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Uptowork Is Now Zety

Pete Sosnowski
Co-founder, VP at Zety
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Here’s a quick heads-up: we’re changing our name from Uptowork to Zety.


This means we’ll be using a different domain. It’s instead of from now on.


Why is this happening?


We’ve decided that our brand name should be shorter, snappier, and more catchy. When the idea of “Zety” came to us, we fell in love with it, and we hope you will too!


What does it mean for me?


Only that your favorite online resume builder and top career advice will be available at a different address.


Will the ownership of my data, Privacy Policy, or Terms of Service change?


No. We’re only changing our brand name and domain. We’re still the same business entity. Here you can access our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.


What happens to my online resume?


It will be available in our new domain, but the old link will still work—it will automatically redirect to the new URL.


What changes should I expect?


Just minor branding tweaks and a general feeling of great things to come!


What do I need to do?


Absolutely nothing. Just fasten your seatbelt and get ready for our next step. Since we started out in 2016, we’ve grown from 0 to 50+ million readers a year. Now we’re putting the pedal to the metal.


If you need more information, check our knowledge base or drop us a line in the comments below—we’ll get back to you double-quick!

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Pete Sosnowski
Pete is a career advice expert and a co-founder and VP of Zety. When he's not busy helping you land your next job, he builds well-oiled teams and scouts talent. After hours, he puts on his favorite jazz records or tries to identify Jack Nicholson's most masterly one-liner.