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CNC Machinist Resume Samples for Machine Operators [Tips]

CNC Machinist Resume Samples for Machine Operators [Tips]

CNC machines obey you. Given a controller and a work instruction, you could CNC a working lightsaber. Prove it to employers with this clean sample CNC machinist resume.

As seen in:

CNC Machinist Resume Sample


Daniel McCabe, Machinist



Professional Summary


Hard-working CNC machinist with 6+ years of experience, skilled in CNC operation and Kaizen. Seeking to reduce lead times and improve quality at Standard Castek. At Aero Turner Materials, contributed to a setup reduction drive that cut lead times by 23%. Ran CNC machine for 5 years with an average of 95% efficiency. Performed daily equipment maintenance that kept equipment downtime 15% below department average.


Work Experience



Aero Turner Materials

April 2014–May 2019

  • Worked on setup-reduction team, contributing 24 ideas that helped shorten production lead times by 23%.
  • Ran a CNC milling machine in a high-volume shop at 95% production efficiency.
  • Maintained equipment, checking all gauges, lubricant levels, air filters, belts, and chains. Performed regular maintenance and kept downtime 15% below average.
  • Worked 5 hours per month on a CNC laser cutting machine.


Machine Operator

Wright Davis Tek

Jan 2013–Feb 2014

  • Operated a CNC lathe in a busy shop.
  • Spearheaded a Total Productive Maintenance drive that pushed machine downtime from 65% to 20% in 9 months.
  • Created pokayoke jig that dropped defects from incorrect tooling placement to 0%.




2011–2013 Bethel University

Associate’s Degree in Business

  • Excelled in CNC coursework.
  • Conducted a machining project to make laser-cut signs for 3 area businesses.




  • Hard skills: CNC operation, Kaizen, SMED, setup reduction, kanban
  • Soft skills: Collaboration, communication, problem-solving, time management




Scoutmaster, BSA Troop 432, Tennessee

Little league coach 2x per week for 10–12 year-olds


Is a resume for machinist jobs your best bet? See these guides:



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cnc machinist resume templates

Sample CNC Machinist Resume—See more templates and create your resume here.


Here’s how to write a CNC machinist resume that gets jobs:


1. Pick the Best CNC Machinist Resume Format


CNC machinists operate CNC lathes and machines in manufacturing facilities. CNC operators must be skilled in G-code programming, tooling, setup, and teardown of CNC machines. A CNC machinist resume has to show you’re tech savvy, versed in Lean principles, and have manufacturing “street smarts.”


You’re not a sloppy CNC machinist.


Don’t write a sloppy CNC machinist resume.


One glance and they should know you’re on it.


Use these formatting tips:



Pro Tip: Resume layouts matter. Make yours kind on the eyes. After your header, add a summary, then experience, education, skills, then extras like hobbies or interests.


2. Write a CNC Machinist Resume Objective or Resume Summary


Catch their eye.


Most employers are skimmers. They won’t read your beautiful resume for machinist jobs.


Stop them with a professional profile that makes them want more.


Got plenty of machinist work experience? Use a resume summary statement.


Kit it with skills and expert-level machinist accomplishments.


For a CNC machinist resume with no experience, talk about transferable professional skills from other jobs in your resume objective.


Pro Tip: Make your machinist resume objective for CNC jobs the last task you address. Writing it will be miles easier if you’ve already got your full resume done first.


3. Tool Your Resume to Fit the CNC Machinist Job Description


Some resumes have eye-appeal.


That’s because they fit the job better.


Don’t make yours a square tool in a round jig.


Customize experience on a resume.


Kit it out like this:


  • List your most recent machinist position first.
  • State your business position title, business name, and dates of work.
  • Of course include responsibilities, but add professional achievements.
  • Those achievements should fit the job within tight tolerances. If the job wants SMED and you used it to slice lead times by half, say it.
  • Add metrics like 95% to show you’re not playing around.
  • Use good resume words to keep things clicking.


Pro Tip: Are you switching over to machining from another career like materials handler? You’ll want to write a career change resume for that.


4. Tune Up Your CNC Machinist Resume Education Section


Most get this wrong.


Education isn’t proof you’re smart.


On a CNC machinist resume, it should show passion and skill.


Here’s how to put education on a resume:


List school name, degree, and years. But—


Show a few classes you did well in, projects, teams, or groups.


Don’t show GPA unless it’s sky-high or recent.


Pro Tip: With a resume for machinist jobs, school achievements should tie into skills. A group leadership position shows leadership potential.


5. Show CNC Machinist Skills in Your Resume


Use this CNC machinist resume skills list.


It shares hard skills and soft skills:


CNC Machinist Resume Skills


Hard Skills:


  • CNC Operation
  • SMED
  • Kaizen
  • Standardized work
  • Setup reduction
  • Equipment maintenance
  • G-code
  • Troubleshooting
  • Kanban
  • Quality control


Soft Skills:





Use that list sparingly.


Do some hunting to find the most vital. (They’re in the job listing.)


Then use accomplishments to show you own those machinist skills.


Pro Tip: Make a good mix of soft skills and hard skills in your resume for machinist jobs. Too much of one or the other makes Jack a dull boy.


When making a resume in our builder, drag & drop bullet points, skills, and auto-fill the boring stuff. Spell check? Check. Start building your resume here.

When you’re done, Zety’s resume builder will score your resume and tell you exactly how to make it better.


6. Add Other Sections to Your CNC Machinist Resume


What kind of employee are you?


Employers need to know.


You can show excitement and energy with a few “other” sections in your CNC machinist resume.


Choose from:



Of course list a Six Sigma or CNC Programmer Certification if you’ve got one. Put it in a separate “Certifications and Licenses” section.


Pro Tip: Added sections should show machinist skills or soft skills. If you coach a children’s sports team, that shows interpersonal skills.


7. Send a Cover Letter With Your CNC Machinist Resume


Should I write a cover letter for my CNC machinist resume?


In a heartbeat.


But make your machinist cover letter different:


How long should an electronic cover letter be? The same as a paper letter: three paragraphs.


Pro Tip: Write a follow up email for your job application. It should be a couple lines long and stay positive. Send it in a few days and again in a week or so.


That’s it!


That’s how to write a resume for CNC machinist positions.


Don’t think your CNC machinist resume will get results? Are there major problems with your resume for CNC machinist jobs? Give us a shout in the comments. We’d love to talk!

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