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Cable Technician Resume (Sample Job Description & 20+ Tips)

Cable Technician Resume (Sample Job Description & 20+ Tips)

You climb the walls and do the installs, keeping the country’s digital pulse pounding. But how can you prove that to employers? Use this switched-on sample cable technician resume.

As seen in:

Cable Technician Resume Sample


Jeff Formo, Cable Technician



Professional Summary


Efficient cable technician with 5+ years of experience. Skilled in cable installation and troubleshooting. Seeking to deliver technical excellence at Comcast. At SouthernLink Global, managed 10+ calls per day with 99% customer satisfaction. Promoted to senior cable technician in 6 months for strong work ethic and efficiency.


Work Experience


Cable Technician

SouthernLink Global

April 2015–May 2019

  • Answered and completed 10+ calls per day with 99% satisfaction from customers.
  • Trained 3 cable installers in company procedures.
  • Promoted to senior cable technician in 6 months for strong work ethic and efficiency.
  • Finished calls 10% faster than division average.


Cable Technician 

Tri Valley Cable

Feb 2014–March 2015

  • Maintained industry best practices, including EIA/TIA and ANSI.
  • Scored 98% or better in regular company knowledge tests.




2011–2013 Lincoln Tech

Associate’s Degree in Electronics

  • Excelled in cable installation classes.
  • Commended by 4 teachers for work ethic and willingness to help.




  • Technical Skills: Cable installation and repair, troubleshooting, system testing
  • Soft Skills: Problem solving, interpersonal skills, efficiency, collaboration




  • Built own house and installed all wiring to local building codes.
  • Lead a weekly running club.


Have you settled on a resume for cable technician jobs? See our guides:



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cable technician resume templates

Sample Cable Technician Resume—See more templates and create your resume here.


Here’s how to write a cable technician resume that gets jobs:


1. Select the Best Cable Technician Resume Format


Cable technicians install and repair cable, troubleshooting problems and analyzing systems for efficiency. They answer service calls and often suggest or upsell upgrades and work directly with customers. A cable technician resume must show skills in driving, cable installation, troubleshooting, and efficiency.




Badly configured cable technician resumes get shut down.




Use the best resume layout. It’s the reverse chronological resume format.


That’s the most respected resume writing format because it presents a crystal-clear picture of who you are professionally.



Pro Tip: Apply with a resume PDF. PDFs stay crisp and clear. MS Word resumes can suffer from interference after sending.


2. Write a Cable Technician Resume Objective or Resume Summary


No connection.


That’s what you’ll get if you don’t start with a good professional resume profile.


That’s an elevator pitch for a job. It’s also called a resume professional summary.


Hook yours up with:


  • An adjective (efficient, hard-working)
  • Title (Cable Technician)
  • Years of experience (3+, 6+)
  • Goal (deliver technical excellence)
  • Skills accomplishments + metrics (99% customer satisfaction)


Don’t have achievements? A cable technician resume with no work experience doesn’t have to be a dud.


Instead of a summary, write an objective for your resume. Plug in a few transferable accomplishments.


Example: you worked as an electrician’s assistant and wired 30 houses.


Pro Tip: How many pages should a resume be for cable technician jobs? Just one. Any longer and the hiring team will flip through it fast and toss it.


3. Adjust Your Resume to the Cable Technician Job Description


Be honest.


Are you the best candidate?


Can you prove it?


You can—with a tailored resume for cable technician jobs.


Here’s how to add work experience in resume so you shine:


  • Pick your business titles wisely. If they want a “Cable Install and Repair Tech,” list that as your job title for past jobs.
  • Use professional accomplishments to prove skills. If they want speed, say how much faster you were than the average installer.
  • You can’t make your case without numbers. Measurements like 99% or 10+ will show why they should hire you.


Pro Tip: Use the right resume phrases to show how strong your skills are. Words like answered, trained, promoted, finished, and maintained work great.


When making a resume in our builder, drag & drop bullet points, skills, and auto-fill the boring stuff. Spell check? Check. Start building professional resume template here for free.

When you’re done, Zety’s resume builder will score your resume and tell you exactly how to make it better.

4. Adapt Your Cable Technician Resume Education Section


Let’s upgrade you.


Even if you’re only listing high school education on a resume or unfinished college for cable technician jobs, do this:


Add skills-proving accomplishments.


Did teachers compliment your work ethic and willingness to help?


Put it in the education section of your resume. That’ll impress employers too.


Pro Tip: Where does GPA belong on a cable technician resume? Nowhere, unless it was over 3.8 or you graduated very recently.


5. List Cable Technician Skills in Your Resume


Here are some good skills to put on your resume for cable technician jobs:


Cable Technician Resume Skills


Start with this list of technical skills for resumes:


  • Cable installation
  • Cable repair
  • Troubleshooting
  • System testing
  • Inspecting cable lines
  • Disconnecting cable
  • Internet connection
  • Customer education
  • Upselling
  • Driving
  • Record keeping


Next, add soft skills:



Pro Tip: You need both hard skills and soft skills. Your cable technician resume should list both, then prove both in lots of bullet points.



6. Add “Other” Sections to Your Cable Technician Resume


Let’s build in some redundancy.


Expand your cable technician resume section list a bit.


Try a couple of these:



Pro Tip: Wondering how to list languages on a resume? If you’ll work in a multilingual area, show them as skills. Then show how you used those languages to help a past employer.


7. Send a Cover Letter With Your Cable Technician Resume


Do i need a cover letter with a cable technician resume?


Every time.


Here’s how to make a cover letter that turns heads:


  • Use the 3-paragraph format for your cover letter.
  • Get attention with the opening paragraph of your cover letter. Put the best fact from your resume in it.
  • The middle of your cable technician cover letter should show more cable tech achievements. The goal is to show you match the opening.
  • Ask for an interview in your cover letter ending. Tease something they want. Example: promise to share how you went 10% faster than the company average.


How long should a cover letter be for cable techs? About 300 words or ½ page.


Here’s how to write a follow up email for a job: Remind them who you are with the most catchy part of your resume. Then say you’re following up.


Plus, a great cover letter that matches your resume will give you an advantage over other candidates. You can write it in our cover letter builder here. Here's what it may look like:


matching set of resume and cover letter

See more cover letter templates and start writing.

That’s it!


That’s how to write a cable technician resume.


Why do you think so few employers answer resumes for cable technician positions? Do you need help getting more attention and interviews? Give us a shout in the comments. We’d love to talk!

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