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+20 CV Templates: Create Your CV in 5 Minutes

How to choose the right CV template?
professional cv template

Professional CV templates

Choose one of our classic, truly British CV templates if you want your curriculum vitae to reflect your vocational professionalism. Clear, legible section headings make your CV easy to read quickly. Two columns make better use of space on our excellent CV layout templates.

Who benefits from a professional CV template?

This is a good curriculum vitae template for corporate CVs, such as project manager CVs, marketing CVs, office administration CVs, medical CVs, or executive CVs, for example.

student cv template

Student CV templates

In our builder, you’ll find perfect student CV layouts which you can use for academic and scholarship CVs, as well as internship, apprenticeship, or part-time job applications.

Who benefits from a student CV template?

Use a UK CV template for students for scholarly purposes, such as for graduate CV templates or academic CV templates, perfect for career scholars and freshers alike.

modern cv template

Modern CV templates

Show recruiters you keep up with the latest trends by choosing one of our modern curriculum vitae templates. Bar graphs and colorful charts illustrate your skills, while the highlighted CV summary or objective at the top will immediately catch each recruiter’s attention. Choices of colors, fonts, icons, and more give you the freedom to stray from the black-and-white CVs of the past.

Who benefits from a modern CV template?

These examples are best for industries in which being up-to-date is crucial, such as engineering, programming, IT, or software development.

simple cv template

Simple CV templates

If you want your curriculum vitae to easily pass even the most old-school ATS systems, use one of our simple templates for CVs. It’s also a reliable way to keep traditional CVs looking good when prospective employers print them out.

Who benefits from a simple CV template?

These templates are great for long-established professions as solicitors, barristers, doctors, police constables and officers, or teachers. Use these traditional templates when applying for positions with a more conservative company culture.

creative cv template

Creative CV templates

Impress your future employers with creativity and originality. Our creative CV templates will help you make a curriculum vitae that stands out from hundreds of other boring CVs. The dynamic layout and graphic elements make the design sharp and original.

Who benefits from a creative CV template?

Creative CVs are the best CV templates for graphic designers, photographers, marketers, artistic jobs, and other industries where you wish your personality to shine through.

best cv template

The best 2018 CV templates online - all in one place!

From our basic CV templates to our complex CV layouts for professions in any industry, you’ll create a smashing curriculum vitae in no time with our professional CV creator (UK format & others).

Select your favourite from our mock CV templates above, or start from a blank CV draft and choose from multiple CV styles and CV designs. Create an English CV (UK), or choose from 23 other languages and dozens of other options to tinker with.

Choose your template to make an outstanding CV, and then you can download your CV template PDF or TXT format right away. Currently, we’re not offering Microsoft Word CV templates (.doc or .docx).

BONUS: Track your employment application’s success by creating an online CV; you’ll get notified as soon as a director or manager opens your curriculum vitae.

We’re not offering free CV templates, but our templates will be more effective than any free templates for CVs you find online.