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Cashier Resume Examples (Sample with Skills & Tips)

Cashier Resume Examples (Sample with Skills & Tips)

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A cashier resume summarizes the candidate's experience, skills, and traits. A good resume presents the cashier as a competent employee: someone who understands target customers, displays product knowlege, and can handle the stress of a fast-paced environment.


Curious how to do accomplish all this?


Read on and you’ll see a professional cashier resume example you can easily adjust Plus, you’ll learn an easy formula for writing a resume that will land you more interviews than any other resume you’ve written in the past.


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cashier resume templates

Sample cashier resume—See more templates and create your resume here.


Here are a few customer-serving resume examples related to cashier jobs:


Cashier Resume Sample to Get You Inspired (Text Version)


James B. Morris

Experienced Cashier





Accurate, friendly retail cashier with over 2 years of part-time check-out and front lane experience in stores with heavy foot traffic. Recent high school graduate with plans to attend local community college on weekends for bachelor’s degree in business administration. Seeking to leverage dedicated guest service and efficient check-out queue attending to become the next cashier at Target.




Retail Cashier

Brantley Supercenter, Stoughton, MA

June 2018–October 2019 

Key Qualifications & Responsibilities

  • Greeted customers upon their entry into the store and helped them with any questions and concerns.
  • Operated a checkout lane and associated retail equipment, including scale, barcode scanner, belt, and cash register.
  • Performed all checkout procedures quickly and accurately each time, while also promoting the store credit card to customers.
  • Assisted sales floor staff with stocking shelves, keeping front lanes tidy, and assisting guests when needed.

Key Achievements

  • Achieved 1.5% Blue Card upsell in the entire year of 2019.


Guest Service Associate & Cashier

Charles Boykin Menswear, Stoughton, MA

June 2017–June 2018

Key Qualifications & Responsibilities

  • Operated POS and inventory database locator at a boutique menswear shop.
  • Assisted shoppers with checking out, returning items, and general questions.
  • Maintained neat and clutter-free work area around the checkout area in accordance with brand policy.
  • Processed credit card, debit card, cash, gift card, and store credit transactions.




High School Diploma

Stoughton High School, Stoughton, MA

Completion: 2019




  • Communication
  • POS / Cash Register
  • Customer Service
  • Friendliness
  • Attention to Detail


Licenses and Certificates


  • 2019 Cashier Alcohol Serving Certification


Here’s the store interview-winning cashier resume formula:



Structure Your Cashier Resume Template Just Right


Customers visiting a retail store don’t want piles of goods scattered around. They want wide, clean aisles where they can find what they want easily and quickly.


The same is true on a cashier resume—the layout must be spot-on or the hiring manager will go elsewhere.




Here’s how to format a cashier resume:

  • Layout: reverse-chronological order for most circumstances.
  • Subheadings: bold titles for store and restaurant managers to locate things fast.
  • Fonts: choose the best resume font.
  • Font size: 11–12pt for body text, and 2–4pts bigger for subtitles.
  • Margins: 1” resume margin around all 4 sides.
  • Line spacing: single line spacing in the general text areas.
  • Sections: sufficient white space keeps it easy on the eyes for the reader. 
  • Filetype: PDF resume format when saving, unless they specifically ask otherwise.


Now, here’s what a cash handling resume should include:

  • Header: only relevant contact info on your resume.
  • Introduction: compelling argument for why you should be hired.
  • Work experience: detailed bullet points of past job duties.
  • Education: brief listing of schools you went to.
  • Skills: curated list of the most appropriate cashier skills.
  • Extra sections: anything which could add value for cashier jobs.

Read more help tips on formatting resumes: How to Decide Which Resume Format is Best



Write your retail clerk or restaurant cashier resume introduction last.


When you save it for the end, you’ll be better able to choose the most salesworthy items to include at the top.




Let’s start writing your resume with describing your work history.



Start With a Cashier Job Description Resume Section


Cashier jobs, whether in grocery stores, gas stations, restaurants or general merchandise shops, are expected to decline by 4% between 2018–2028. 


