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A Comprehensive Collection of 50+ Experts' Top Tips

A Comprehensive Collection of 50+ Experts' Top Tips

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The sunny days of  May are upon us! And with it, something new and interesting to learn. We've compiled some cool reads for your morning cuppa coffee: 




Gaining Job Experience While in College: 5 Best Ways

By Ivy Panda


This article will explain how you can gain relevant work experience before graduation and take advantage of different occupations. Our experts have gathered tips to help you find a job that won’t interfere with your studies.




The Long Tail Effect theory for Content

By Milosz Krasinski


The long tail is a statistical pattern of distribution that occurs when a larger share of occurrences occur farther away from the centre or head of distribution. This means that a long tail distribution includes many values that are far away from the mean value. In an economic context, this signifies that more products are purchased that are different from the most mainstream products. 



Top HR Software Solutions Of 2021

By David J. Brin at UpCity


Before you purchase an HR software solution, it’s important to do your research. Discover the top HR software available, along with each solution’s features, benefits, and pricing options. 



Smart ideas for passive income during the Coronavirus pandemic

By Post Affiliate Pro


Besides forcing people to turn to remote work and avoid social contact, COVID-19 also made many of us worried about our finances. Even if your current job position wasn’t affected by COVID-19, you have probably thought about getting a side.



15 templates to write awesome customer service emails

By Andrej Csizmadia at Live Agent


Supporting more channels with the same number of resources means being strategic about how and when you communicate. Customer service email templates can be one tool in your arsenal that saves you time, without compromising the level of care you provide to customers.



How to make team communication in a remote work environment easy

By Cloud Talk


Communication, in general, is one of the biggest challenges for any business and it’s considered to be a very important element of teamwork and collaboration by 75% of employers. But what about the type of communication that occurs between teams, who are often located in different cities or even countries due to remote work? 



14 Professional Development Survey Questions You Need to Ask 

By Sparkbay 


Want to know how your employees feel about professional development? Here are 14 science-backed employee survey questions to help you measure and improve professional development at work. 



6 Best SERP Tracking Tools For Each Use Case

By Ryan Prior at Marketing Arsenal


There are a huge number of options out there for SERP tracking software. A lot of them seem similar (and they are), but there are key differences which will impact your buying decision. In this article, Ryan recommends 6 tools for depending on what you need.



22+ Best Webinar Software Platforms of 2021

By Erkki at Webinar Software


Choosing the best webinar software is an important step to make sure you’ll maximize the attendance rate, truly engage with your audience, have the tools for a proper follow-up and learn the most important insights using the analytics dashboard.



7 steps for companies to assure high employee engagement

By The Speaking Polymath


The following blog provides in-depth information on the myths, concepts, and conversion strategies to produce a higher percentage of engaged employees within an organization. These are meant to provide an insight into the various changes that employers and HR managers should try to inculcate in the working cultures of their respective organizations.




How to Format an Email for Professional & Business Purposes

By Payman Taei at Respona

The first email was sent back in 1971 and the tool has grown exponentially as a means of communication ever since. It’s still a challenge to be able to craft the perfect email to a person you want to approach about business or work, though. Learn how to do so with this great article.


Here's what you've missed

What is Motion Graphics? – The Complete Guide

By Alex Ratynski at Twine


25+ Target Interview Questions and Best Sample Answers

By Patrick Algrim at Algrim


10+ Best LLC Services (Reviews for 2021)  

By Guru99


How to Run a Successful Email Signature Marketing Campaign

By Nick at Newoldstamp


What are the benefits of a four day working week for employers?

By HandPickedAccountants


Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme: What is flexi-furlough? 

By HandPickedAccountants


How To Build A Freelance Digital Marketing Career

By Arnand Srinivasan at Twine


How to Support Your Team and Avoid Burnout During WFH

By Andre Oentoro at Breadnbeyond


Do You Need a SQL Certification to Get a Data Job in 2021?

By Charlie Custer at Dataquest


How to Create a Resume that Stands Out

By Mindomo


25 top-notch ways to earn extra money in 2021

By TheSpeakingPolymath


The 35+ Best Sales Rep Programs

By Keri Byrne at Salesflare


How to Start a WordPress Blog

By WPBeginner


2020 Year-End Report and Remote Jobs Statistics

By VirtualVocations


32 Remote Workers & Business Leaders Reveal What They’ve Changed Their Minds About Regarding Remote Work in the Past Year

By Cristina Daroca at Aternity


What’s the Difference Between a Resume and a CV?

