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25 Resume Templates for Microsoft Word [Free Download]

25 Resume Templates for Microsoft Word [Free Download]

Stop struggling with your Word resume template. Get a beautiful resume in 5 minutes! See our list of the best resume and CV templates for Word that you can quickly modify & tweak.

As seen in:

You can stop looking for the best resume templates for Word right now.




You've just found them. They’re right below. 


In fact, you've found so much more than you bargained for—


Save your time and have your resume template ready in 5 minutes. Our resume builder app will do all the formatting for you. You can download your resume as a Microsoft Word or PDF file format.


Plus, you’ll get ready-made content to add with one click. See 20+ resume templates and create your resume here.

Create your resume now


sample resume templates

Sample resume made with our builder—See more templates and create your resume here.

 Find more resume templates here: 


If you are looking for some specific resume examples, see:


How to access Word resume templates from your computer?


Launch Micorsoft Word and start creating a new document. Under the text box, click on Resume and Cover Letter or type "resume" into the search bar. Select the Word resume template you like. Click Create and start editing the template in MS Word.

Alternatively, you can visit Microsoft's templates and themes page and find one you like there!






Cubic is a professional resume template for Word that pairs traditional resume elements with a modern minimalist layout. It’s nicely divided into three sections each of which is of a different color.




How’s it even possible to achieve such results in MS Word without getting messy with the infographic resume elements and layout?


Here's how you do it:


Launch our builder, fill in the blank spaces, and the app will take care of all the formatting for you. Once you finish writing your resume, export the document as a Word resume template.


The result?


Great-looking, immaculately formatted, and… editable resume. If you notice any typo or would like to add or replace a word, you can do it quickly using MS Word. If you want to change font sizes, margins, colors, element spacing, etc.—use the builder. It will make sure that the formatting looks great no matter which part of your resume you decide to change the look of.






This Microsoft Word resume template incorporates a timeline that makes it easier for the reader to follow your professional experience.


Our builder allows you to download your resume as a DOC or PDF file. If you’re wondering which format is better, let me tell you one thing—


It depends.


Recruiters often prefer MS Word because they can make changes and leave notes (e.g., add the recruiter’s company letterhead or remove contact details so that you aren’t poached by the hiring company).


Most hiring managers, however, prefer PDFs because they’re very universal and there’s no need for special software. A PDF resume will work just fine on mobile devices, which is a blessing for bosses who are always on the go. Plus, you can rest assured that your resume formatting won’t get messed up in transit.






Crisp is one of our two-column resume templates for Word. Its elegant look will work great for both creative and more traditional roles.




Our resume builder is more than a collection of templates. What you get is a resume writing powerhouse full of expert-curated content available at a click of the button.

Pro Tip: When writing your resume, pay attention to its structure and the general look and feel. Studies show that recruiters spend only about 7 seconds scanning your resume initially, and if it looks cluttered or they can’t quickly find the information they’re looking for, they’re very likely to reject it.





This Word resume template is a good choice for a combination resume. The sections are clearly visible and skimmable.




With our state-of-the-art cover letter builder, you can easily create a powerful resume and cover letter set. Answer a couple of questions, and get a targeted cover letter in no time. Tweak it to make it yours and land your dream job in style.

Pro Tip: There are three most popular resume formats, and depending on your professional experience: chronological resume, functional resume, and combination resume. Each has its pros and cons. You can learn more about them from our dedicated guides.





It doesn’t matter if you’re working in a traditional or creative role, this is one of our resume templates for Microsoft Word that will work great in every imaginable scenario. The resume summary area placed at the very top will help the recruiter quickly learn what your stronger traits are.






This resume Word template is very easy to scan and, as such, it’s suitable for anyone pursuing a corporate position that attracts a large number of candidates. The resume header area which is easy on the eye will let the recruiters quickly see what a great hire you could be.






This modern-looking and elegant Microsoft Word resume template is a good choice for a managerial resume in more traditional industries.






This minimalistic resume template will be just as suitable for an academic CV as a more formal manager resume. It’s predominantly focused on the content, with a subtle addition of bar graphs to illustrate your proficiency in various skills.






This modern MS Word resume template includes graphical elements that make it stand out from the rest and don’t distract the reader from the document’s content. Thanks to its two-column layout it can hold quite a lot of information without looking cluttered.


