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Resume Quiz Questions & Answers: The Ultimate Cheat Sheet

Resume Quiz Questions & Answers: The Ultimate Cheat Sheet

We combed the Internet to find each and every resume quiz out there. And then we answered all the resume questions to give you the right answers. Here they are.

As seen in:

You may have bumped into a couple of resume quizzes on the Internet.


And while most of the questions seem pretty straightforward and easy to answer—


Some might be a bit of a head-scratcher.


Well, not anymore.


Zety’s career experts have taken a look at the most popular resume questions from Quizlet, Brainly, Dummies, AskMeFast, and other websites to help you find the definitive answer to each and every one of them.


This article will show you:


  • 40 most popular resume questions & answers.
  • Comments from a career expert.
  • Pro tips on resume writing.


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sample resume templates

Sample resume made with our builder—See more templates and create your resume here.



Which of the Following Statements About Electronic Résumés Is False?


  1. Directions for submitting electronic résumés should be followed carefully. 
  2. Many companies only use electronically submitted or emailed résumés. 
  3. Electronic résumés should be typed in a standard word processing program. 
  4. Electronic résumés should be saved in HTML format 


Correct answer in the quiz: D


Expert’s comment:

While it’s true that you shouldn’t submit your resume in the HTML format, it’s not true you can only use a standard word processing program to write an electronic resume. You’ve got a range of other options too. For example, online resume builders let you write your resume quickly and hassle-free. Plus, you can export your resume to a Word or PDF file.

Pro Tip: The safest file formats for your electronic resume are DOC or PDF. If you’re not sure which format to choose, read our guide on whether to send a resume as a PDF or Word.  



Which of the Following Is a “Do” Regarding Scannable Résumés?


  1. It should have parentheses to separate numbers
  2. It should have lots of graphic images
  3. It should be written in a simple, standard font
  4. It should have columns to separate sections


Correct answer in the quiz: C


Expert’s comment:

That’s right. A scannable resume should be written in a simple, standard font.




Fancy-looking fonts might be difficult to read for scanning software (both OCR and ATS), which will either result in garbled text or scanning errors. The same is true about including lots of graphics.


As to the columns—


It actually depends on the type of software used. The older the scanning software the harder it will be for it to cope with multi-column resume layout.


So if you want to stay on the safe side, a single column resume is always your best bet. 


Pro Tip: Make sure to choose the best resume fonts. Ones that will look professional and pass the scan.


Note: All online resume quizzes we found use the term scannable resume to refer to a printed out resume that’s meant to be OCR scanned. And that’s the definition of scannable resume we'll stick to in this article.



After Submitting a Résumé by Mail, How Long Should You Wait Before Following up with an Employer?


  1. 1 day
  2. 2-3 days
  3. 1 week
  4. 2 weeks


Correct answer in the quiz: C


Expert’s comment:

Although there is no rule that’s set in stone, one week seems like the most reasonable wait period.


Pro Tip: Want to come across as a pro? Read our data-driven article on how to follow up on a job application.



Which of the Following Is a “Don’t” Regarding Scannable Résumés?


  1. Print on white paper with black ink
  2. Use special characters like italics and underlining
  3. Add spaces before and after slashes
  4. Use a clean and neat overall format


Correct answer in the quiz: B


Expert’s comment:

It's the correct answer.


Just as mentioned above, the available answers suggest we’re considering a hard copy of a resume that’s supposed to be scanned with the use of OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software.


In such a case, underlining, italics, or special characters will only make it harder for the OCR software to scan the text properly.


Pro Tip: As a rule of thumb, make sure your resume formatting is as neat and simple as possible.



The Best Way to Start a Statement on Your Résumé Is with _____.


  1. "I" or "My"
  2. a noun
  3. an active verb
  4. an adjective


Correct answer in the quiz: C


Expert’s comment:

It depends on what you mean by “a statement.” Since the term is vague, let's consider two possibilities. The first section a recruiter will glance at on your resume is called the resume profile. We advise to start this section off with mentioning your strong character traits (i.e. adjectives). A resume profile may take the form of a resume summary or objective.

Here’s a bunch of good resume objective examples, and here are some of the best resume summary examples.




If “a statement” refers to your resume job description bullet points, then do start them with strong resume action words by all means.



