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150+ Sustainability Careers & Green Jobs You Can Get Now

Create Your Resume Now

Our customers have been hired by:

You’ve found the best list of 150+ sustainability careers on the web.

What makes it great?

It’s packed with real green jobs grouped by skill.

There are over 10.3 million green jobs—and skyrocketing. That’s according to the International Renewable Energy Agency.

Jobs in sustainability are out there.

You just need a good guide to find them.

This guide contains:

  • Over 150 sustainability careers, grouped by industry and skill set.
  • Tips for how to find entry-level environmental engineering jobs.
  • Solar power careers and other sustainability jobs.
  • Jobs in renewable energy—including renewable energy internships.

All green careers salary data are medians from, ZipRecruiter, PayScale, and Glassdoor. Half the people with these jobs make less, and half make more.

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What Is a Green Job?

As defined by the U.S. Department of Labor, green jobs are jobs that preserve the environment and jobs that make an organization more environmentally friendly. Green jobs are work in traditional sectors such as agriculture and manufacturing, as well as in green sectors such as renewable energy and waste management.

How to Use This Green Jobs List

There’s a massive list of sustainability careers below.

Names of jobs in sustainability are great, but—

How do you find the actual job?

Here’s how:

First do a Google search for:

  1. Environmental jobs + [location]
  2. Sustainable jobs + [location]
  3. Sustainability jobs + [location]
  4. Green jobs + [location]
  5. Bioenergy jobs + [location]
  6. Biofuels jobs + [location]
  7. Geothermal jobs + [location]
  8. Solar jobs + [location]
  9. Hydroelectric jobs + [location]
  10. Ocean jobs + [location]
  11. Hydrogen jobs + [location]
  12. Wind jobs + [location]
  13. Green Design jobs + [location]
  14. Recycling jobs + [location]
  15. Water Quality jobs + [location]
  16. Clean Car Manufacturing jobs + [location]
  17. Natural Sciences jobs + [location]
  18. Energy Efficient Construction jobs + [location]
  19. Farm jobs + [location]

Or search any of the green careers job titles in this article.

Then click the big blue bar, like in this careers in sustainability example:

green jobs

You’ll find dozens or even hundreds of offers for real sustainability careers.

Why does that work like a newly serviced turbine?

Because Google for Jobs scrapes zillions of other job sites and company career pages. It’s the best way to find real green industry jobs and jobs in renewable energy.

Pro Tip: Find jobs in sustainability with the Google for Jobs tip above. But don’t apply on Google. Do that on the company’s website. You’ll get metric tons more replies.

Now scroll down to see 150+ of the best green careers on mother Earth.

1. Entry-Level Sustainability Jobs

Want entry-level sustainability jobs? Don’t have experience?

Don’t blow a fuse.

There are hundreds of beginner green jobs out there.

Take a look at the eco-friendly jobs list below.

Pick the best entry-level environmental jobs salary for your degree. Then plug the job title into Google for Jobs.

Entry-Level Green Jobs

  1. Entry-Level Environmental Engineering Jobs—$46,985
  2. Wind Turbine Technician—$53,880
  3. Assistant Research Scientist—$65,000
  4. Biological Monitor Assistant—$43,000
  5. Entry-Level Environmental Specialist—$46,549
  6. Conservation Technician—$43,411
  7. Resource Science Aide—$24,000
  8. Entry-Level Environmental Scientist salary— $43,623
  9. Entry-Level Environmental Technician—$30,000
  10. Sustainability Advocate—$55,000
  11. Environmental Field Consultant—$59,000
  12. Entry-Level Environmental Planner—$39,000
  13. Entry-Level Wetland Scientist—$46,623
  14. Industrial Hygienist—$69,000
  15. Stormwater Compliance Inspector—$59,000
  16. Consulting Forester—$50,398
  17. Field Service Technician—$47,128
  18. Environmental Investigator—$36,000
  19. GIS Analyst—Entry-Level—$35,000
  20. Environmental Records Specialist—$46,549
  21. Environmental Analyst—$50,909
  22. Entry-Level Solar Technician salary—$32,000
  23. General Laborer—$31,271
  24. Office Assistant, Environmental Organization—$35,564

Another Way to Find Entry-Level Renewable Energy Jobs

To find entry-level green jobs fast—

  • Google any of the sustainability careers in this article.
  • Add “entry-level” and a location.