That’s 138,700 less jobs for cashiers available, meaning you’ll have more and more competition for the remaining ones.




To beat the other retail store or restaurant job candidates, write a cashier job description for a resume that will blow them away.


Here’s how to do it:

  • Use reverse-chronological order with your current or most recent job at the top. Add previous ones beneath.
  • Include the job title, store, supermarket, convenience store, or restaurant name and location.
  • Add the range of time you were employed there.
  • Give 5 or 6 bullet points detailing your duties and responsibilites in a way that’s tailored to the job to which you’re applying.
  • Give 1 or 2 quantifiable achievements to inform the hiring manager you are just as talented as your resume makes you appear.
  • Start each bullet point with resume action verbs to make every statement sound good. Wording matters!




Let’s see how these guidelines look when we put them to the test.


First, here are two cashier experience resume examples:


Cashier Resume Job Description Examples (Experienced, Retail)



Retail Cashier
February 2018–November 2019
Findley Avenue General Store, Minot, ND

Key Qualifications & Responsibilities

  • Rang up customers swiftly and accurately in a busy general store environment.
  • Assisted customers with purchase questions, promotion concerns, defects, and returns.
  • Managed the cash register and POS software, as well as checkout lane belt, UPC scanner, and weight scale.
  • Helped other departments with stocking shelves, cleaning floors, and tidying up when no customers in the queue.

Key Achievements

  • Scored a 99.7% rating on combined customer happiness, checkout efficiency, and scan accuracy metrics.

Retail Cashier

February 2018–November 2019
Findley Avenue General Store, Minot, ND

Key Responsibilities

  • Rang up purchases.
  • Bagged items and wrapped glassware.
  • Helped customers with questions.


That wrong one will have them rejecting you like an expired coupon.


But the right example follows our guidelines to the letter—it’s detailed, tailored to the particular store, and it includes numbered achievements to verify how skilled you are. 


Expect a cashier interview invitation any minute now.




Don’t have retail or restaurant cashier experience yet? 


All you need to do is highlight the cashier-relevant job duties you had in past unrelated jobs.


Here are two more cashier duties resume section examples:


Retail Cashier Resume Examples (No Experience, Restaurant)



July 2017–November 2019
Johnny Spaceships Burgers & Fries, Houston, TX

Key Qualifications & Responsibilities

  • Cleared tables efficiently and effectively to assist restaurant in creating clean and welcoming spaces for the next customers.
  • Helped dining guests with any questions and concerns they might have concerning menu, food restrictions, and retrieving food and beverage items.
  • Assisted waitstaff with carrying large trays, delivering orders, ringing up customers, and charging credit cards.

Key Achievements

  • Achieved a 99% dining guest satisfaction rating or above in each month of employment.

July 2017–November 2019
Johnny Spaceships Burgers & Fries, Houston, TX

Key Responsibilities

  • Cleared tables and reset tables for next guests.
  • Answered food questions.
  • Helped servers with waiting duties.


As you can see, one’s empty, like a store going out of business. 


The good example, however, is packed with just what they’re looking for like a major storewide sale.


When making a resume in our builder, drag & drop bullet points, skills, and auto-fill the boring stuff. Spell check? Check. Start building your resume here.

When you’re done, Zety’s resume builder will score your resume and tell you exactly how to make it better.

Read more tips on adding previous work experience to your resume: 10+ Tips for Work Experience Sections on a Resume


Enter Your Education (It’s Not That Straightforward!)


You don’t need a degree or diploma to get a job as a cashier or a retail clerk career.




You do need to document your education correctly on a cashier job resume.


Do you have cashier job experience? 


Stick to the essentials:


Sample Cashier Resumes Education Section (Experienced Candidate)



Majoring in Retail Merchandising

Minot State University, Minot, ND

Expected Completion: 2022


High School Diploma

Magic City Campus High School, Minot, ND

Graduation: 2019


Easy as contactless payments.