During This Stage of Résumé Review, Employers Use the Résumé to Guide Interview Questions:


  1. Stage 1
  2. Stage 2
  3. Stage 3


Correct answer in the quiz: C


Expert’s comment:

That’s correct. A candidate’s resume is a great springboard for all sorts of interview questions. And it’s during the job interview (or the last stage of the recruitment process) that those questions are asked.


One caveat: the interviewing stage often consists of a series of interviews, not just one.


Pro Tip: Don’t know what questions to expect? Read our guide on common job interview questions and answers, and breeze through your interview.



A Very Plain-Looking Résumé Designed to Be Delivered via E-Mail or an Online E-Form Is a _______.


  1. Print résumé
  2. Web résumé
  3. Electronic résumé
  4. Scannable résumé


Correct answer in the quiz: C


Expert’s comment:

That's correct.


You can arrive at the right answer by elimination:


A print resume wouldn't be delivered via e-mail. Simple as that.


A web resume (or website resume) isn’t a plain-looking document. It’s a website.


A scannable resume refers to a hard copy of a resume that’s to be OCR scanned, so you can’t deliver it via email or an online e-form.


This means that C is the only good answer.



Which One of the Following Words Is Not an Action Verb?


  1. trained
  2. tested
  3. designed
  4. happy


Correct answer in the quiz: D


Expert’s comment:

Happy is an adjective. Not a verb.


Pro Tip: Want to make a powerful resume? Use our list of resume action verbs to help you write like a pro!



Having a Funny Voicemail Message Is a Good Idea, Because It Shows the Employer Your Sense of Humor.


Answer in the quiz: False


Expert’s comment:

The only thing a funny voicemail message will surely show the recruiter is that you can’t be taken seriously. Is this what you want?




Your sense of humor doesn’t have to be in line with that of the recruiter. You’re risking that your jokes will fall flat.



The Purpose of Writing a Résumé Is to Get a Job.


Answer in the quiz: False.


Expert’s comment:

You wouldn’t be writing a resume if you didn’t want to get a job. But your resume is just a step along the way.


The purpose of a resume is not so much to get a job, as to give the recruiter insight into your skills and professional experience so they can decide if you can get the job done.


Pro Tip: Learn how to make a resume that will get you noticed.



A Synonym for a Word May Be Included as a Keyword.


Answer in the quiz: True


Expert’s comment:

That’s true. But your safest bet would be to use the actual keywords from the job ad at least once.



Web Résumés Are Posted to the Internet in HTML Format.


Answer in the quiz: True


Expert’s comment:

A web resume is, in fact, a web page. That’s why its standard format is HTML.



A Word-Processed Résumé Designed to Be Visually Appealing Is a _______. 


  1. Print résumé
  2. Web résumé
  3. Electronic résumé
  4. Scannable résumé


Correct answer in the quiz: A


Expert’s comment:

It's correct. And here’s how you can arrive at the right answer:


You don’t use a word processor to create a web resume. So it can’t be answer B.


An electronic resume is supposed to be a plain-looking document.


A scannable resume should also be very simple to avoid scanning problems.


That leaves us with A, a print resume, which is the correct answer.


Pro Tip: If you’re making an electronic resume, check out our selection of minimalist resume templates. If you want your print resume to look exceptional, explore our selection of infographic resume templates.



Scannable Résumés Are:


The term scannable resume refers to a printed out resume that’s meant to be OCR scanned with a view to extracting information from it, and populating a database. Scannable resumes were popular in the past when most candidates sent their job applications via postal services.


In this day and age, applicant tracking systems do the scanning, and the ATS resume has taken the place of the scannable resume.



Résumé Search Programs Often Search for _____.


  1. nouns
  2. verbs
  3. adjectives
  4. participles


Correct answer in the quiz: A and B


Expert’s comment:

In fact, if you search for the answer online you’ll see some say the correct answer is A, while others opt for B. And, as a matter of fact, both are right. More than that, adjectives could also be of interest to scanning programs. Here’s why: Modern ATS software allows recruiters to use Boolean operators to specify the words they’re interested in. So at the end of the day, manager (noun), manage (verb), and managerial (adjective)could be equally important. What matters most is relevance. If you use relevant keywords, chances are your resume will get a higher score than your competitors.

Pro Tip: Always tailor your resume to the job offer.


When making a resume in our builder, drag & drop bullet points, skills, and auto-fill the boring stuff. Spell check? Check. Start building your resume here.

When you’re done, Zety’s resume builder will score your resume and tell you exactly how to make it better.



