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Mechanical Engineer Cover Letter Examples (Any Experience)

Mechanical Engineer Cover Letter Examples (Any Experience)

You’re a mechanical engineer to rival Da Vinci. Your resume and interview will prove it. Make sure you get to that level, with this standout mechanical engineer cover letter sample.

As seen in:

You need a mechanical engineer cover letter.


It can’t just say, “please read my ME resume.”


It has to make them want to.


A well-designed mechanical engineer cover letter does that. How?


Not by being the same as everybody else. But not by being “different,” either. (In a bad way.)


Instead, you have to connect yourself to the job so powerfully they can’t afford to pass you by.


This guide will show you a sample cover letter for mechanical engineering jobs, plus tips on how to write a professional mechanical engineer cover letter step-by-step.


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mechanical engineer resume and cover letter set

Mechanical Engineer Cover Letter for a Resume—See more cover letter templates and create your cover letter here.



No matter how great your cover letter is, without an equally strong resume, it’ll sputter. See our mechanical engineer resume writing guide here: Mechanical Engineer Resume: Samples and Writing Guide


Also check out these other engineering guides:



Want to explore your options further? See our full selection of cover letter examples for every career: Professional Cover Letter Samples That Lands Jobs.


Now, to the sample.


Mechanical Engineer Cover Letter Sample


Steve Hightower


Mechanical Engineer
4625 Huntz Lane
Leominster, MA 01420


Anytown, 3/18/19


Karen Yuratovac
HR Director
XYZ Inc.
4985 Tenmile Road
Bedford, MA 01730


Dear Karen,


As a big fan of XYZ’s products, I was very excited to see your mechanical engineer position advertised on your site. In my current position as a mechanical engineer at ABC, I increased process efficiency by 18% through improved planning, design, and development. I know your #1 goal right now is to improve efficiency, which is why this role is the perfect fit for me.


I know the most important job qualifications for this opening are proficiency at CAD, client interaction, and optimizing workflows. In my 5+ years as a mechanical engineer at ABC, I designed 53 products using CAD. I developed relationships with 47 clients representing over $20 million in business contracts. I also led the drive to change our layout to u-shaped cells with single-piece flow, resulting in a 50% reduction in waste in just six months.


Another reason I’m so enthusiastic about this job at XYZ is your renowned employee development drive. Taking advantage of your internal and external professional development resources would be a dream come true.


Could we set aside some time next week to talk about slashing waste and speeding up delivery times at XYZ?


Steve Hightower, Mechanical Engineer




That’s a robust cover letter for mechanical engineer positions. Next, see how to write your own.


Mechanical Engineer Cover Letter Template


Here’s how to write a mechanical engineer cover letter:


1. Use the right mechanical engineer cover letter format


  • Margins: one inch
  • Line spacing: single or 1.15
  • Font: Arial or cambria, 11pt or 12pt


Read more: The Only Proper Cover Letter Format


2. Create a professional cover letter header


  • Top-left corner: your name, phone number, email, LinkedIn profile, and other relevant social media links
  • City and date
  • Hiring manager’s contact info


Can’t find the manager&rquo;s name? Check the company’s website and look on LinkedIn. If that fails, call the company receptionist.


Read more: How to Address a Cover Letter


3. Open with a personal greeting and a strong first paragraph


  • Start with “Dear” and use the hiring manager’s name.
  • Say which position you’re applying for.
  • Cite a major achievement that fits the skill they want most.


Read more: How to Start a Cover Letter the Right Way


4. Show you’re the perfect candidate


  • Find out what they need most. (Hint: it’s in the job description)
  • Use past wins to prove you can fill that need.
  • Add numbers when you can put a yardstick near your shining moments.


Also, don’t make your cover letter too long: The Perfect Cover Letter Length in 2019


5. Explain why you want the job


  • Say why you love the company or job.
  • Make it clear why this job is such a great fit for you.
  • If you convince them it’s a fit, they know you’ll stick around.


6. Make an offer with a call to action


  • Ask for a meeting with a specific time attached.
  • Remind them of your value by offering to help with what they really need.


Read more: The Best Cover Letter Ending Examples


7. Close with a professional sign-off


  • End with your full name and title.
  • Add a digital copy of your handwritten signature.
  • Finish with your email and phone.


Once you’ve sent your cover letter, wait a bit, then follow up. Here’s how: Job Application Follow-Up: Examples, Dos, & Don’ts


You just saw that a great cover letter can move mountains. But—to get that dream job, you’ll need a standout resume.


When making a resume in our builder, drag & drop bullet points, skills, and auto-fill the boring stuff. Spell check? Check. Start building professional resume template here for free.

When you’re done, Zety’s resume builder will score your resume and tell you exactly how to make it better.


Thanks for reading! Now it’s your turn. Got some feedback on our mechanical engineer cover letter examples? What’s your best advice on how to write a great mechanical engineer cover letter? Let me know in the comments. Let’s chat!

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