Do it like this sustainability entry-level jobs search example:

Entry-level solar engineer Texas

Then click Google’s big blue bar to see dozens of green entry-level jobs.

entry-level green jobs

Pro Tip: Don’t just search Google for jobs in sustainability. Try LinkedIn, Indeed, and other great job sites. But—if time’s limited, use Google. It collects jobs from all the rest.

To get great entry-level green industry jobs, you need a great entry-level resume. See our guide: Entry-Level Resume: Sample and Complete Guide

2. Solar Power Careers

Check out these 20 solar sustainability careers.

You may have to add “solar” to some. Then add “jobs” and plug them into Google.

Include a location. Google will return a list of great solar jobs in sustainability.

See this sustainable career search example:

Solar test engineer jobs US
Solar facilities engineer jobs Arizona

20 Solar Power Careers

  1. Solar Turbine Overhaul Test Technician—$50,000
  2. Solar Turbine Assembler—$30,080
  3. Turbine Aerodynamics Engineer—$100,363
  4. Proposal Manager—$98,000
  5. Field Service Representative—$52,772
  6. Material Processing Operator—$55,411
  7. Mechanic—$44,000
  8. Solar Electrical Engineer—$71,312
  9. CNC Machinist—$46,000
  10. Rotational Engineer—$60,421
  11. Solar Design Engineer—$52,000
  12. Test Engineer—$85,000
  13. Accountant—$67,190
  14. Manufacturing Engineer—$65,642
  15. Crane Technician—$49,836
  16. Plant Operator—$52,022
  17. Facilities Engineer—$110,840
  18. Sales Representative—$57,140
  19. Structural Welder—$64,008
  20. Sigma Master—$135,000

solar turbines careers

Pro Tip: You can find nearly any type of job at a solar company. Try Googling “solar accountant jobs” and you’ll find 70+ openings.

Need a list of job titles to search in eco-friendly jobs fields? Search any of the titles in our guide. Just add a green jobs synonym like “environmental” or “sustainable”: 450 Job Titles that Work on a Resume & Job Hunt

3. Green Careers for Engineers

Need sustainability careers in engineering?

Scroll down to see 19 of them.

The catch?

Some are “generic” jobs like accountant, office manager, or salesperson.

To find those jobs at green companies

  1. Type the job title + “jobs” into Google.
  2. Add a green careers synonym like sustainable, environmental, or green.
  3. Add a location.
  4. Click <enter> and then click the big blue bar.

See this green engineering jobs search example:

Sustainable lead engineer jobs
Green engineer jobs

You’ll get a list of real jobs in sustainability.

Need entry-level environmental engineer jobs?

Add “entry-level” to the beginning of these jobs in renewable energy:

Sustainability Careers for Engineers

  1. Solar Performance Engineer—$98,879
  2. Solar Design Engineer—$52,000
  3. Solar Project Engineer—$82,343
  4. Environmental Engineer—$84,560
  5. Process Engineer—$67,731
  6. Staff Engineer—$105,410
  7. Lead Engineer—$97,929
  8. Civil Design Engineer—$62,512
  9. Energy Engineer—$87,084
  10. Mechanical Engineer—$83,590
  11. Sustainability Engineer—$70,250
  12. Water Resources Engineer—$79,340
  13. Oil Spill Equipment Planner—$58,053
  14. Program Manager—$127,756
  15. Mechanical Designer—$58,454
  16. Reliability Test Engineer—$85,000
  17. Hardware Engineer—$111,730
  18. Energy Analyst—$59,767
  19. Environmental Engineering Project Manager—$100,737

Another Way to Find Green Engineer Jobs

To find environmental engineer jobs fast—

Type any of the sustainability careers below into Google search.

Again, add “entry-level” to find entry-level environmental engineering jobs.

