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18+ Job-Winning Model CV Templates: Download Now

18+ Job-Winning Model CV Templates: Download Now

Even the most experienced job hunter needs a little help sometimes. We’ve got the boost you need with 18 model CV templates that hiring managers will love.

The job market may be changing rapidly and unemployment may be rising. But there’s one thing that remains the same in the world of recruitment. A well-presented CV. Choose a well-designed model CV for your job application and you’re already one step ahead of the game.


But choosing a reliable and effective CV model isn’t exactly easy. With so much choice out there how can you be sure you’ve chosen a high-quality product? 


That’s where we come in. You’re about to see a list of CV models with visual impact to help you stand out, with expert design for ease of reading and a builder that makes writing a pleasure.


And as a bonus, we’ll give you links to our expert model CV guides for popular careers.


Let’s make a start.


Want to save time and have your CV ready in 5 minutes? Try our CV builder. It’s fast and easy to use. Plus, you’ll get ready-made content to add with one click. See 20+ CV templates and create your CV here.


Create your CV now


sample CV templates

Sample CV made with our builder—See more templates and create your CV here.


And if you still can’t decide, take a look at our other template guides:


Contents of a Model CV (Example)


Geri Minelli

Ph: 0777 777 7777



Housing officer with 5+ years of experience and a passion for community-led decision-making. Experienced in resolving anti-social behaviour complaints and ensuring fast and efficient service delivery from other teams. Looking to take on new challenges in the inner London area as a Neighbourhood Officer for Octagonal.


Work Experience


Housing Officer

Westbridge Housing Trust, London

August 2014–Present

  • Managed a patch consisting of 650 properties within the London borough of Southwark covering a mix of tenures.
  • Developed a detailed knowledge of housing legislation, ensuring full compliance, particularly when enforcing section 21 notices for possession.
  • Maintained constant communication and cross-team working with colleagues in repairs to ensure responsive repairs were carried out in accordance with KPIs.
  • Carried out monthly and quarterly estate inspections accompanied by resident representatives to ensure cleaning and grounds maintenance staff adhered to contractual requirements.
  • Developed an excellent rapport with key stakeholders, receiving an official compliment from a local councillor for diligence and responsiveness.




BA (Hons) Journalism, September 2010–June 2014

London Metropolitan University




  • Communication: Adept in written and oral communication with residents and stakeholders alike, adjusting communication style accordingly.
  • Software: Competent user of proprietary CRM software and in use of Oracle for raising and approving invoices.
  • Repairs and maintenance: Solid understanding of basic construction and maintenance terminology to ensure accurate reporting of repairs.
  • Teamwork: Able to work in partnership with income team to address rent collection and arrears issues.
  • Anti-Social Behaviour: Skilled in monitoring and responding to reports of ASB, achieving 80% plus satisfaction with case outcomes.




  • Volunteer youth football coach for the Southwark Council sponsored ‘Sports Choices’ program. June 2016–Present.


1. Cascade



The first of our model CV templates off the catwalk is Cascade. It’s sleek good looks are accentuated by the information-rich sidebar. It’s packed with useful content to make it easier to create a one-page CV and makes good use of colour shades to add structure and impact. And if you’re not a fan of blue it’s fine, our CV builder has 400 colours for you to choose from. 

Read more: Engineering CV Sample & Writing Guide

2. Cubic



This CV model makes it hip to be square, or Cubic to be precise. Once again we’ve got subtle, yet effective use of colour. An eye-catching dark header combines perfectly with a dove grey sidebar containing your personal details and CV skills info. And in another win it’s got ample white space. That spacing improves readability and makes it easier for the hiring manager to skim and pick out the info they need.

Read more: Architecture CV Example and Writing Guide

3. Enfold



Enfold is the mirror image of our Cascade CV model, but it’s no evil twin. It’s got exactly the same useful features but with a sidebar to the right instead. And there are customisation options too. You can choose the best CV font type and size for your needs, change the names of the CV sections and change the order of the sections too. But whatever changes you implement, our CV maker ensures it looks perfect.

Read more: Warehouse Operative CV Example and Writing Guide

4. Concept



Cars have concept models too and they’re synonymous with innovation and cutting edge tech. Our own Concept model CV is also packed with useful features that’ll boost your next job search. The feature I love is the clever use of visual cues. See how the section headings and bullet points are strung together? That’s a method of dragging the reader’s gaze down the page, making them take in all of your CV magnificence. This model has brains as well as beauty!

Read more: Web Developer CV Sample & Writing Guide

5. Diamond



Diamonds will be your best friend when you choose this model CV. In case you didn’t spot it, the name comes from the diamond-shaped CV icons and bullet points. And as with all of our templates you can download this model CV in Word format or PDF, so you’re good to go whatever your needs.

Read more: Business Analyst CV Sample and Writing Guide

6. Iconic



Many supermodels are described as iconic, which is appropriate, as this super CV model is Iconic as it gets. As you can see, it makes good use of CV icons to make the content easier to read. And even though they’re graphic elements they’re subtle, and that’s important. Otherwise, your CV may not be ATS compliant, which means the computer program that scans your application could reject your application instantly. Rest assured though that every one of our templates is ATS friendly.

