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Blizzard Cover Letter Examples & Writing Guide

Blizzard Cover Letter Examples & Writing Guide

Overwatch, WoW, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm—working with the king of gaming would be a dream come true. But your Blizzard cover letter needs to show you’re worth their gold.

As seen in:

Blizzard takes their cover letters seriously. Whether you’re an artist, SEM, software engineer, or designer, your Blizzard cover letter has to do two things: 1) Show you understand the job requirements, and 2) Prove you can handle them like Genji or Lucio. Follow the right plan, and you’re in.


No fear. Below, you’ll see a successful sample cover letter for Blizzard jobs that get interviews, with a step-by-step process to adapt it to your needs.


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sample resume and cover letter set

Sample Cover Letter for a Resume—See more cover letter templates and create your cover letter here.


Sample Cover Letter for Blizzard Job


Donald Robertson

Game Designer

4974 Peck Court

Irvine, CA 92714





Kim Torres


Blizzard Entertainment

P.O. Box 18979

Irvine, CA 92714


Dear Ms. Torres,


As a passionate game designer with 5+ years of experience driving vision and implementation of popular game systems, I was excited to see the opening for a Hearthstone designer at Blizzard Entertainment. Blizzard creates the most epic entertainment experiences bar none. You’re seeking a game designer for Hearthstone to flesh out world-building and enhance card game mechanics. You need someone who can create compelling missions, understand Hearthstone design principles, and enhance storytelling through new card names, concepts, voiceover, and characters. I think you’ll like my resume.


As a game designer at Rockstar Games, I developed ideas for gameplay, and expanded existing systems, working on 5 AAA released game titles, including Red Dead Redemption 2 and L.A. Noire. I fleshed out 25 in-game areas, including two card games and 11 in-game missions, two of which received Rockstar’s internal “Mission of the Year” award. I created 200+ voiceover clips and developed 35 popular new characters.


You may also be interested to know that for a personal project, I wrote up Ben Thompson’s The Art of Hearthstone talk at GDC in 2016 for an article for Joystiq that got 20,000 page views. I’m a big fan of Hearthstone and I’ve used its design concepts for years to inform my work.


Working at Blizzard Entertainment would be a dream come true. I’ve played your games for years, and based on what I’ve read about your culture and offices on Glassdoor, working for you would help me grow my skills in a superior work environment. Could we choose a time next week to talk about how my skills in Python, Maya, and game design can help meet Blizzard’s goal of fleshing out the world of Hearthstone?


Best regards,


Donald Robertson

Game Designer



That’s a Blizzard cover letter sample that will get you past the crawlers and the witches. But are you looking for specific kinds of jobs? See these guides:


Blizzard Cover Letter Template

Here’s how to write a cover letter for a Blizzard job application:


1. Power up the right Blizzard cover letter format and layout


Use a modern cover letter template and format it according to the following rules:

Read more: Cover Letter Layout

2. Build a professional Blizzard cover letter header


  • First write your full name and job title.
  • Next, add your physical address, phone number, email, and LinkedIn.
  • Add a blank, line, then the date and another blank line.
  • Last, write the recruiter’s name, job title, and Blizzard’s name and address.
  • Make your cover letter heading look just like your resume heading.

Read more: How to Address Your Cover Letter

3. Write an attention-grabbing first paragraph


  • Begin your letter with, “Dear [Recruiter Name],”, never use “To Whom It May Concern”. If you can't find the hiring manager's name, it's OK to use Dear Hiring Manager.
  • Tell them which job you’re applying for.
  • Say what you love about Blizzard. We used their mission statement in our example.
  • Show you read their job description by restating what they asked for.

Read more: Best Ways to Start a Cover Letter

4. Share your best resume achievements in the second paragraph


  • Compare your resume to the Blizzard job description.
  • Mention your top 2–3 resume achievements that show you have the right skills.
  • Include some numbers for scale.

Read more: What Should a Cover Letter Look Like

5. Explain how Blizzard will help your career


  • Think about why working at Blizzard would be good for you.
  • Share that to prove you won’t get bored and quit if things get tough.
  • You can talk about their great people, office, or other Blizzard perks.


You can apply on LinkedIn or Monster, but your application will get more play if you apply right on Blizzard’s jobs page.


6. End your Blizzard cover letter with an offer


  • In your last paragraph, ask for the interview.
  • Add a few more of the skills they’re looking for.
  • Reiterate their goal for the position.

Read more: Best Ways to End a Cover Letter

7. Add a professional sign-off to the end

  • Close with, “Best regards,”.
  • Include a written signature (digitized) for extra wow-factor.
  • At the end, repeat your name, job title, email address, and phone.
  • How should you name your cover letter file? "Cover_Letter_Your_Name" should do the trick.

Read more: What is a cold cover letter?

And that's how you write a killer cover letter!


When making a resume in our builder, drag & drop bullet points, skills, and auto-fill the boring stuff. Spell check? Check. Start building your resume here.

When you’re done, Zety’s resume builder will score your resume and tell you exactly how to make it better.

Questions? Concerns? We’re here for you. If you’re still wondering how to write a StarCraft-worthy cover letter for Blizzard jobs, drop me a line in the comments.

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