  1. Environmental engineering jobs + [location]
  2. Entry level environmental engineering jobs + [location]
  3. Environmental engineering technician jobs + [location]
  4. Sustainable jobs engineering jobs + [location]
  5. Sustainability engineering jobs + [location]
  6. Bioenergy engineering jobs + [location]
  7. Geothermal engineering jobs + [location]
  8. Solar engineering jobs + [location]
  9. Hydroelectric engineering jobs + [location]
  10. Ocean engineering jobs + [location]
  11. Hydrogen engineering jobs + [location]
  12. Wind engineering jobs + [location]
  13. Green Design engineering jobs + [location]
  14. Recycling engineering jobs + [location]
  15. Water Quality engineering jobs + [location]
  16. Energy Efficient Construction engineering jobs + [location]
  17. Farm engineering jobs + [location]
  18. Flood Hazards engineering jobs + [location]
  19. Ecology engineering jobs + [location]
  20. Wetland engineering jobs + [location]
  21. Compliance engineering jobs + [location]
  22. Air quality engineering jobs + [location]
  23. Geoscience engineering jobs + [location]
  24. Conservation engineering jobs + [location]
  25. Watershed engineering jobs + [location]
  26. Natural Resources engineering jobs + [location]

engineering careers

Pro Tip: Want clean car manufacturing alternative jobs for engineers? Search websites of sustainable car companies like Toyota (Prius) or Tesla.

Writing a resume for sustainability careers in engineering? See our guides: Engineering Resume & Mechanical Engineering Resume

4. Sustainability Careers for Scientists

Here are 31 jobs in sustainability for scientists.

Pop any of the sustainability careers below into Google search.

Add “jobs” and a location. Then hit enter.

Click the big blue bar to pop through to the search results.

For rare jobs like “coastal program analyst” you’ll need to search Indeed or Monster.

That’s because those jobs have few results.

See these sustainable careers for scientists examples:

Environmental biologist jobs New York City
Environmental specialist jobs Montana

31 Careers in Sustainability for Scientists

  1. Environmental Biologist—$63,570
  2. Laboratory Analyst—$40,000
  3. Flood Hazards Geoscientist—$75,000
  4. Environmentalist—$67,460
  5. Environmental Scientist—$67,460
  6. Environmental Geologist—$91,920
  7. Ecologist—$65,090
  8. Wetland Ecologist—$45,500
  9. Botany Specialist—$66,815
  10. Storm Weather Specialist—$60,000
  11. Environmental Specialist—$54,240
  12. Environmental Compliance Officer—$72,347
  13. Compliance Specialist—$57,097
  14. Air Quality Scientist—$53,740
  15. Fish and Wildlife Biologist—$73,962
  16. Hydrogeologist—$52,000
  17. Environmental Program Specialist—$55,507
  18. Geoscience Program Coordinator—$45,000
  19. Conservation Specialist—$52,072
  20. Watershed Planner—$50,000
  21. Watershed Forester—$68,065
  22. Conservation Action Coordinator—$45,000
  23. Natural Resources Biologist—$60,000
  24. Wildlife Biologist—$59,680
  25. Environmental Analyst—$50,909
  26. Coastal Program Analyst—$87,730
  27. Environmental Educator—$28,000
  28. Invasive Species Coordinator—$35,000
  29. Land Conservation Specialist—$52,072
  30. Managing Forester—$68,065
  31. Restoration Field Specialist—$46,000

green careers for scientists

Pro Tip: You can also search any scientist job title. Just add green careers synonyms like “sustainability” or “geothermal.” For a list of environmental synonyms, skip to the environmental industries and companies list below.

Looking for environmental jobs for the disabled? Add “green” or “sustainable” to any disability job title, then search it in Google. See our guide: 100+ Great Jobs for People with Disabilities to Get You Out and Earning

When making a resume in our builder, drag & drop bullet points, skills, and auto-fill the boring stuff. Spell check? Check. Start building a professional resume template here for free.

When you’re done, our easy resume builder will score your resume and our resume checker will tell you exactly how to make it better.

5. Green Technology Jobs

Here are 11 green tech jobs titles.

Any tech job you can think of, you can find as green technology jobs.

The trouble?

There’s no easy search engine trick for these sustainability careers.


You’ll need to hunt them at green companies.

Lucky you, we’ve got a starter list of green organizations in this guide.