Looking for less standard resume templates? Visit our gallery of 16+ Creative Resume Templates






What makes this Word template for a resume look different from the rest is the graphical element with your initials. The template also incorporates a skill grading scale and a set of icons to make your abilities and contact details clearly visible.







This resume template in Word blends professionalism and simplicity. The section titles are accentuated with small ribbon-shaped elements right next to them.






Nanica is one of our resume templates for Microsoft Word that’s perfect for a two-page resume or an academic CV. Thanks to its simple formatting, the resume sections can smoothly extend into page two and beyond if need be.

Pro Tip: There’s been a lot of debate recently as to the perfect length of a resume. It turns out there’s no such thing but in the vast majority of cases, a one-page resume will work great for candidates pursuing entry-level positions whereas more experienced job-seekers may consider making a two-page resume.





This Word .doc resume template has a two-column layout that lets you include all your relevant experience and key skills, and will still have plenty of room left for adding extra resume sections, such as software or languages, for instance.


When making a resume in our builder, drag & drop bullet points, skills, and auto-fill the boring stuff. Spell check? Check. Start building your resume here.

When you’re done, Zety’s resume builder will score your resume and tell you exactly how to make it better.






Another one of our professional resume templates for Word that’s perfect for a longer document. It’s suitable for seasoned executives and distinguished academics alike.






Thanks to its two-column layout, this simple CV template for Word is perfect for experienced candidates who want to present their professional side on a single page.






Valera is a creative resume template for Word that combines youthful energy with pure professionalism. Also, it’s perfectly usable as a two-page resume template.






This resume template for Word mixes simplicity with modernity. The icons draw the recruiter’s eye right to the section titles. White space gives it an elegant professional look.






Cascade is a very universal resume template for Word. It’s suitable for entry-level candidates and executives alike. Its two-column layout will let you include a lot of information without cluttering the document.



Color Block Resume

 color block resume


This free resume template for Word is one of many templates accessible directly through MS Word’s own template gallery.


Click here to download it for free.


Here's how to make a resume on Word:


  1. Launch MS Word and start creating a new document. Under the text box, click on Resume and Cover Letter.


ms word


  1. Select the Word resume template you like.


ms word


  1. This is it. You can start editing your resume now.


But you need to realize one thing—


The templates you see in the MS Word gallery work best with the documents whose content is almost identical to what you can see in the original sample.




Unlike our builder, MS Word will not automatically adjust the template to the content you’re typing in. In other words, you’ll have to manually tweak everything (margins, spacing, line breaks, fonts, graphical elements, etc.) whenever you wish to add or replace something on the original template.


Here are some more examples from MS Word resume template gallery (and other places around the web):


Green Cube Resume

 green cube resume


This two-column free Word resume template includes large section headings and bar charts to reflect your proficiency level.


Click here to download it for free.

Pro Tip: Some Word resume templates allow you to include a photo. However, adding pictures to resumes is rarely a good idea.


Creative Resume (Designed by MOO)

 moo resume


This free modern resume template for Word is a good option for entry-level candidates with not too much experience under the belt.


Click here to download it for free.


If you are looking for modern resume you can also check Modern Resume Template



Subtle Creativity

 subtle creativity


This free resume template for Word will come in handy to fresh grads and experienced candidates alike. It’s universal enough to be used as a single- and multiple-page resume.


Click here to download it for free.


Plus, a great cover letter that matches your resume will give you an advantage over other candidates. You can write it in our cover letter builder here. Here's what it may look like:


matching set of resume and cover letter

See more cover letter templates and start writing.


Crisp and Clean Resume (Designed by MOO)

 crisp and clean moo


This free creative resume template for Microsoft Word is suitable for less traditional industries that welcome originality and inventiveness.


Click here to download it for free.


You may like to look at some Eye Catching Resume as well.



Simple Chronological

 simple chronological


Another free Microsoft Word resume template from Microsoft’s own repository. It’s simple and clean, suitable for all candidates who wish to just focus on the essence and have toned down embellishments.


Click here to download it for free.


You can also find some ideas other than Microsoft Word resume templates, for simple and clean resume designs here: Clean Resume



Simple and Modern



This free Word resume template is nicely divided into distinct resume parts. The skills section has a visual bar graph that reflects your levels of proficiency.


Click here to download it for free.


This is it! How do you like our selection of resume / CV templates for Word? Would you like to share your opinion with us? Leave us a comment below! We’re always happy to hear from you.

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