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Choose a CV template, fill it out, and download in seconds. Create a professional curriculum vitae in a few clicks. Just pick one of 18+ CV templates below, add ready-to-use suggestions, and get the job.

Professional CV Template Cascade Use this template


Professional CV template. Neatly aligned no matter the word count.

Professional CV Template Cubic Use this template


Perfect CV template. Ideal readability for the densest of CVs.

Professional CV Template Diamond Use this template


Single column CV template. Highlight your background and credentials.

Professional CV Template Concept Use this template


Modern CV template. Use icons for basic info and a timeline to tell your story.

Professional CV Template Crisp Use this template


Creative CV template. Get abundant spacing with a polished look.

Professional CV Template Enfold Use this template


Two column CV template. Draw attention to your summary and skills.

Professional CV Template Iconic Use this template


Icon-based CV template. Use designer elements to make information pop.

Professional CV Template Influx Use this template


Elegant CV template. Get that classic feel without looking dated.

Professional CV Template Initials Use this template


Creative CV template. Draw attention to details without overwhelming the reader.

Professional CV Template Minimo Use this template


Minimalistic CV template. Use a classic layout, but give it a modern twist.

Professional CV Template Modern Use this template


Modern CV template. Create a visual frame without a blocky feel.

Professional CV Template Muse Use this template


Visual CV template. Stay light despite showing off plenty of skills and extras.

Professional CV Template Nanica Use this template


Traditional CV template. Light it up with visuals, tone it down with a single column flow.

Professional CV Template Newcast Use this template


Basic CV template. Focus on the main text while highlighting skills.

Professional CV Template Primo Use this template


Infographic CV template. Use a timeline, icons, and color that break the mould.

Professional CV Template Simple Use this template


Simple resume template. Add a splash of color to a clean design.

Professional CV Template Valera Use this template


Unique CV template. Guide the reader’s gaze with fresh typography.

Professional CV Template Vibes Use this template


Sleek CV template. Show off your credentials with a tidy format and simple icons.

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Professional CV templates
for any situation

A curriculum vitae is a document that varies in use around the world. A US CV is used mostly in academia and government. But in the UK it’s a standard document for all job seekers. No matter your situation, a curriculum vitae template needs to be professional, simple, but unique enough to be memorable. Enter Zety CV templates—

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Professional CV templates for any situation

Professional design

Each CV format template balances the classic with the modern. Add a personal profile to draw the reader in. Sprinkle in a few simple icons to highlight what matters. Pick two columns to save space or a single column layout for a traditional application. And don’t worry—all templates were created by CV experts and professional designers.

Professional design

Ease of use

Remember how you downloaded a CV template in a few seconds... and wasted hours trying to fix it? Never again. Simply pick a CV layout and let the Zety CV wizard to do the formatting for you. Zety CV templates come with ready-made content you can add to your CV easier than an online shopping cart.

Ease of use
Ease of use


These user-friendly templates will save you hours of gruelling work. Pick a sample CV template on Zety and fill it out in a few clicks. Pick and choose what you like. Stop struggling to come up with the right word. We have entire sections ready for your finishing touch. It’s never been easier.


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Don’t let your old CV kill your chances of landing a job you actually want. Create a whole new CV or upload your previous curriculum vitae and reignite it within minutes. Update your template, optimize its contents with pre-written bullet points, and get hired faster than anyone else.

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Proven effectiveness

Don’t just improve your CV. Improve your entire life. A job-winning professional CV format is one that goes beyond looks. And Zety curriculum vitae templates have helped thousands of people get into the right school, build a career in academia and any industry around the world. Recruiters are looking for you. Use Zety, be found.

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