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Substitute Teacher Cover Letter Examples for an Application

Substitute Teacher Cover Letter Examples for an Application

You’re a master of flexibility—always there for the kids when they need you. Prove your readiness for getting this new job and write a great substitute teacher cover letter.

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Looking for a subbing job can feel like a catch-22.


Not only are the vacancies temporary but they also disappear in a flash.


In most cases substitute teachers are needed—just now. So you have little time to get the principal’s attention.


How to do it?


Add a compelling substitute teacher cover letter to your resume.


This guide will show you a sample cover letter for a substitute teacher plus a set of step-by-step instructions on how to write a great one.


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substitute teacher  resume and cover letter set

Substitute Teacher Cover Letter for a Resume—>See more cover letter templates and create your cover letter here.



Even the best cover letter won’t take you far on a job search journey without a well-composed substitute teaching resume. See our substitute teacher resume writing guide here: Substitute Teacher Resume: Samples and Writing Guide.


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Substitute Teacher Cover Letter Sample


Tiffany Walton

Substitute Teacher
3624 Shinn Street
New York, NY, 10019

New York, 2/25/2019

Principal Luke James

Hudson Middle School
2965 Farnum Road
New York, NY, 10010


Dear Luke,

As a licensed substitute teacher with 3+ years of experience in sub-teaching various subjects in K-12 age groups, I was thrilled to see your opening for a substitute at Hudson Middle School. In my previous position, I fulfilled an array of short-term substitute teaching requirements and received 97% positive feedback from fellow educators. I’ll be happy to continue my subbing journey at your school as I highly value the open teaching culture your institution presents.


I know that you’re looking for a substitute teacher ready to continue with the lesson plans at a moment's notice. While working for schools in the New York #20 School District, I had to be flexible and always prepared for attending the duties appointed on the spot. I received a commendation from the Van Gogh Middle School principal for the repeated capability to arrive at school ready to take over teachers’ responsibilities and get on with the curriculum.


What I’m also excited about in subbing is a chance of meeting students with a variety of backgrounds and learning needs. I always try to treat each student individually and address their problems directly. To be able to adapt to different educational settings and better understand students' needs, I’ve decided to take a course in Early Child Development at CUNY City College.


Could we schedule a call or a meeting next week to discuss how I could fulfill the temporary teaching roles available at Hudson Middle School?


Tiffany Walton




PS—I’d love to elaborate on my classroom management skills and student engagement techniques I implemented to create a positive learning environment at each class I taught.


What you’ve just seen was a job-winning substitute teacher cover letter example. Now we will break down the writing process to make it easier for you. But remember—


Substitute Teaching Cover Letter Template


Here’s how to write a substitute teacher cover letter for a job application:


1. Use the proper cover letter format


  • Leave one-inch margins on each side of the page.
  • Use single or 1.15 line spacing to let your cover letter breathe.
  • Stick to classic fonts in 11pt to 12pt size.


Read more: How to Format a Cover Letter


2. Create a professional cover letter header


  • Put your name and contact information in the top-left corner of the page.
  • List your phone number, email, and LinkedIn profile.
  • Add the city and date below your contact info.
  • Include the addressee’s details below.


Can’t find the name of the principal? Check the school website. If that fails, call the school receptionist and ask.


Read more: How to Address a Cover Letter


3. Open with a greeting and a catchy first paragraph


  • Begin with “Dear” and the school principal’s name.
  • Say which position you’re applying for.
  • Mention one of your substitute teaching achievements.


Read more: How to Open a Cover Letter


4. Show that you’re the perfect fit for the position


  • Read the job description closely and address the needs of the hiring institution.
  • Add more accomplishments that can back you up.
  • Remember to make your achievements quantifiable where possible.


Also, make sure you’re not making your cover letter too long: How Long Should a Cover Letter Be in 2019


5. Explain why you want this job and no other


  • Endorse one of the activities the school does.
  • Make them now that you really want to work with them.
  • Prove that you’re ready to stick around for longer.


6. Make an offer with a call to action


  • Ask for a meeting or a call at a suggested time.
  • Remind them of your value by offering to help them with one of the pending problems.


Read more: Cover Letter Ending Paragraph


7. Close with a professional sign-off


  • End your cover letter with your full name and job title.
  • Add a digital copy of your handwritten signature if you have one.
  • Leave your email address and phone number in the footer.


Finally, there's one more thing you can do to boost your chances of winning an interview. Once you’ve sent a cover letter, wait a bit, then follow up. Here’s how: Follow-Up Email After Job Application.


See? Your substitute teacher can really make a change. Give it a thought but don’t forget about writing a great resume first.


When making a resume in our builder, drag & drop bullet points, skills, and auto-fill the boring stuff. Spell check? Check. Start building professional resume template here for free.

When you’re done, Zety’s resume builder will score your resume and tell you exactly how to make it better.


Thank you for reading! Now we’d love to hear from you. What did you think of our substitute teacher cover letter example? Wondering how to write a cover letter for a substitute teacher with no experience or maybe it’s one of your several tries? Let us know in the comments.

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