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Product Manager Cover Letter: Samples, Format, and 10+ Tips

Product Manager Cover Letter: Samples, Format, and 10+ Tips

You deal with high-profile projects that feel like climbing Mountain Everest, blindfolded. Prove it to the hiring manager with a product manager cover letter written like this.

As seen in:

Picture this:


You fire up your Gmail to check if you’ve gotten a reply from the hiring manager.


In fact, you have.


What you see is the heart-sinking Thanks but no thanks.




How did that happen? In short, you didn’t write a good product manager cover letter.


Don’t stress.


This guide will show you a job-winning product manager cover letter example. Plus, you’ll get a bunch of useful tips and tricks for creating your own cover letter for product manager jobs, step by step.


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product manager resume and cover letter set

Product Manager Cover Letter for a Resume—See more cover letter templates and create your cover letter here.


Even with a killer cover letter for a product manager, you still need a professional product manager resume.


See our product manager resume writing guide here: Product Manager Resume: Samples and Writing Guide


Product management is just part of your job? Check out these dedicated resume guides:


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Now, here's a great product manager cover letter sample to wow recruiters:


Cover Letter Sample—Product Manager


David Soto

Product Manager
409 Parker Street 

Cumberland, RI 02864

Los Angeles, 5/29/2019

Ms. Daisy Mercado
Head of Human Resources
NewLeaf Tech, Inc.

26 Valley View Ave. 

Los Angeles CA 92117

Dear Daisy,

As a huge fan of NewLeaf Tech’s products (TipTop, Snail plugin, Wearable), I was excited to learn about your opening for the position of a product manager. I’m positive I can help you continue putting customer needs first. I have proven listening skills, which enabled me to meet 170% of my revenue targets at Hazel Engage.


I know that the critical part for this role in the upcoming quarters will the management of multiple projects geared toward hospitals. In my current position at Hazel Engage, I oversee hundreds of products, many from inception through delivery. I am also directly involved in designing custom solutions for hospitals that use SIEMENS software.


During my tenure at Hazel Engage, I:

  • Managed customer communications for a $15 million high volume.
  • Developed 2+ new business channels and expanded market share via representing the company at meetups and conventions.


The industry-famous NewLeaf Tech's emphasis on professional growth is part of the reason why I'm so excited about the opening. I'd welcome the chance to use my product management knowledge to boost all of the major NewLeaf Tech’s KPIs.


David Soto


P.S.—Can we set up a time to talk about growing NewLeaf Tech's revenue by 70% in the upcoming 6 months?


So—that’s how you write product manager cover letter samples that make you look like Dan Olsen.


Product Manager Cover Letter Template


Here’s how to write a sample product manager cover letter for a job application:


1. Use the proper cover letter format


  • Make one-inch margins on all sides.
  • Keep the line spacing single or 1.15.
  • Pick a classic 11pt or 12pt font. 


Read more: The Only Proper Cover Letter Format


2. Make a professional cover letter header


  • Dump your name and contact details in the top-left corner.
  • List your number, email, and LinkedIn. Optionally, you can add your Twitter profile and other social profiles.
  • Pen your city and drop the date below it.
  • Lastly, put the addressee's info.


Can’t find the hiring manager’s name or contact information? Head over to the company website and snoop around. Nothing there? Check LinkedIn. If that fails, walk the extra mile and call the receptionist.


Read more: How to Address a Cover Letter


3. Use a compelling cover letter opening. 


  • Start with “Dear,” and drop the hiring manager’s first name.
  • Cite the position you’re interested in.
  • Spotlight a major win from previous experience that's relevant to the job.


Read more: How to Start a Cover Letter the Right Way


4. Prove you have what it takes


  • Check the job description and zero in on listing experience that matters to the hiring manager.
  • Spotlight a couple of wins to show how awesome you are.
  • Quantify whenever possible. Numbers look impressive.


Also, make sure you’re not making your cover letter too long: The Perfect Cover Letter Length in 2019


5. Explain why you want to get onboard


  • Drop a compliment or two about the company.
  • Communicate how your prior product management experience will help the company reach its goals.
  • If you do the two, it’ll prove you don’t plan to jump ship soon.


6. Make an offer and include a call to action


  • Suggest a call or meeting plus a time.
  • Stress what you can bring to the table.


Read more: The Best Cover Letter Ending Examples


7. Close with a professional sign-off


  • End with your full name.
  • Include your digital signature below.
  • List your contact details.


If you don’t hear from the hiring manager, send a follow-up email. Here’s how: Job Application Follow-Up: Examples, Dos, & Don’ts


You just saw how to write a cover letter for a product manager position that proves you can juggle multiple projects in your sleep.




To land a high-profile job, you need a product manager sample resume that blows the competition out of the water.


When making a resume in our builder, drag & drop bullet points, skills, and auto-fill the boring stuff. Spell check? Check. Start building professional resume template here for free.

When you’re done, Zety’s resume builder will score your resume and tell you exactly how to make it better.


Thanks for reading! Now I'd love to hear from you. What do you think of our product manager cover letter examples? What are your tips on how to write a cover letter for a product manager? Drop a line in the comments.

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