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Simple Resume Templates (15 Examples to Download & Use Now)

Simple Resume Templates (15 Examples to Download & Use Now)

Christian Eilers
Christian Eilers
Resume Expert at Zety

You're looking for simple resume templates. Well, we've got 'em! But first:


You thrive when your desk is uncluttered. And A1 sauce just hides the flavor of a great steak.


As Paulo Coelho wrote, “'It's the simple things in life that are the most extraordinary; only wise men are able to understand them.”


So you just want a simple resume. No complications, no gimmicks, and nothing that doesn’t need to be there.


Well, we’ve got just the list for you.


This collection of simple resume templates will show you:


  • Over a dozen simple resume template examples better than 9 out of 10 other resumes.
  • Samples of the easiest resume layouts from all over the internet.
  • Our top picks of the most uncomplicated templates for resumes available online.



Concept Template by Zety


Want to save time and have your modern resume ready in 5 minutes? Try our resume builder. It’s fast and easy to use. Plus, you'll get tips and right vs. wrong examples while writing your resume. See 20+ resume templates and create your resume here.


One of our users, Nikos, had this to say:


[I used] a nice template I found on Zety. My resume is now one page long, not three. With the same stuff.


Create your resume now


Note: we have designed all our resume templates to be ATS-scannable.


How about this modest template for resumes? Perfect for those who love the reverse-chronological resume format, our Concept resume leaves a thin sidebar to the left vacant for all but dates. It’s got icons for both resume sections and each item in the contact info section.


Concept uses a white background, black text, and a color of your choice for heading titles and the sidebar - can’t get much more simple than that, can you? Or, if you wish, reverse that color arrangement with many color combinations to choose from for this modern resume template.


Concept is included along with many others in our resume builder. With our resume builder, you can create a resume simply and quickly.



Simply Scandinavian

minimalistic and simple resume layout 

The “Resume Template / CV” by Nordic Designs is just as their company name suggests, and the Scandinavians are experts at minimalistic creativity. A simple resume template with two columns, this one showcases your name and title at the top in the center before delving into your work history, accomplishments, and achievements. You'll be certain to ace the interview with this one!


Here’s the link to this template on Creative Market, which is fully customizable in Microsoft Word. It comes with a two-page resume draft and a matching cover letter template.



Pastel Diamonds

simple job resume in pastel colors 

“Crystal Pastel Resume Template / CV Template” by Mee Hoang on Behance is simply one of the most premium templates for resumes out there. A gorgeous, subdued header made up of a colorful diamond pattern frames your name and subtitle, while the body with right-hand sidebar gives you ample room to make your case. It is creative and artistic without being complicated.


Here’s the link to this incomplex and unique resume template on Behance. It can be used as a Microsoft Word resume or Adobe Illustrator.


This template is simple, but it’s also quite modern. Check out other contemporary ones: Modern Resume Templates & 18 Examples [A Complete Guide].



The Hudson Template

pile of simple resumes lying on desk 

“Clean Resume CV - Hudson” found on Creative Market by seller Snipe Scientist is a humble resume design. The top half is full-width, giving you room to emphasize your name, title, and resume summary or resume objective.


The larger, lower half of this clean template for resumes is normal blog style, with a left-hand sidebar for your skills and education and the larger area on the right for your impressive work history and achievements.


Here’s the link to this simple template on Creative Market.


For more resume templates that are both simple and effective see: Top 14 Best Resume Templates to Download in 2019  



Modern Executive Resume Template

elegant and simple resume form 

This “Modern resume template” is from the Comely Design Studio on Etsy. This simple resume template just shouts “executive material,” and the blue and gold accents add a vintage touch to this contemporary-yet-simple design. A neat, two-column layout separates your short-form content from your longer information.


Find this easy resume example at this link on Etsy.



Crisp Template by Zety



One of our favorites here at Zety - the clean Crisp resume template made using our resume builder.


It’s got a left-hand sidebar, but a full-width header area up top for your name, title, and all-important resume summary or resume objective. In the skills and language sections, colored circles detail your level of each. Icons precede each resume section for an easy way for the hiring manager to quickly scan your document.


It uses a white background, black text, and a color of your choice for heading titles, or reverse that, if you wish, with 400+ color combinations to choose from for this simple resume template.


Crisp is included along with many others in our resume builder. With our resume builder, you can create a resume simply and quickly.



Bold & Brilliant

monochrome example of simple resume 

This “Creative Resume” by The Art of Resume is plain black and white, but it is quite a functional resume layout. The header showcases your name, contact information and personal statement or summary. After that, the resume body splits into two columns, providing space for all your proud accomplishments and history.


