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Resume Sections & Categories (with Tips on Order & Titles)

Resume Sections & Categories (with Tips on Order & Titles)

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We're about to tell you which resume sections to include. But first, think about this:


Do you ever get the impression that your resume is a cookie-cutter job passport?


Well, with all the free, online templates out there, that’s no surprise.


If we’re snowflakes - our resumes are blades of grass. Copy, paste, add water, and watch it grow. 


But not all resumes are created equal. 


Some of you are professionals with awards, skills, and years of experience.


Some of you have no experience, no skills, and not much to put on a resume.


The result? Two very different resumes.


The catch? Both resumes will still have the same formal resume sections at the core. 


Doesn’t matter if you’re inexperienced or lacking in skill. Your resume will get you nowhere without the proper set of typical resume sections.


That’s why this article will show you:


  • What typical resume parts form the core for all resumes.
  • Which resume "categories" to choose for your resume.
  • How to put resume sections in order on a resume.


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