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Warehouse Supervisor Resume Sample [+Skills & Objective]

Warehouse Supervisor Resume Sample [+Skills & Objective]

You move your team to store, pick, pack, and organize the racks and aisles efficiently and cost-effectively. Prove it with this out-of-the-box sample warehouse supervisor resume.

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Warehouse Supervisor Resume Sample


Harriet Yazhu, Warehouse Supervisor



Professional Summary


Energetic warehouse supervisor with 9 years of experience. Skilled in stock management and Lean inventory management. Seeking to contribute to efficiency at PepsiCo. At PID Specialty Foods, supervised 6 team members in a 35,000 square foot warehouse. Trained 10 employees in Lean stock management and saved $50,000 a year in wasted storage and searching costs.


Work Experience


Warehouse Supervisor

PID Specialty Foods

March 2012–May 2019

  • Supervised 6 team members in a facility with 35,000 square feet of floor space.
  • Spearheaded 5S project that slashed wasted searching time by 20%.
  • Worked directly with materials handlers and suppliers to put most-needed parts on Kanban system.
  • Trained 10 employees in Lean stock management, leading to a $50,000 a year savings in costs of searching and wasted storage.


Warehouse Specialist

Ameribar Supply Chain

May 2010–Jan 2012

  • Worked as warehouse specialist in 12,000 square foot operation. Stepped in to perform scheduling tasks for team of 4 as needed.
  • Led a project to switch to newer barcode scanner units, saving 10 hours per week of warehouse worker time.




2006–2010 Vanguard University

BA in Liberal Arts

  • Excelled in computer science classes.
  • Conducted an independent study in 5S principles that was written up in Business Insider.




  • Technical Skills: Stock management, supervision, computer skills, 5S, FIFO
  • Soft Skills: Leadership, delegation, interpersonal skills, collaboration, time management




  • Volunteer 2x per month at La Santita Soup Kitchen.
  • Avid gym climber.


Is a resume for warehouse supervisors your only option? See our guides:



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warehouse supervisor resume templates

Sample Warehouse Supervisor Resume—See more templates and create your resume here.


Here’s how to write a warehouse supervisor resume that gets jobs:


1. Pick the Best Warehouse Supervisor Resume Format


Warehouse Supervisors manage pickers, packers, and other warehouse workers who move, store, and retrieve inventory in warehouses. They often supervise teams of 5 to 20 employees. A warehouse supervisor resume must show leadership skills and computer skills, as well as scheduling and 5S training.


The manager can tell if you’re a good warehouse supervisor candidate fast.




Your resume formatting will give you away.


So—use chronological resume formats to look your best. Here’s how:



Pro Tip: Save a resume sample PDF copy and send it with your application. PDFs are prettier than Word files as long as the online ad doesn’t outlaw them.


2. Write a Warehouse Supervisor Resume Objective or Resume Summary


Employers will skim your warehouse supervisor resume unless you tell them not to.


Do it with a business elevator pitch.


On a resume it’s called a profile summary. Stock it with:


  • One adjective (“Energetic,” “Efficient”)
  • “Warehouse Supervisor”
  • Years of experience
  • Goal (“improve efficiency”)
  • 1 to 2 skills from the online job ad
  • 1 to 2 accomplishments to sell those skills


In a resume with no work experience, spotlight transferable skills in resume objectives.


Example: “as restaurant worker, filled in to make schedule 1x per month.”


Pro Tip: How long should a resume be for warehouse supervisor jobs? One page. Less is lazy, and more is unreadable amid a mound of other resumes.


3. Connect Your Resume to the Warehouse Supervisor Job Description


Don’t let them pass you by.


Recruiters want warehouse supervisor resumes that match the job.


That’s where tailoring a resume to a job comes in.


Here’s how to add work experience in resume so they know you’ll work out:


  • List job titles for all your past positions.
  • Add key achievements in your bullet points that show desired skills.
  • Sweeten those achievements with numbers like “35,000” or “$50,000.”
  • (Trust us, you’ve got those things. Think hard, because they’re there.)


Pro Tip: If you want employers to stay interested in your warehouse supervisor resume, action words for resumes are the way to do it. Think, “supervised, spearheaded, trained.”


4. Customize Your Warehouse Supervisor Resume Education Section


Don’t phone it in.


You could just state your school, degree, and dates.


But that won’t sell them on you.


Here’s how to list education on a resume so employers notice:


Add educational accomplishments.


Did you excel in computer science? Do a project in 5S?


Put them in a few bullet points under “Education.”


Pro Tip: Just getting started? You can section off your education section in a warehouse supervisor resume to make it longer. Describe projects, student groups, or subject areas.


5. List Warehouse Supervisor Skills in Your Resume

You know you need skills for a resume for warehouse supervisor jobs.


Pick from these:


Warehouse Supervisor Resume Skills


Here’s a list of list of technical skills for warehouse supervisor resumes:


  • Stock management
  • Computer skills
  • Finance
  • Math
  • People management
  • Kanban
  • FIFO
  • Collaborating with shippers and materials handlers
  • Lean inventory management
  • Warehouse Management Software (WMS)
  • Training
  • Supervision
  • Scheduling
  • Barcode scanners
  • Safety
  • Kitting
  • Picking/packing
  • 5S
  • Inventory reduction


Soft skills list for warehouse supervisors:



Pro Tip: Don’t overstock your resume with every warehouse supervisor skill above. You’ll look like you’re full of packing peanuts. Specialize in soft and hard skills in the online job announcement.


When making a resume in our builder, drag & drop bullet points, skills, and auto-fill the boring stuff. Spell check? Check. Start building a professional resume template here for free.

When you’re done, Zety’s resume builder will score your resume and tell you exactly how to make it better.


6. Add Other Sections to Your Warehouse Supervisor Resume


Show you’re multi-faceted.


Add “other” sections to your warehouse supervisor resume.


Select from:



Pro Tip: Here’s how to include volunteer work on a resume: If it shows central skills, add it as a “Volunteering” section. If not, list it as one of your “Activities.”


7. Send a Cover Letter With Your Warehouse Supervisor Resume


Should you write a cover letter for your warehouse supervisor resume?


Of course.


Write your warehouse supervisor covering letter like this:


  • Use the three-paragraph job cover letter format.
  • Put a “wow” moment in your cover letter introduction. Example: “When my team saved $50,000 a year in wasted storage...”
  • Stock up on passion in the center of your cover letter. Sing the companies praises and show accomplishments that prove you’ll fit.
  • In your cover letter conclusion, dangle something tantalizing. Example: “I’d be glad to talk to you about how I slashed warehouse searching time by 20%.”


How long should a cover letter be in 2021? Same as in 1987: one half page.


Pro Tip: Send a job follow up email once a week after you apply. That’s a brief note that just says you’re following up.


Plus, a great cover letter that matches your resume will give you an advantage over other candidates. You can write it in our cover letter builder here. Here's what it may look like:


matching set of resume and cover letter

See more cover letter templates and start writing.

That’s it!


That’s how to write a warehouse supervisor resume.


Is your resume for warehouse supervisor jobs understocked? Do you hear nothing but your own echoes? That’s no fun. Give us a shout in the comments. We’d love to talk!


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