Here’s the link to this simple template found on Etsy.


Being creative on a resume like this one is tough, but our guide and examples make it easy: Creative Resume Templates & 15+ Examples [A Complete Guide].



An Art Deco Design

simple job resume template with huge initials 

“Modern Resume Template / CV Template + Cover Letter” by the Write Resume Design Co. might not have the simplest name, but as you can see, it is a modern take on the classic resume template. The header has an art deco look with your name preceded by the blocked initials, and there’s room for a branding statement or professional title below.


The resume then divides itself into a two-column template with a left sidebar. The left sidebar is perfect for adding your contact information, scholastic history, and skills, while the right side is dedicated to the important experience section and your resume summary or objective.


Here’s the link to this simple resume template on Etsy, available as a Microsoft Word resume download.



A Free Minimalistic Resume Package

simple free resume template with business cards 

Fay Zodiac’s “Free Minimalistic Resume” on Behance is just as described, a free resume download that is minimalist in style and design. Available in three different coordinating colors, this template is contemporary without too much fanfare.


Here’s the link to this free template download on Behance, available for Photoshop and Microsoft PowerPoint. Three perfect resume fonts are also included so that you can easily replicate the resume examples you see here.


Free resume templates don’t have to sacrifice quality. Check out our curated list of free templates to download: Free Resume Templates: 17 Downloadable Resume Templates to Use.



Cubic Template by Zety



The top header is reserved simply for your name and title to stand out, while the right-hand sidebar switches it up. Filled-in circles for your languages and skills allow you to showcase your knowledge in style.


Cubic is included along with many others in our resume builder. With our resume builder, you can create a resume simply and quickly.



A Warm Glow

simple job resume examples with business cards and poster tube 

“Resume Amber” by SZ-81 is a complete package: a simple resume template, a matching cover letter template, and alternate business card templates, as well. Stylish and uncluttered, “Resume Amber” prioritizes your name, title, and personal details up top.


Here’s the link to this template on Behance, available as both a downloadable Word template and one for Adobe InDesign.



Broad Borders

simple resume design in mint 

“Clean Resume CV Template” by Pagephilia Templates is unobtrusive and fresh. With your name and contact info at the top, social media, skills, and optional profile photo on the left, and the rest of the space to document your candidacy, this one might just be the one for you.


Here’s the link to this simple resume template available on Behance as an Adobe Illustrator template in the US letter size.



Clean & Compact

clean and simple resume templates 

“Resume/CV” can be found on Creative Market by seller UX-Group which they describe as a “bold, dynamic and professional resume template designed to make an impression.” And that’s hard to disagree with.


It is a resume template that is clean and minimal, and the white space here is perfect for scannability and guiding the hiring manager’s eyes to the important bits. An elegant font (also included) has been chosen that works well with the overall aesthetics of this resume layout.


Here’s the link to this template for resumes, business cards, and cover letters (see our cover letter tips), in both A4 and US letter sizes, available as a download for Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe InDesign.



The Olivia Resume Template

very simple resume sample with lots of white space  

“Olivia Resume Template, Cover Letter, Instant Download” can be located on Etsy by seller Skylarking Designs. The “Olivia” comes with its own font, as well as instructions on how to structure your resume to best take advantage of the space you’re given. It’s stylish, it’s modern, and it’s super easy to put together.


Here’s the link to this simple resume template which can be used with Microsoft Word for .DOCX and .PDF files.



What’s In a Name?

simple resume format with big name 

The descriptive title, “CV Template + Cover Letter + Reference Letter for Word” can’t get clearer than that, can it? Created by Etsy seller Resume Book, this one packs a lot of information into a simple template for resumes that is subdued and easy on the eyes.


A large header area shouts your name and then remembers its library voice for your professional title. The left sidebar gives you extra room to avoid the two-page resume, and the main body area is perfect for your resume objective or summary and your work experience.


Here’s the link to this template on Etsy available as an MS Word downloadable resume template with matching cover letter and letter of reference.


Done with creating your elegant resume? Make sure you didn't miss anything that could cost you the job of your dreams! Get our handy free checklist: 46 Things You Need To Do Before You Send Your Resume


Key Takeaway

Keep these simple points in mind:



Do you have any other simple resume templates that are easy-to-use and deserve a mention?


Let us know in the comments below and we’ll be happy to consider adding your suggestion to our list of simple resume templates or answer any question you might have. Thanks for reading!

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