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Speech Pathologist Resume (SLP) Resume Examples & Tips

Speech Pathologist Resume (SLP) Resume Examples & Tips

You make lives better, doing whatever it takes to help your clients express themselves clearly. Prove it to employers with this crystal-clear sample speech pathologist resume.

As seen in:

Speech Pathologist Resume Sample


Molly Tarasovich, Speech Pathologist



Professional Summary


Insightful licensed Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) with 3+ years of experience. Skilled in patient evaluation and developing treatment programs. Seeking to provide excellent patient care at InnerState Medical Center. At KIGG Foundation Hospital, evaluated and developed treatment plans for 700+ patients. Educated patients and families with 95% positive patient feedback at time of discharge.


Work Experience


Speech-Language Pathologist

KIGG Foundation Hospital

Jan 2017–May 2019

  • Evaluated 700+ patients for speech, swallowing, and cognition difficulties.
  • Developed approx. 10 treatment plans per week.
  • Patients exceeded targets for swallowing and speech competency by an average of 7%.
  • Educated patients and families about conditions and treatment. Received 95% positive feedback from patients at time of discharge.


Speech-Language Pathology Assistant

Starry Nights Language Group

Feb 2015–Feb 2017

  • Assisted in creating treatment plans for 150 patients.
  • Assessed 30 patients, including case history collection, family interviews, and review of auditory, motor, cognitive, and visual status.




2012–2014 Baylor University

Master of Science Degree in Speech Pathology

  • Master’s thesis on phonetics received Alfred M. Tiberius Award for Academic Excellence.
  • Excelled in hearing science coursework.


2008–2012 Montclair State University

BS in Communication Sciences and Disorders

  • Pursued a passion for audiology classes.
  • Worked as teacher’s assistant in American Sign Language (ASL) program.


SLP License


  • Licensed Speech-Language Pathologist—State of New Jersey, #000000
  • ASHA Certificate of Clinical Competence - #000000




  • Technical Skills: Patient evaluation, developing treatment plans, testing, goal setting
  • Soft Skills: Interpersonal skills, compassion, teamwork, communication, persistence




  • Provide monthly volunteer speech pathology services to disadvantaged children in the Sandy Hill area of Paterson, NJ.
  • Take weekly yoga classes for self-care.


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speech pathologist resume templates

Sample Speech Pathologist Resume—See more templates and create your resume here.


Don’t need a speech-language pathologist resume? Did you wind up in the wrong place? See our other guides:



Here’s how to write a speech pathologist resume that gets jobs:


1. Start With the Best Speech Pathologist Resume Format


Speech pathologists, also called speech-language pathologists or SLPs, are speech and hearing experts who excel at teaching and coaching speech techniques. They may work with adults, children, or babies. A speech pathologist resume must show skills in patient evaluation, developing treatment plans, and providing treatment.


Unclear speech pathology resumes say too much.




Don’t skimp on creating the best format for your resume.


That’s the reverse chronological order resume. It’s the most common layout for resumes because it works.


  • First, know the parts of a resume: A) header, B) summary, C) experience, D) education, E) license info, F) skills, G) “extra” sections.
  • Headers for resumes display names, titles, and contact information.
  • How to write a phone number on a resume: put it below your email address and above your LinkedIn or added social media handles.
  • There’s no supreme best font for an SLP resume, but Arial, Dido, and Cambria are recruiter favorites.


Pro Tip: Always send a speech-language pathologist resume PDF file, provided the job’s online ad doesn’t discourage them. PDFs stay clean and legible no matter where they travel to.


2. Make a Speech Pathologist Resume Objective or Resume Summary


You’re one among many.


How can you make them see your SLP resume?


Lead off with a professional profile. That’s a quick business elevator pitch—or summary of your finest attributes.


Here’s how to write a resume summary employers will love:




  • One adjective (Insightful, effective)
  • Title (Speech-Language Pathologist)
  • Years of experience (3+, 6+)
  • Goal (provide excellent patient care)
  • Skills proof and numbers (developed treatment plans for 700+ patients)


In a resume for the first job you’ve had in the field, write a resume objective statement. It’s almost identical to a summary, but the skills proof comes from non-SLP jobs.


Example: As an SLP assistant, you assessed 30 patients.


Pro Tip: How long should my resume be for SLP jobs? Think of it like this: a resume is almost always one page. The trick is to show the best of you that fits in the allotted space.


3. Fit Your Resume to the Speech Pathologist Job Description


“We found a fit.”


They’ll say that if you know how to write your work experience in a resume for speech pathologist jobs.


The key? Understanding how to tailor your resume to a job posting.


  • Use proper job titles. If they advertise for a “Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP),” say exactly that in your job descriptions.
  • Add key professional achievements so you’re not just saying, “I have XYZ skill you want.” You’re proving it.
  • Quantify those achievements. Example: “Developed 10 treatment plans per week.”


Pro Tip: Write with speech pathologist resume action words like, evaluated, developed, educated, assisted, and assessed to get the hiring team’s attention.


4. Fine-Tune Your Speech Pathologist Resume Education Section


You worked hard for that master’s degree.


Now make it count.


Don’t just say you got it. Show you earned it.




Add educational accomplishments.


Example: They want someone skilled in phonetics. So, you list your Master’s thesis in phonetics on your speech-language pathologist resume.


Pro Tip: Showing your educational qualification in a resume for speech pathologist jobs can take a little page space, or a lot. It all depends how much blank page you need to fill.


5. List Speech Pathologist Skills in Your Resume


Need good skills to put on a resume for speech pathologist jobs?


Don't forget to list both your hard skills and soft skills. Need some help? Here you go:


Speech Pathologist Resume Skills


Try these technical skill examples:


  • Patient evaluation
  • Testing
  • Consulting with health care professionals
  • Computer skills
  • Patient goal setting
  • Developing treatment programs
  • Creating medical reports
  • Patient and family education
  • Providing treatment


But use some soft skills too:



Pro Tip: Mix both soft skills and hard skills on your SLP resume. But—don’t list all of the above. Pare your list down so it’s closer to the job’s requirements in the online offer.


When making a resume in our builder, drag & drop bullet points, skills, and auto-fill the boring stuff. Spell check? Check. Start building a professional resume template here for free.

When you’re done, Zety’s resume builder will score your resume and tell you exactly how to make it better.


6. Add “Other” Sections to Your Speech Pathologist Resume


You’re multi-faceted.


Make sure they know it.


That’s where added speech-language pathologist resume sections come in.


Select one or two of these:



What are your hobbies? Add a few to shore up a thin speech pathology resume.


Pro Tip: Not sure how to put languages on a resume? Put them in your SLP resume skills section and throughout your experience and education, in your bullets.


7. Send a Cover Letter With Your Speech Pathologist Resume


Do cover letters matter for speech pathology resumes?




Here’s how to write a cover letter for a job:



Plus, a great cover letter that matches your resume will give you an advantage over other candidates. You can write it in our cover letter builder here. Here's what it may look like:


matching set of resume and cover letter

See more cover letter templates and start writing.

Last, don’t forget to send a follow up email on your application.


That’s it!


That’s how to write a speech pathologist resume.


What’s the thing you’re least proud of about your SLP resume? Why did you get into speech-language pathology work? Give us a shout in the comments. We’d love to talk!


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