By Benjamin Neal at Pakwired


4 Ways to Make Sure your Resume Stands Out

By Yaniv Masjedi at Nextiva 


The Ultimate Guide for Creating a Copywriting Portfolio (+ Examples)

By Dorka Kardos-Latif at Copyfol


Here’s Why Your Networking Is NOT Working (And How You Can Fix It!)

By Dawn Graham, PhD, LP at Dr. Down on Careers


OCTOBER 2020:  

The Best 20 Call Center Software for 2020

By Mark Lindquist at MailShake


Should I Tell My Employer Where I Am Going When I Resign?

By Carmen Jacob at Upjourney


5 survival tips for when software testing accidents happen

By Jacqueline Emigh at Functionize


13 Fun & Creative Gifts for Artists (2020 Guide)

By Kylie Burgener at Millo 


How to become a digital nomad

By Adam Nowek at Expatica 


13 Best Project Management Tools for Freelancers (2020 Update)

By Preston D Lee at Millo 


5 ways to make remote work a success

By Sophie Pettit at Expatica


Best Administrative Assistant Job Description (+ Free Template Download)

By Patrick Algrim at 


BASHO Email: The Ultimate Cold Email Strategy

By Rajendra Roul at SalesHandy  


How to Make Money on YouTube (13 Profitable Ideas)

By OneHourProfessor


Best COVID-19 Work From Home Tips

By Carol Roth


How to Deal With a Toxic Boss

By Bryan Robinson at PsychologyToday


Mental health at work is more fragile after lockdown

By John Crowley at PeopleHR 


‘Superman’s Not Coming’: Erin Brockovich On Stick-To-Itiveness And What You And I Can Do About Our National Water Crisis

By Bryan Robinson at Forbes


15 Ways to Make an Extra $1000 a Month From Home (With Proof)


By Ron Stefanski at OneHourProfessor


MadBright Free Career Development Courses

By MadBright


HR Future Magazine's latest issue

By HR Future


ResumeLab Resume Builder Review (2020)

By CareerMetis 



 JULY 2020: 

10 ways for leaders to be better listeners now

By Carla Rudder at The Enterprisers Project


4 Proven Benefits of Remote Work (for Employers)

By Anja Zojceska at TalentLyft


How To Automate Workflows (Tips, Processes, Tools)

By Erica Chappell at ClickUp 


How to Create an Online Portfolio for College Admissions

By SmartSocial


Freshbooks vs Quickbooks: Before you choose, read this 2020 comparison

By Preston D Lee at Millo


How to Ask for Feedback After a Job Rejection (With Examples)

By UpJourney 

15 Best Freelancer Invoicing Apps to Help You Get Paid Fast (2020 Update)

By Preston D Lee at Millo


How to Use Social Media for Your Job Search (Step-by-Step Guide)

By Anastasia Belyh at Cleverism 



JUNE 2020:


How to Spot a Great Leader

By Bryan E. Robinson Ph.D. at Psychology Today


Website Marketing for Small Businesses

By Bronwyn Kienapple at Venngage


What Is Upskilling? Appreciating the Importance of Lifelong Learning

By Ashley Brooks at Rasmussen College 


Rooting Out Racism in the Workplace: Focusing on Hiring, Culture a Way to Start

By Tammy Binford at HR Daily Advisor 


Should you make HR more approachable?

By John Crowley at PeopleHR 


The Ultimate List of 25+ Resume Builders

By CareerMetis


Finding a Job During the Coronavirus Pandemic 

By LendingClub 



JUNE 2020:


The Complete Guide to Writing the Perfect CV for your Master's Application

By Adela Belin by Writers Per Hour


How to Use SEO Data to Fuel Your Content Marketing Strategy in 2020

By Nadya Khoja at Venngage


Learn New Career Skills During the Coronavirus Lockdown

By Charlotte Victoria Evans at Europe Language Jobs 


Should You Take Notes During an Interview? (As a Candidate)

By UpJourney


APRIL 2020:


The Best Writing Jobs Sites for Building A Solid Portfolio

By Steve Cutts by Millo


27 hints for interviewing for a job remotely

By Gabrielle Olya at GoBankingRates


40+ Inspirational Quotes from Top Young Influencers

By Irene Fenswick by IvyPanda


7 Ways to Get People Talking About Your Brand

By Instasize


How To Write a Press Release

By by Dmitry Dragilev at JustReachOut 


23 Gifts for Writers on Your Holiday List (2020 Gift Guide)

By Kylie Burgener by Millo


8 Strategies for High-Performance Remote Team Management

By Josh Brown by GoSkills





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