Read more: Customer Service CV Template and Writing Guide

7. Crisp



We don’t just make our templates look good, we name them well too. This model CV has Crisp good looks that will take pride of place in any job application. The clean monochrome layout looks great when printed out too. And like all of our CV templates our CV builder does all the hard work for you. Just enter your content and the end result is a perfectly arranged CV layout.

Read more: Marketing CV Example and Writing Guide

8. Initials



I hope you’ve been impressed by the CV models you’ve seen so far. We’re almost half-way through our list now, but we’ve still got some tricks up our sleeve. Our Initials CV model creates your own personal stamp of approval in the form of a bold circular stamp featuring your initials. And no photoshop skills are required, our CV builder does it automatically.

Read more: Bartender CV Example and Writing Guide

9. Minimo



And now for something a little different, our Minimo model CV cuts back on the graphical features for a more traditional look. But it certainly isn’t boring, There’s still splashes of colour and a neat well-defined CV structure. We’d recommend it for corporate jobs in more conservative industries. And even if you do like the look of this CV model, please keep reading, we’ve got plenty of CV ideas still to come.

Read more: Project Management Sample CV and Writing Guide

10. Influx



If you want an Influx of interviews you need to choose this CV model. It has a broad and generous single-column format and a striking block of colour for the CV header. There’s ample room to fit in a more detailed CV work experience section. In my opinion it looks like a high-quality corporate letterhead, so it’s a great choice if you want to convey pure professionalism.

Read more: CV Example for Work Experience Opportunities

11. Nanica



Back to a more minimalist look now with our Nanica CV model. Notice how it uses a health bar graphic for software skills. A clever little trick borrowed from the world of gaming. And even if you’re not the world’s best writer you can be sure of filling it with great content. That’s because our CV builder offers you expert advice as you write. Not something you get with most of the unreliable CV models for free download that are out there.

Read more: Support Worker CV Example and Writing Guide

12. Muse



Models have acted as muses for artists for centuries. And we’re confident that our Muse model CV will inspire you to greater heights of job hunting success. It has a two-column format on a clean white background, so again, great for printing. Another effective feature is the use of blue ribbon icons to emphasise the section headings. A particularly attractive CV model indeed.

Read more: Recruitment Consultant CV Template and Writing Guide

When making a CV in our builder, drag & drop bullet points, skills, and auto-fill the boring stuff. Spell check? Check. Start building your CV here.

When you’re done, Zety’s CV builder will score your CV and tell you exactly how to make it better.

13. Modern



Here’s a Modern model CV with a novel twist. The asymmetric header and footer bars aren’t just there for a contemporary design feel, they serve a purpose. Your eyes can’t help but flick from one to the other and that ensures the whole page gets taken in. A perfect way of gently nudging busy recruiters who might not otherwise give your CV the attention it deserves.

Read more: Sales CV Example & Writing Guide

14. Primo



The name itself sounds like it could be a fashion label so what better name for a ‘model’ CV template? Primo is quite literally a well-rounded CV, with a circular theme for icons, bullet points and health bars. 

Read more: Chef CV Example and Writing Guide

15. Newcast



Out with the old CV model, in with the Newcast. A classic one-column CV format, but with a small column within a column for your work experience and CV education dates. Classic CV icons too, a solid and reliable model for all your recruitment needs.

Read more: School Leaver Template CV and Writing Guide 

16. Simple



Don’t worry if you haven’t yet decided on a model CV that suits you, the choice is Simple. The coloured font in the section headings adds interest and your CV personal profile takes pride of place in the header section. A good all-rounder that will suit any profession.

Read more: Career Change CV and Writing Guide

17. Valera



We’re almost done with our model CV roundup. Valera is unique amongst our templates in that it uses a creative cursive font paired with the more traditional sans serif font. This helps your name and the section headings really ‘pop’ off the page and is a great way to get noticed. It’s the perfect CV if you want a fresh and energetic feel.

Read more: CV for a 16-Year-Old Example and Writing Guide

18. Vibes



And we’ve come to the end of our model CV collection. Vibes has a little bit of everything that makes our templates successful. It’s a perfectly laid out CV from head to toe. Starting with the CV summary, all the way down to the hobbies and interests section. There’s two columns, health bars and icons, plus a clean and modern CV structure that hiring managers will love. I know it’s hard to decide with so many great templates to choose from but if you just go for this one you’ll have decided wisely.

Read more: Internship CV Template and Writing Guide 

And don’t forget, we’ve got matching CV and cover letter templates to give you an even more professional result.


Plus, a great cover letter that matches your CVwill give you an advantage over other candidates. You can write it in our cover letter builder here. Here's what it may look like:


matching set of CV and cover letter

See more cover letter templates and start writing.

I hope you enjoyed our collection of model CV templates. If you need any advice on CV writing please feel free to get in touch with me in the comments section. I’d love to hear from you and I look forward to answering any questions.

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Jacques Buffett, CPRW
Jacques, a Certified Professional Résumé Writer (CPRW), is a career expert who has published almost 200 articles on Zety. His insights and advice have been published by LinkedIn, Forbes, MSN, Yahoo!, Business Insider, AOL, U.S. News, and other top news outlets. He also has extensive professional experience in people management and recruitment.

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