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"What Motivates You?" Interview Question & Best Answer

"What Motivates You?" Interview Question & Best Answer

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Your interview asks you, “What motivates you?”


Hmmmm… Well, um, money, I guess. And fame. Oh, and that generous sick pay you offer.


Yeah, that’s not going to work.


This one sounds so straightforward, doesn’t it? However, it often ends up being more of a trick interview question than you might have thought.


But don’t worry. With this guide, we’ll cover how to best answer the what motivates you interview question, what not to do, and advice on more specific situations.


This interview motivation question guide will show you:


  • Why they ask what motivates you and what inspires you interview questions.
  • How to answer what motivates you in a way that wins the interview.
  • Tips and advice on what to avoid when given that tricky question.
  • Over a dozen what motivates you answer examples to help you form your own.


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