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12 Cover Letter Templates for Word [Best FREE Downloadable Picks]

Maciej Duszyński
Resume Expert at Zety
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You’re about to see a selection of 12 free downloadable Word cover letter templates we’ve picked just for you!


This list will deliver.


We’ve spent hours looking for the best free yet professional MS Word templates for cover letters so you don’t have to.


Let’s cut to the chase.


This article will show you:


  • Free Word cover letter templates better than 9 out of 10 others.
  • Examples of downloadable Word cover letter templates from all over the Internet.
  • Our selection of professional Word cover letter templates.
  • Instructions on how to use a cover letter template in Word.


Or, you might want to jump right into our resume builder and have your resume and cover letter ready in a snap. Here’s a sample resume and cover letter made in our builder.


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Cover Letter for a Resume—See more cover letter templates here.


One of our users, Nikos, had this to say:


[I used] a nice template I found on Zety. My resume is now one page long, not three. With the same stuff.


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Note: we have designed all our resume templates to be ATS-scannable.


Cover Letter Template: Word—Free Downloadable Examples



Crisp and Clean


cover letter template word


This modern Microsoft Word cover letter template was co-developed by Microsoft and MOO. Simple geometric design elements not only give it an original look but also divide it into easily scannable sections. Its yellowy-orange colors hint at creativity and attract the reader’s attention.


Here’s the link to this Word cover letter template.



Zoki Design’s Free Template


cover letter template word


This minimal, free Word cover letter template has been created by Behance’s Zoki Design. The two-column layout keeps the clutter at bay, and lets you take full advantage of a single page’s real estate. It’s fully customizable and available for download in three file formats (Photoshop, Illustrator, and MS Word).


Here’s the link to this Word cover letter template.



Bold Monogram


cover letter template word


A good monogram is not to be scoffed at. If Louis Vuitton knows that, there’s definitely something to it! The eponymous bold monogram, well-planned two-column layout, and eye-catching colors are what makes this free Word cover letter template hard to ignore. Attention-grabber ought to be its middle name.


Here’s the link to this Word cover letter template.



Simple Resume


cover letter template word


Leonardo DaVinci reportedly said that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. This simple Word cover letter template is easily editable and ready for print. The ingeniously minimal blue stripe along the left edge triggers an involuntary nod of approval. Comes in three formats: Word, Pages, and Google Docs.


Here’s the link to this Word cover letter template.



Blue Sky


cover letter template word


If the sky’s the limit, the Blue Sky MS Word cover letter template will make you soar. It’s stylish and fully customizable. Its clean layout and good use of white space help the reader concentrate. Plus, the color blue stimulates clear thought and has a calming effect.


Here’s the link to this Word cover letter template.



Professional Fresher Cover Letter


cover letter template word


This professional cover letter template for Word focuses on the content. Its traditional layout and formatting allow for no distractions. The subtle triangular graphic elements at the top and bottom make it look inconspicuously original. And did you know that the triangle is the strongest shape?


Here’s the link to this Word cover letter template.



Contemporary Photo


cover letter template word


Colorful and original. This free cover letter template for Word will work best for creative individuals who are willing to move mountains. Or even flip them upside down! Eye-catching, well-organized, stylish, and playfully professional.


Here’s the link to this Word cover letter template.





cover letter template word


This simple Word cover letter template is modest and elegant. It’s been specifically designed in such a way as to give your name special prominence. Its traditional layout is entirely distraction-free.


Here’s the link to this Word cover letter template.



Free Minimal Resume Template


cover letter template word


This slick professional Word cover letter template comes straight from Behance’s Paul Resume. Thanks to the two-column layout it’s free from clutter, and you can easily focus on the letter’s main body. You can download it for free as a Word, Photoshop, or Illustrator file format.


Here’s the link to this Word cover letter template.





cover letter template word


Creativity knows no limits. Sometimes it takes the shape of a creative cover letter template for Word. The Creative template, developed by MOO in cooperation with Microsoft, combines interesting graphic elements, colors, and fonts to achieve a truly synergistic effect. For those who value originality (and zigzags.)


Here’s the link to this Word cover letter template.



Graphicpup’s Resume Freebie


cover letter template word


Black and white will always be in vogue. This Word cover letter template is perfect for artists, designers, and other creatives. All the more so, as it’s part of a resume, portfolio, and cover letter bundle. Available for download as MS Word, PS, AI, or PDF, among others. Fully customizable. Very effective heading.


Here’s the link to this Word cover letter template.





cover letter template word


A monogram. A prominent heading. Two columns. A row of modern icons at the bottom to top it all off. Is it even possible to get more polished than that? This free Word cover letter template will surely get you noticed.


Here’s the link to this Word cover letter template.


How to Get a Cover Letter Template on Microsoft Word?


There are two options:


1. Use Microsoft Word on Your Hard Drive


If you have a copy of Microsoft Word on your hard drive, all you really have to do is download your Word cover letter template of choice, double-click on the file, and start editing. (Oh, you may have to unzip a file or two along the way.)




This option is not entirely free because you need to either have an Office 365 subscription or own an older version of MS Word.


2. Use Microsoft Word Online for Free




You don’t have an Office 365 subscription, but you’d still like to use Microsoft Word and one of the Word cover letter templates from our list.


Here’s the good news:


It’s doable, 100% free, and legal. But—


It’s not the most effective method. (More on that below.)


This is how to edit a cover letter template in Word Online


  1. Create a free Microsoft account here.
  2. If you already a Microsoft account, sign in here.
  3. To start using Word Online, just click on the app launcher icon in the top left corner and select Word.




You can select one of the basic Word cover letter templates available straight from Word Online, and start editing right away.




You can download one of the best Word cover letter templates from our list.


And this is where the fun begins, because—


Word Online doesn’t support the .dotx file format, which is the standard for Word cover letter templates.


So, this is what you need to do:


  1. Convert the .dotx into .docx. Use a free online file converter. Like this one, for example.
  2. Upload the converted file to your One Drive. A simple drag and drop will do the job!
  3. Open the file and start editing.


But beware!


The converted files tend to be truly... unruly.


Here are some issues I came across:


  1. Some Word cover letter templates aren’t fully editable. (Sooo, frustrating!)
  2. The formatting looks a bit off in some documents. But—comes back to normal when you export the file to PDF. (All this is quite confusing, really.)
  3. The editing process tended to be veeeeeery time-consuming. (I spent more time trying to figure things out than doing anything meaningful.)


So, how about giving our resume builder a try? It will save you tons of time, and you’ll have your resume and matching cover letter ready in a flash!


Here’s a sample cover letter and resume template available in our builder:


Plus, a great cover letter that matches your resume will give you an advantage over other candidates. You can write your cover letter in our resume builder here. Here's what it may look like:


matching set of resume and cover letter

See more templates and create your resume and cover letter here.



Key Takeaways


  • The Internet is mindbogglingly big, but:
  • If you dig deep enough, it’s possible to find well designed, free Word cover letter templates. Plus, most of them have a matching Word resume template.
  • Make sure the Word cover letter template you choose matches the industry and employer.
  • Some of the Word cover letter templates can be fully customized for free with the use of Word Online.
  • But remember: at the end of the day you get what you pay for, so set your expectations accordingly.


And remember:


Even though a Word cover template may look impressive, it still needs something more than lorem ipsum.


So, before you start writing, read How To Write A Cover Letter in 8 Simple Steps (+12 Examples).


And let’s not forget a cover letter would mean nothing without a winning resume!


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Are there any other Word cover letter templates that you think we could add to our selection? Any you experiencing any issues with Word cover letter templates? You’re welcome to reach out to us in the comments below!

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