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5 LaTeX Cover Letter Templates for Any Job

5 LaTeX Cover Letter Templates for Any Job

You write everything in LaTeX and now it’s your cover letter’s turn. Get inspired with the 5 best LaTeX cover letter templates out there.

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It’s your lucky day. You’ve just entered a gallery of the best LaTeX cover letter templates.


Crisp, clean, all business. And all in one place.


Why sort through all the hundreds of pages that claim to have the LaTeX cover letter template you’re looking for only to find a site that is neither helpful nor clear?


Here you know that our career expert top picks will offer you the best LaTeX cover letter template for you.


So let’s dive in, shall we?


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The Best LaTeX Cover Letter Template List


Before we start the grand tour, let’s clarify one thing. A LaTeX cover letter template has its pros and cons just like every other cover letter template out there. To know if LaTeX works for you, you first need to know its strengths and weaknesses.


Let’s start with the pros:

  • There’s no need to think about layout and design with LaTeX. The writer can focus on what they usually know best—content.
  • Writing a LaTeX cover letter doesn’t mean you have to download any programming on to your laptop, a lot of it can be done directly online.
  • LaTeX is considered to be more of a stable platform compared to the crashing and freezing potential of Word. That said, online LaTeX platforms can also be buggy.
  • Given LaTeX’s logical nature, it’s easier to get answers to potential problems. There are several forums that can help you learn how to use LaTeX properly and answers are simple since they don’t revolve around program versions or menu options as with Word.


And now the cons:

  • LaTeX was created for the science community in an effort to get complicated equations, formulas, and tables to format correctly. It’s not designed to be used for a resume or cover letter.
  • There’s a bit of a learning curve with learning the LaTeX formatting if you really want to get the most out of it.
  • LaTeX is more of a marathon runner in a world full of sprinters. You need to tailor your cover letter to different positions and industries and with LaTeX, that requires you to start from scratch every single time.
  • Though there are numerous LaTeX resumes available for free online, LaTeX cover letter templates are few and far between.
  • Some LaTeX templates can be completely unreadable for ATS and recruiting dashboards.


In the end, you're sending your cover letter in order to get a job. Having both a cover letter and resume that is ATS friendly is more important than the template itself. All our cover letter templates are designed to be ATS friendly with that fact in mind. Check our cover letter builder.


On to the LaTeX gallery!


1. Long Lined Cover Letter


latex cover letter template


Super simple, no nonsense. This LaTeX cover letter template cuts straight to the chase. A logo at the top makes for a more personalized cover letter and gives you a bigger chance of being remembered. The rest of the resume cover page is filled with your experience and achievements.


Download this LaTeX cover letter template here.


2. Plain Cover Letter


latex cover letter template


This cover letter template shows what LaTeX is all about. Clean, concise, crisp. This will be a sight for sore eyes for minimalists or people in conservative industries. Fill up the page with your numbered achievements, career experience, and everything else that your cover letter should say.


If you’re not applying to conservative industries, it might be worth choosing a different cover letter font to fit the character of the company.


Download this cover letter template here.


3. Awesome CV Cover Letter


latex cover letter template


This cover letter LaTex template turns things up a notch in creativity, proving that a cover letter template in LaTex doesn’t need to be dull. A tiny use of color underlines the different parts of a cover letter that you want to draw the recruiter’s attention to. The same goes for the visual cover letter heading. Also extra brownie points go to the space left for the cover letter enclosure at the bottom of the page. 


This is a go to cover letter template for creative industries like sales or marketing.


Download this template here.


4. Short Stylish Cover Letter


latex cover letter template


This cover letter template is exactly what its title suggests—short and stylish. Instead of dragging on and on, grab the hiring manager’s attention by the scruff of the neck with a condensed version of your professional awesomeness. There’s just enough room for your text while keeping with good cover letter spacing which is a definite bonus.


Just remember that it’s just as easy to make a cover letter length that is too short as too long. Go for the golden middle of around 1 page.


Download this template here.


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5. LaTeX Academic Cover Letter Template


latex cover letter template


Here’s a LaTeX cover letter template for academic purposes. The clean format underlines that you’re a professional and take your career and academia seriously. There’s plenty of room to fill the page with your accomplishments and research to impress recruiters.


Always double check if writing a “To Whom It May Concern” cover letter is the best path. It’s not as straightforward as you might think!


Download this template here.

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Key Takeaway


If you’re thinking that a LaTeX cover letter template is perfect for you, keep these things in mind:

  • Ditch LaTeX complexity to make sure you have the best chances at passing the ATS.
  • LaTeX editors online might sometimes be buggy so don’t start writing your cover letter at the last minute.
  • Consider using our cover letter builder to make sure your cover letter looks professional and is ATS-friendly.


Thanks for reading! Have any LaTeX cover letter template questions that you’d like answered? Leave them down in the comments below and we’ll get back to you!

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