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Dental Assistant Cover Letter Samples (Entry-Level to Senior)

Dental Assistant Cover Letter Samples (Entry-Level to Senior)

Writing a dental assistant cover letter feels like pulling teeth? Follow our tips and write a cover letter that shows both your dental achievements and extraordinary people skills.

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Dental Assistant Cover Letter Sample


Eddie Dennison

Dental Assistant

23 Mandan Road
Saint Louis, MO, 63101


Saint Louis, 3/30/2019

Dr. Sara Freeman
Head of Human Resources
Eu Dental Clinic

3015 Park Street
Saint Louis, MO, 66100


Dear Dr. Sara,


As a compassionate dental assistant certified by the Commission on Dental Accreditation, I was happy to see your opening for a dental assistant position at Eu Dental Clinic. In a career of over 5 years, I’ve assisted both solo and group dental practices, ensuring the highest efficiency of supporting procedures. At Prodent Clinic, where I currently work, I received three commendations for flawless setup for treatments and effective 4-handed dentistry.


I know that one of your clinic’s highest values is excellent patient care. In my current position, I received 97% positive patient feedback and obtained three thank you letters. I believe my previous experience in both private and public dentistry sectors taught me how to be flexible, informative, and comforting to patients of all ages.


What I also find exciting about your job post is the possibility to assist the doctors with orthodontic procedures. I’m skilled at taking and developing dental radiographs and impressions for study casts and open to the versatility of tasks.

Can we schedule a call or a meeting next week to discuss how I could contribute with my technical abilities and communication skills to your dental care team?


Eddie Dennison




PS—I'm also eager to tell you about how I trained two other dental assistants and a group of dental students as they learned to perform dental procedures.


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