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Resume PDF or Resume Word Doc (Best Format to Submit)

Resume PDF or Resume Word Doc (Best Format to Submit)

As seen in:

You're about to choose between PDF and Word resume formats, but first, think about this:


Star Wars or Star Trek? Quick, pick. 


If you’re not a hardcore Warsie or Trekkie you’re probably thinking, what’s the difference? 


It’s space people doing space things in space with glowy swords. Right?


Wrong. There are obviously no glowy swords in Star Trek. 


Now, quick - PDF resume or Word resume? Pick.


Again, I’m sure you don’t see much difference. Hint: Word doesn’t have glowy swords either. 


It might not seem like it, but there are big differences between the two formats and choosing the right one is critical.


So, which file format do you choose? Should you pick an MS Word doc or the PDF resume format?


This article will tell you how to decide which file format to use when saving a resume so that you can be sure that a hiring manager will read it.


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Word vs PDF Resume

Generic Word Resume vs Zety's resume in pdf—See more templates and create your resume here.

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