11 Green Technology Jobs

  1. Data Engineer—$151,307
  2. Software Engineer—$106,119
  3. IT Specialist—$53,741
  4. Web Developer—$64,970
  5. Computer Scientist—$78,885
  6. Programmer—$85,180
  7. Web Designer—$75,857
  8. DevOps—$106,734
  9. Computer Technician—$34,278
  10. Network Administrator—$77,810
  11. Renewable Energy CAD Designer—$50,067

Another Way to Find Green Tech Jobs

You can also hunt any “generic” tech job in green industries.

Just search a job title like “programmer” or “IT manager.” Add “jobs” + a green jobs synonym like “bioenergy” or “solar.” Then add a location.

See these jobs in sustainability search example:

Sustainable software engineer jobs California
Environmental web designer jobs US

green tech jobs 

Need a list of sustainability careers synonyms to search? See the section on green industries and companies below.

Hunting green tech jobs? Write a tech resume that turns heads. See our guide: Technical Resume: Sample and Complete Guide

6. Green Business Jobs

Here are 15 sustainability careers for managers and office types.

But these aren’t green jobs! (You say.)


They are if you do them in green organizations.

Here’s a tip:

  1. Type one of the careers in sustainability below into Google.
  2. Add a word like environmental, solar, bioenergy, or geothermal to the front.
  3. Add “jobs” + a location.
  4. Click enter.
  5. Click Google’s big blue bar.

You’ll find plenty of jobs in sustainability.

Need a list of green jobs terms like environmental? Skip to the section on green industries and companies below.

15 Sustainable Business Jobs

  1. Program Manager—$127,756
  2. Program Director—$104,559
  3. Managing Consultant—$86,222
  4. Accountant—$67,190
  5. Power Plant Operator—$75,660
  6. General Manager—$48,000
  7. Office Administrator—$31,000
  8. Environmental Manager salary—$113,367
  9. Sustainability Program Coordinator—$53,432
  10. Renewable Energy Consultant. Sales experience—$73,625
  11. Environmental Lawyer—$113,530
  12. Executive Director—$80,000
  13. Digital Content Manager—$56,832
  14. Business Analyst—$81,320
  15. Sales Representative—$57,140

These green careers examples show how to search:

Environmental program manager jobs Wisconsin
Sustainability accountant jobs US
Green web developer jobs remote

green business jobs

Want sustainability careers working from home? Check out our guide: 62 REAL Work from Home Jobs and How to Get a Good One Fast

7. Solar Panel Sustainability Careers

These 10 solar jobs in sustainability aren’t the full set.

You can find any regular job working for a solar panel firm.

To find good solar panel jobs:

Google “solar panel” + [job title] + “jobs” + [location].

See this eco-friendly jobs search example:

Solar project manager jobs US
Solar assembler jobs California

Just want a list of prefab solar panel sustainability careers?

Check out the 10 ready-made careers in sustainability below.

Solar Panel Green Careers

  1. Solar Installer, construction experience—$39,706
  2. Solar Communication Technician, 1–2 Years of Experience—$50,000
  3. Residential Solar Canvasser—$35,000
  4. Solar Sales Representative—$77,162
  5. Sales Consultant—$49,410
  6. Outside Sales Representative—$51,689
  7. Solar Electrician—$42,000
  8. Project Developer—$76,969
  9. Site Surveyor—$46,561
  10. Telemarketer—$27,170

solar panel green careers

Pro Tip: You can also look for solar panel jobs by company. Try Googling “solar panel companies” + [location]. Then search the company website for careers.

To get a higher solar panel job salary, write a stronger jobs in sustainability resume. See our guides for every profession: Good Resume Example for Any Job: 99+ Free Resumes

8. Green Internships

Just out of school? Maybe you can’t get full-time sustainability careers yet. But—

There are hundreds of green and renewable energy internships out there.

To find environmental internships, first do a Google search for:

  • Environmental internships + [location]
  • Sustainable internships + [location]
  • Sustainable energy internships + [location]
  • Sustainability internships + [location]
  • Green internships + [location]
  • Solar internships + [location]
  • Solar energy internships + [location]
  • Alternative energy internships + [location]
  • Renewable internships + [location]
  • Renewable energy internships + [location]
  • Recycling internships + [location]
  • Ocean internships + [location]
  • Wind energy internships + [location]
  • Green building internships + [location]
  • Sustainable building internships + [location]
  • Green design internships + [location]
  • Water quality internships + [location]
  • Farm internships + [location]

Then click Google’s big blue bar, like in this renewable energy internships example:

green internships

You can also hunt eco-friendly jobs by organization. Skip to the section on environmental organizations below and check their websites.