When you have less cashiering job experience, give them more on your education to make up for it.


Do this:


Sample Cashier Resume Education Section (Entry-Level Candidate)



Majoring in Retailing and Consumer Science

University of Houston, Houston, TX

Expected Completion: 2023

Relevant Coursework: Retail and Consumer Science, Technological Entrepreneurship, Online Retailing/eTailing, Retail Management Training and Development, Professional Business Studies, Merchandising, Brand Management, International Retail Operations.

Minor: Art History


High School Diploma

Kingwood High School, Houston, TX

Graduation: 2019


When you haven’t completed a college degree or certificate, it’s fine to list your high school diploma or GED. Otherwise, leave it off.




Don’t have any work experience but have an impressive academic record? 


Switch the places of the education and job history sections on your resume for cashiers to put the most impressive things as close to the top as possible.

Read up more about adding college credits and a high school diploma onto a resume: Education Resume Section Guide


List Cashier Skills Relevant to the Store Job You’re After


Whether you can guess the amount of items on the belt with uncanny accuracy or scan barcodes from yards away like a USMC sniper, you know you’re skilled.




To impress the store manager or restaurant supervisor, you’ve got to list just the right cashier skills.


Here’s how to do your cashier resume skills list:

  • Think up all the skills you have related to cash registers, helping customers, and working in a retail store, gas station, or fast food restaurant.
  • Next, go to the cashier job description, particularly to the job responsibilities section, and identify the particular resume keywords they’re looking for. 
  • In your cashier skills resume section, include a list of 5–10 skills which came up in both of the last two instructions.
  • Remember to include both hard skills and soft skills on a retail or fast food cashier resume


30+ Must-Have Store Cashier Skills and Traits for a Resume


These are the most important cashier skills. To make your resume a success, include a healthy mix of hard skills and soft skills (like being detail-oriented and the ability to multitaskqualities and traits emplyers look for). 



Now, let’s look at our guidelines from above :


Cashier Skills Resume Sample (Experienced Candidate)


  • Operating cash registers and POS software.
  • Accepting credit and debit card payments
  • Great communication skills


Cashier Resume Skills Sample (No Experience Candidate)


  • Organizational skills
  • Great personality
  • Customer service skills


Whether you have cashier experience or not, list skills which are relevant to the cashier job description.

Read more tips about adding skills to store resumes: Best List of Skills Examples for All Job Types.


Show Don’t Tell: Add Extra Sections to Your Retail Resume


Extra cashier resume sections really help to set yours apart from those of other applicants.


Here are a few examples of additional sections to include on a resume for cashier jobs:


Resumes Examples for Cashier Jobs: Extra Sections


  1. Certifications & Licenses


Do you have a certificate or permit which would add value to your retail or restaurant cashier resume? For example, an alcohol handler’s license may be required in some states to serve some beverages when you’re underaged. Add that to your resume for cashier jobs!


  1. Listing Unpaid Work


Do you have volunteer work that you’re thinking of adding onto your resume description for cashier jobs? If it’s related to cashier job duties, include that for sure. Give some love to your internship experience as well.


  1. Foreign Languages


Have proficiency in a second language? Maybe even a third? At them in their own section near the bottom of your cash handling resume to give your interview chances a boost.


  1. Hobbies & Interests


Adding hobbies and interests on a resume for a cashier can be a good idea, at times, to show your personality and give them the full picture. Just make sure to only include items which will add value to your cashier resume.


Need a detailed break down? See How to Build a Professional Resume for a Job in 2021



Work the Best Items Into a Cashier Resume Objective or Summary


A summary of skills and qualifications goes at the top of any cash register resume or front lanes resume, whether for Target jobs or employment at McDonald’s.


There are two versions: the summary and the objective.


Do you have plenty of experience working as a cashier?


The resume summary is your best option.


A summary statement is basically a recap of your professional background, cashier skills, and work experience up to this point. To be certain to wow the HR manager, include an accomplishment or two using numbers.


