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20+ Professional CV Templates for Any Job. Download with One Click

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Check out these beautiful templates and layouts for your CV:

Professional CV Template Concept Use this template


A very well-organized and professional CV template suitable for candidates across all industries and professions. The best CV template according to our users!

Professional CV Template Crisp Use this template


This basic CV template makes smart use of a side-column to let you save space. Tiny icons draw attention to the most important parts. A great CV template for students.

Professional CV Template Cubic Use this template


Beautiful curriculum vitae template with a shaded side bar and a dark header. A great pick for applicants in creative industries.

Professional CV Template Vibes Use this template


A basic CV template with a modern touch. This one will work well for candidates eyeing more formal, corporate positions.

Professional CV Template Diamond Use this template


This one will make a perfect student CV template for a first job. The layout is simple, professional and very easy to skim.

Professional CV Template Enfold Use this template


A creative CV template with a side column where you can highlight your skills. You can customize the colours to best suit your taste.

Professional CV Template Muse Use this template


This CV template offers a good balance between uniqueness and professionalism. A clear CV design for traditional office jobs.

Professional CV Template Newcast Use this template


Another good CV template for students and other academics. The layout is very elegant and clean: it will make the curriculum vitae very easy to read.

Professional CV Template Cascade Use this template


An excellent CV layout template for all candidates who want a CV with a modern twist. The side column makes the design dynamic and fresh.

Professional CV Template Iconic Use this template


If you want a good CV template for corporate openings, this one will be a safe bet. The CV format is standard and elegant, but tiny icons add a nice creative touch.

Professional CV Template Influx Use this template


Another good CV template for students. Whether you’re applying to a university or looking for your first graduate job, this CV layout will help you stand out.

Professional CV Template Initials Use this template


Highlight your individuality and add a touch of personal branding to your CV template. The initials in the header will surely grab attention.

Professional CV Template Minimo Use this template


A good, basic curriculum vitae template for those who don’t like fancy graphics and styling. Great CV layout to apply for jobs with a conservative company culture.

Professional CV Template Modern Use this template


Lots of white space combined with a touch of colour in the header and footer make this CV template very eye-pleasing. A good pick for virtually all candidates.

Professional CV Template Nanica Use this template


Got loads of experience? Can’t make a one-pager? Go for this simple CV template. Basic formatting makes this one an ideal two-page CV template.

Professional CV Template Primo Use this template


The black-on-white CV layout makes this one very good to print. If you need a paper copy of your CV, here’s your go-to CV template.

Professional CV Template Simple Use this template


Modern and simple CV template designed to save space. A perfect choice for candidates with a lot of experience who want a one-page CV template.

Professional CV Template Valera Use this template


A very presentable, minimalist CV template using a lot of white space and breaking it up with stylish section headings.

Not sure which CV template
is best for you?

You can always change your mind: once you start creating your CV, you can preview your document and change designs with a single click.

Zety’s downloadable CV templates let you save time and effort. All you need to do is fill the sections with your information (inside our builder, you’ll get suggestions and tips on how to write each section).

Let’s face it: MS Word CV templates are a source of trouble to all of us. Nothing ever looks the way we want. Our templates take the pain out of CV formatting. Here’s how they work:

Pick a professional CV template you love. Use our builder’s suggestion to fill in the blanks in 5 minutes. Change colors, fonts, and styling details. Download with a single click. Start getting amazing job offers.

Our PDF CV templates have been created with the help of HR professionals. You can be sure your CV design will get your job application noticed!

Need more help? See our real CV examples.

Looking for more than just a CV creator? See 200+ sample CVs and CV writing guides for all industries written by top-level career experts.

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Use the best CV format

Whether you’re writing a classic, reverse-chronological CV or a skills-based one, with Zety, you’ll find a CV template that fits your needs.

Reverse-chronological CV

The safe choice for virtually all candidates. List your experience chronologically descending so that the peak of your career gets the most attention.

Skills-based CV

A good choice for career-changers and senior-level candidates. Highlights your most impressive skills.

Combination CV

A CV layout that lets you have the best of both worlds: draw attention to your professional achievements and qualifications.

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Here’s why our CV templates will work for you:

Ready-to-download in 5 minutes

With Zety’s CV templates, you’ll create a job-winning CV quick and easy. All you need to do is choose a curriculum vitae template you like and fill it in with your information. As a bonus, you’ll get sample entries and suggestions written by CV-writing professionals and tailored to your profession: you can copy them straight to your CV and save tons of time.

Unlimited customization

You can easily modify every CV template we’ve got. Change colour sets, fonts, spacing, margins, and more. Add or remove custom sections. Plus, if you change your mind midway through writing your CV, you can switch the template with one click: the contents will be automatically transferred.

ATS-compatible and approved by hiring pros

All our PDF templates have been designed to be fully-scannable by the Applicant Tracking Systems. Sometimes, your CV will be scanned by bots before it reaches an actual human being. We’ve made sure our curriculum vitae templates will pass every ATS scan. We’ve consulted HR professionals to make sure the layout and design of our templates is on par with modern hiring standards.

Suitable for everyone

Our professional CV templates will satisfy every job seeker. From creative to formal to executive.Our CV templates are great for engineering, teaching, marketing, and nursing, among others. They work great for teens, college students, and seasoned pros alike. It doesn't matter what job you're looking for—we’ve got what you need.

Powerful and compact

With our CV templates, you’ll fit more into a page while not making your CV look cluttered. One of our users, Nikos, said: “I used a nice template I found on Zety. My CV is now one page long, not three. With the same stuff.” Try our two-column CV templates and check this out for yourself.

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