Just want prefab green energy internships to search in Google? Here’s a list of 10 sustainable energy internships positions.

10 Green Internships

  1. Sustainability Intern—$28,000
  2. Engagement Intern—$27,000
  3. Solar Technician Intern—$30,000
  4. Environmental Compliance Intern—$65,491
  5. Environmental Policy Intern—$30,000
  6. Environmental Education Intern—$35,000
  7. Ecology Intern—$30,000
  8. Environmental Engineering Intern—$32,000
  9. Environmental, Health & Safety Intern—$50,000
  10. Environmental Energy Intern—$41,000

Pro Tip: Looking for work-from-home sustainability careers? Instead of typing a location into google, add the word “remote.”

To get the best green internships, you’ll need a great resume and cover letter. See our guides: Internship Resume for College Students&How to Write a Cover Letter For an Internship

9. Types of Environmental Companies to Work For

Want to search by green jobs company type?

Here’s the problem:

There are millions of sustainability careers out there.


They’re not all called “green careers”, “green jobs”, or “careers in sustainability.”

What if you’re an office assistant, accountant, engineer, or programmer?

But you want those jobs at green companies?

Those are still jobs in sustainability. But they’re trickier to find.


Search by type of environmental company.

Also, search company websites.

Below, see lists of sustainable company types and best green companies to work for.

Alternative Energy Industries

  1. Bioenergy
  2. Biofuels
  3. Geothermal
  4. Solar
  5. Hydroelectric
  6. Ocean
  7. Hydrogen
  8. Wind
  9. Natural Foods

Other Types of Jobs in Sustainability

  1. Green Design
  2. Recycling
  3. Water Quality
  4. Clean Car Manufacturing
  5. Natural Sciences
  6. Energy Efficient Construction
  7. Growers/Farmers

Green Synonyms for Your Job Search

  1. Green
  2. Sustainable
  3. Sustainability
  4. Environmental

Environmental Organizations with Sustainable Careers

  1. Sierra Club
  2. World Wildlife Fund
  3. Audubon Society
  4. National Wildlife Federation
  5. Forest Stewardship Council
  6. US EPA
  7. Geothermal Resources Council

10 Best Environmental Companies to Work For

  1. SC Johnson Careers
  2. NV Energy Careers
  3. EPA Careers
  4. Turner Construction Careers
  5. WE Energies Careers
  6. NGC Careers
  7. Tesla Motors
  8. REI
  9. AECOM
  10. Seventh Generation

US Government Agencies with Jobs in Sustainability

  1. Centers for Disease Control (CDC)
  2. National Institutes of Health (NIH)

You can also check state agencies for careers in sustainability.

Other Search Engines for Sustainability Careers

There are a few other green industry jobs search sites out there.

They do list green jobs, but—

Many of the jobs in sustainability they list are old. Try them and decide if you think they’re worth the extra time:

Pro Tip: You can automate your Google search to notify you when new positions open. Just click “turn on email alerts for this search” in the lower left of Google Jobs.

Want more expert tips to use Google for Jobs like a pro? See our guide: Google for Jobs: Use This Search Engine Tool to Find Your Next Job

Plus, a great cover letter that matches your resume will give you an advantage over other candidates. You can write it in our cover letter builder here. Here's what it may look like:

See more cover letter templates and start writing.

Key Takeaway

Here’s a quick recap. How to find sustainability careers:

  • Use Google Jobs search. It’s your best bet to find jobs in sustainability.
  • In the Google search box, type a green synonym. For example, sustainable, environmental, or bioenergy.
  • Add any of the careers in sustainability titles in this guide. For instance, solar engineering jobs, wind turbine technician, or environmental biologist.
  • Add your desired location. Your final search term should look like “entry-level environmental engineering jobs California.”

Trying to find entry-level environmental engineering jobs? Looking for high-paying solar turbines careers? Got a question about how to find sustainability careers that fit your skills? Leave a comment. We’ll be happy to reply.

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