Here are two example resume summaries for cashier jobs to consider:


Sample Cashier Resumes—Summary Statements


Friendly and efficient retail cashier at a busy general store in downtown Minot, ND with over 3 years of customer service experience. Skilled at staying accurate, helping guests with product choices, and maintaining front lane organization. Achieved 99.8% satisfaction score from customer feedback survey for entire 2018 year.
I’ve been a cashier for quite a few years now, and I’m seeking a job at any store or restaurant as a cashier in and around the Minot, North Dakota area. I have great skills with scanning barcodes, weighing food items, and keeping a smile on my face.


The differences between the two become obvious to the store or fast food manager as soon as they start to read them. One is tailored and includes achievements, while the other does not.




What if you’ve never held a barcode scanner or worked a cash register before?


A resume objective is right for you.


When writing a resume with little experience (or no experience) as a cashier, the career objective talks up your career goals rather than your past expertise. However, remember to keep it tailored to one job ad and always use numbers for achievements. 


Here are two resume objective examples for cashiering jobs:


Cashier Resume Samples—Objective Statements


Personable busperson and waitstaff assistant at a busy restaurant with 1.5 years of experience keeping guests happy and relaxed. Alcohol beverage server certification. 5x “Employee of the Month” award winner for excellent service to dining guests. Seeking to leverage friendly personality and attention to detail to become a retail cashier at Brown’s Bookstore.
I am a busperson who has just finished high school and am looking to interview for a full-time position as a cashier while I consider which college to go to. I don’t have experience with cashier duties, but I love trying new things.


Always show rather than tell, meaning to give numbers to quantify your skills. Then, personalize it to the cashier job you’re applying at specifically by mentioning the store or restaurant’s name.

To get more tips and a better idea of what to write in a cover letter intro, see this guide: How to Start a Resume


Attach a Cashier Cover Letter to Your Store Job Application


Cover letters are important to include with any resume for cashier jobs, whether at Walmart, Texaco, or Burger King.


Here’s how to write a cover letter for cashier jobs:

  • Organize your cover letter format before you start writing it.
  • Craft a cover letter introduction paragraph which intrigues them enough to read on.
  • Don’t be shy—humblebrag about your customer service skills, friendliness, and other cashier-related accomplishments. 
  • Use a quantifiable achievement in your cashier cover letter, as well.
  • Close the cover letter with a powerful call to action and sign-off.


A cashier cover letter should never repeat each and every duty from your cashier resume. Rather, it should tell a story based on your resume. 


Use your cashier cover letter to also explain any career gaps, show some enthusiasm for helping customers or for this particular job, or explain what makes you excited to work for this particular company. 

Read on: Cashier Cover Letter: Example and Tips

Plus, a great cover letter that matches your resume will give you an advantage over other candidates. You can write it in our cover letter builder here. Here's what it may look like:


matching set of resume and cover letter

See more cover letter templates and start writing.

Recap—Cashier Resume In a Nutshell


Here’s how to write a cashier job resume:

  • Before you start writing your resume for cashier jobs, format the resume template with great fonts, a sizeable margin, and sufficient white space.
  • Document your work history using bullet points, action words, keywords, and numbered achievements.
  • List your education details, giving extra information when you have less work experience to show. 
  • Give a few cashier skills which are most relevant to the employment offer by consulting with the cashier job requirements section.
  • Add any extra sections which would add value to your cashier resume, such as certifications, volunteer work, or knowledge of a second language.
  • Go back to the top and fill in the heading with a compelling resume objective or summary statement.
  • Don’t forget to include a cashier cover letter along with your resume!


Well, that’s it. We’d love to hear from you: 

  • Need help tailoring your career document to the cashier description for resumes? 
  • Are you struggling with how to describe “cashier” on resumes or cover letters?
  • Have any tips or stories about going to a cashier interview or applying for cashier jobs?


Let’s talk about it below in the comments, and thanks for reading!

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