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Professional CV Templates

Choose a CV template, fill it out, and format. Create a professional CV in a few clicks. Just choose one of 18+ CV templates below, fill in your details, download, and get the job.

CV Template CascadeUse this template


Professional CV template. Information rich, no clutter.

CV Template ConceptUse this template


Modern CV template. Timeline to show career progression and icons to save space.

CV Template CrispUse this template


Creative CV template. A perfect balance of graphics and whitespace.

CV Template CubicUse this template


Perfect CV template. Stays readable no matter how much you write.

CV Template DiamondUse this template


Single column CV template. Work history is the focus, your job title the selling point.

CV Template EnfoldUse this template


Two-column CV template. Focuses on your summary, draws attention to skills.

CV Template IconicUse this template


Icon-based CV template. Sections that pop with a little bit of graphic help.

CV Template InfluxUse this template


Elegant CV template. Tells a story, makes sure it gets heard.

CV Template InitialsUse this template


Creative CV template. Initials for a personal touch, a dash of colour to highlight strengths.

CV Template MinimoUse this template


Minimalistic CV template. Great readability with a stylishly sleek finish.

CV Template ModernUse this template


Modern CV template. Elegant accents in the header, footer, and section titles.

CV Template MuseUse this template


Visual CV template. Two columns that focus on your experience.

CV Template NanicaUse this template


Traditional CV template. Tidy layout that focuses on your career highlights.

CV Template NewcastUse this template


Basic CV template. Standard layout with a designer finish.

CV Template PrimoUse this template


Infographic CV template. Blends classic structure with timelines and graphs

CV Template SimpleUse this template


Simple CV template. Excellent readability without being bland.

CV Template ValeraUse this template


Unique CV template. One-of-a-kind typography, classic structure to guide the eye.

CV Template VibesUse this template


Sleek CV template. A clean format with exciting details.

Best CV templates
for job hunting

A CV template is a blank form you fill in with contact information, work experience, skills, and education. Easier said than done. Most free Word CV templates fall apart as soon as you start typing. But not Zety. Pick Zety and stop struggling. Focus on what matters: telling your story in a way that gets you the job.

Best CV templates for job hunting

Attractive design

Each CV template is formatted to draw attention to your strengths. Highlight your career summary to hook the employer. Use icons to save valuable space. Pick a single or two-column design to balance whitespace and wordcount. Show your mastery of skills by using graphs. Fit two pages into one.

Attractive design

Ease of use

Forget downloadable CV templates that never seem to work. Choose a design you like, focus on the content, and let Zety do the rest. Our CV wizard will guide you through the process with helpful tips and examples. Building a CV with Zety is as simple as shopping online—just click an item you like and put in on your CV.

Ease of use
Ease of use


Our users have saved hours of valuable time by picking a CV template on Zety. You should be out there building a career, not a CV. Save time by choosing a professional layout, follow our CV wizard app, and download an attractive CV in minutes. And create a cover letter while you’re at it to boost your chances of having your CV read.


Confidence boost

It’s not just about looks. Filling out your CV with the Zety CV builder is fast, easy, and effective. Add optimised content with a single click to build your CV. Start from scratch or upload your old CV sample and give it a makeover in 5 minutes. Update the template, tweak the content with ready-made bullet points, get hired faster than anyone else.

Confidence boost

Proven effectiveness

Our customers haven’t simply updated their CVs. They’ve updated their lives. With the right balance between creativity and tradition, Zety’s templates for CVs have been optimised for readability and scannability. Hiring managers and recruitment software alike will have no trouble recognising you for who you are—the perfect candidate.

Proven effectiveness

Why users choose our CV templates:

Frequently Asked Questions about CV Templates

What is a CV?

A CV, which stands for curriculum vitae, is a concise document submitted as part of your job application. Its main purpose is to demonstrate your education, job experience, and key professional skills to your potential employer. Remember that a CV should be complemented by a cover letter to increase your chances of landing a job interview. Read more on how to write a cover letter and see our cover letter examples to create a catchy document that will keep you ahead of other candidates. Also, check out the differences between a CV and a resume if you are not sure which one to submit.

What are the best free CV templates for 2024?

The best CV templates for 2024 should be modern, simple, yet professional. But that’s not all. They should also be easily-readable, optimized for ATS scanning, and able to hold all required information within the best CV length. The Zety CV builder has all that covered with high-end, downloadable CV templates that will put you a cut above your competition.

How should I format my CV template?

There are a few golden rules to follow when formatting your CV:

  • Use one-inch margins on all four sides of the page.
  • Set your spacing to 1 or 1.15.
  • Choose a readable and professional CV font.
  • Left align only, no justification.
  • Use bullet points to talk about skills and past positions.
  • Keep your CV formatting consistent.
  • Remember about proper CV length (read: Should a CV be one page?).

With Zety CV templates, all those steps are a child’s play. Want to know more about this? Read: How to lay out a professional CV.

Is a creative template a good idea, or should I go with a simple CV template?

Whether you should use a creative CV template or not largely depends on the position you are applying for. Typically, you should opt for it when you seek a job in creative industries, such as design, art, or advertising. With a creative CV template, you can show off your qualifications and skills in a way that will stand out from most text-based CVs. The easiest way to do it? Use our visual CV templates and check some CV design templates to inspire you. For most other professions, it’s usually best to go with a simple CV template that won’t distract the reader with its design.

How to write a CV in 2024?

To get the best structure for your CV, remember to include the following sections:

Interested in the topic? We encourage you to read more on how to write a CV.

How can I make my CV with no experience?

Drafting a CV when you have no experience is a tough challenge for all fresh graduates. But it’s not impossible! In this case, you should opt for a skills-based CV, where your skills gathered through extracurricular activities, volunteering, or other projects should take the centre stage. Remember to include both soft skills and hard skills. List all achievements you’re proud of and don’t underestimate your education. No previous paid work experience doesn’t mean you don’t have any experience at all. If you want to know more about this, check out our CV examples for students.

How long should a CV be?

In general, your CV should be one to two pages long. As a rule of thumb: 

  • Choose a one-page CV if you’re a new graduate and applying for entry-level roles. It can also work for candidates with fewer than 5 years of experience.
  • Opt for a two-page CV if you’ve got more than five years of experience, particularly in more senior and technical roles. 

With Zety CV templates, fitting your content in your template is as easy as pie! Want some more details about this? Read: How long should a CV be?

Should I download my CV template in PDF or Word?

It is recommended to download your CV in the PDF format. The same rule applies to your cover letter. Thanks to this, your CV layout will look good on any device and any operating system that the recruiters might be using. Check out our CV templates to fill in to see how quick and easy it might be to come up with a professional-looking CV in PDF.

Where can I find the best CV examples for 2024?

If you want to prepare a perfect CV, you should definitely try using Zety CV examples. Find a matching CV example for your profession, tailor the contents to requirements provided in your job ad and open the door to your dream career!

Does Zety offer any cover letter templates to match my CV?

As a principle, your CV and cover letter formats should match. This is why we have come up with professional cover letter templates that go well with our CV templates - together they are all it takes to create the perfect application. Next steps? Go to the Zety cover letter builder, write a compelling cover letter and show the recruiter you are the candidate they are looking for. Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry: the cover letter wizard will guide you through the process, and it can even generate entire paragraphs based on the information from your resume. For more advice, see our tips on cover letter structure and what to include in a cover letter.

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