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Cover Letter Templates

Choose a cover letter template, fill it out online, and download a professional cover letter in minutes. Our cover letter templates come with pre-written content to help you land your dream job even quicker!

Professional Cover Letter Template CascadeUse this template


Professional cover letter template. Column on one side for contact information.

Professional Cover Letter Template ConceptUse this template


Modern cover letter template. Small icons help to make your contact details stand out.

Professional Cover Letter Template CrispUse this template


Creative cover letter template. Two columns, elegant design with minimalistic graphics.

Professional Cover Letter Template CubicUse this template


Perfect cover letter template. Structured layout, a dash of colour along the top.

Professional Cover Letter Template DiamondUse this template


Classic cover letter template. Single column, coloured header for your contact information.

Professional Cover Letter Template EnfoldUse this template


Two-column cover letter template. Text on the left, contact info on the right.

Professional Cover Letter Template IconicUse this template


Clean cover letter template. Simple design, icons to make your document stand out.

Professional Cover Letter Template InfluxUse this template


Elegant cover letter template. Single column, separate header, classic feel.

Professional Cover Letter Template InitialsUse this template


Unique cover letter template. Initials for a personal touch, separate column for contact details.

Professional Cover Letter Template MinimoUse this template


Minimalistic cover letter template. Maximum readability, no distractions.

Professional Cover Letter Template ModernUse this template


Modern cover letter template. Elegant layout, full readability, contact info on the left.

Professional Cover Letter Template MuseUse this template


Modern cover letter template. Highly readable with a clear structure.

Professional Cover Letter Template NanicaUse this template


Traditional cover letter template. Top-to-bottom structure, intuitive layout.

Professional Cover Letter Template NewcastUse this template


Simple cover letter template. Standard design, elegant finish.

Professional Cover Letter Template PrimoUse this template


Creative cover letter template. Features a logo with your initials and an icon for personal info.

Professional Cover Letter Template SimpleUse this template


Simple cover letter template. Sleek design, spotlight on your personal story.

Professional Cover Letter Template ValeraUse this template


Modern cover letter template. Draws attention to your job title, limits distractions.

Professional Cover Letter Template VibesUse this template


Sleek resume template. Light feel, contact info highlighted on the right.

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Need free cover letter templates tailored to a specific job?

See cover letter examples

Free Cover Letter Template: Download and Use

[Your Full Name]


[Phone Number]

[Email Address]

[City, Date]

[Hiring Manager’s/Recruiter’s Name]

[Hiring Manager’s/Recruiter’s Job Title]

[Company Name]


Dear [Mr./Ms.] [Hiring Manager’s/Recruiter’s Last Name],

When I found the opening for the [Position] with [Company Name], I felt as if it was addressed to me. In my current position as [Position] at [Company Name], I’ve improved [achievement] by [%] in [months/years] which resulted in [Number + Result]. I’m sure I can use my expertise to bring similar results for [Company Name].

In my current position as a [Position] with [Current Company Name], my key challenge has been [Main Responsibility]. Here are some of my recent results:

  • Succeeded at expanding [Achievement] by [%] since [Year].
  • Skyrocketed [Achievement] scores by [%].
  • Optimized [Achievement], saving the company [$/hours] a [month/quarter/year].
  • Led a team of [Number] employees to increase [Company Name] revenue by [%] in [Number] years.
  • My team has scored [Achievement] [Number] [months/years] in a row.

I know that [Company Name]’s current plans involve [Company’s Plans]. It would be an exciting opportunity to use [Your Skill] to develop [the Company’s Project].

Can we schedule a meeting [Date] to discuss my solutions for boosting [Company Name]’s [Revenue/Traffic/Customer Satisfaction] by [%] in the next quarter?

With kind regards,

[Your Full Name]

[Your Phone Number]

[Your Email Address]

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Your resume and cover letter templates say a lot about you as a candidate. With the right design, you can immediately make a good impression and stand out from the competition. Your cover letter is your best chance to convince the recruiter you’re the perfect fit for the job, so chose a cover letter template that truly showcases your skills and achievements.

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Zety job cover letter template


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If you want to maximize your chances of getting hired, you need a cover letter. Did you know that around 40% of recruiters won’t consider you if you don’t submit one? With a Zety cover letter template, you’ll not only meet the recruiters’ requirements, but exceed their every expectation. You’re just a few clicks away from proving there’s no one better for the job!

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