worker Resume Objective


Empathic LCSW skilled in counseling and developing treatment plans. As volunteer social worker at Big Brothers, Big Sisters, coached two at-risk children for two years. Commended for high EQ during fill-in fee-for-service counseling at BHC.


See more: Social Work Resume—Examples and Writing Guide


Graphic Designer Resume Objective


Enthusiastic, creative graphic designer with solid problem solving skills. Seeking to lower the workload of John M. at Marketing Fusion, Inc. through proven strengths in creativity, collaboration, and taking criticism. Also excels at several tech tools, including Illustrator, Photoshop, and CorelDraw.


See more: Graphic Design Resume—Examples and Writing Guide


Key Takeaway


Here’s what a good objective for a resume should contain:


  1. Strong trait: “Highly motivated.”
  2. Your job title: “customer service representative.”
  3. 2–3 skills: “trained in conflict resolution and communication.”
  4. Position to which you’re applying: “seeking to join XYZ as a customer service rep.”
  5. An offer: “to build customer loyalty by leveraging interpersonal skills and offering top customer service.”


Do you have any questions about how to write great resume objective statements and start landing more interviews? Leave a comment. I’ll be happy to help.

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