During This Stage of Résumé Review, Employers Determine Who Will Receive Interviews:


  1. Stage 1
  2. Stage 2
  3. Stage 3


Correct answer in the quiz: B


Expert’s comment:

After the initial elimination stage, or Stage 1, recruiters move on to Stage 2 where they decide which candidates they’d like to interview. Stage 3 is the interviewing stage.



An Applicant Should Always Print Their Résumé on Paper That Is _____.


  1. their favorite color 
  2. white or light colored 
  3. highly patterned 
  4. bright or fluorescent


Correct answer in the quiz: B


Expert’s comment:

This one is pretty obvious… until you start looking for the right kind of paper.


Don’t worry.


We have a dedicated guide to help you choose the best resume paper.



The Appearance of a Résumé Can Change Drastically After It Has Been Scanned.


Answer in the quiz: True


Expert’s comment:

It’s true. Your resume may no longer look like a resume at all. It can get totally dismembered and its sections will end up in different text boxes.


That’s why it’s so important to keep your resume simple and clean. If you don’t, you risk that the text will get garbled or some parts will go missing.


Pro Tip: You can use a blank resume template that’s 100% ATS compliant.



In Order to Scan Résumés, Employers Will Use a Scanner Which Looks like a Compact Copy Machine.


Answer in the quiz: True


Expert’s comment:

This question feels ancient. And even though it’s a true statement, it would be extremely hard to find a company that still uses such scanners for recruitment purposes.


This day and age, resumes are scanned by the ATS software.



This Résumé Format Focuses on Both the Skills and the Work Experience of the Applicant:


  1. Chronological 
  2. Functional 
  3. Skills 
  4. Combination


Correct answer in the quiz: D


Expert’s comment:

Yes, it’s the combination resume format that allows you to focus just as much on your skills as professional experience.



In Order to Make a Résumé Persuasive and Not Self-Centered, Omit the Use of the Word _____.


  1. “I” 
  2. “Me” 
  3. “My” 
  4. All of the above


Correct answer in the quiz: D


Expert’s comment:

That’s right. When writing a resume just drop all personal pronouns. Find out more in our guide on resume tenses and voice.



Describe the Three Different Stages Your Résumé Goes Through When Being Submitted to an Employer.


Stage 1

Initial resume elimination. Resumes are scanned with the help of ATS software. At this stage many resumes that fail to meet cutoff scores are rejected. The ones that get through are quickly assessed by the recruiters.


Stage 2

This is when the recruiters laser on the top candidates. Resumes are thoroughly read and analyzed to identify the applicants who'll be contacted on the phone and invited to job interviews.


Stage 3

Recruiters and hiring managers use the resume to structure and select interview questions. Since at this stage the potential employer knows you only on the basis of your resume, they'll want to learn more about the things you outlined in your application.


Note: Recruitment processes could become much more complicated than this. The three stages described above focus on what your resume is used for, and work in the context of the online resume quiz questions.



An Electronic Résumé Is a Plain-Looking Document.


Answer in the quiz: True


Expert’s comment:

That's definitely true. An electronic resume should look simple and professional.



Which Two Types of Résumés Can Be Formatted to Be Visually Appealing?


Correct answer in the quiz: Print and web


Expert’s comment:

It’s true that print and web resumes give you the most freedom when it comes to formatting. 


That being said—


Visual appeal is highly subjective. As a matter of fact, a resume doesn’t have to include any visual elements to be appealing. A well-formatted simple resume template can be just as interesting as one that’s full of graphics.



When Your Résumé Is First Reviewed, a Potential Employer Looks at It for Approximately _____.


  1. 1 minute
  2. 30-45 seconds
  3. 15-30 seconds
  4. 2 minutes


Correct answer in the quiz: C


Expert’s comment:

Even though most resume writing guides from university career services tell you it's 15-30 seconds (check out Boston University), according to a recent study by the Ladders, it’s only 7.4 seconds.


In other words, your resume must impress the recruiter right off the bat. That's life.



In the Résumé Above, What Would Cause Appearance of the "00000000000"?


Answer in the quiz: Underlined word Objective


Expert’s comment:

The problem is that the image of the resume this question refers to is nowhere to be found. But the answers say it was the underlining in the word Objective. There’s no reason not to trust the answer. In the context of an OCR scan, underlining could’ve caused the software to misinterpret the word, and lead to a scanning error.


Modern ATS software doesn’t have problems with underlined, bolded, or italicized words though.



What Are the Four Different Types of Resumes


Answer in the quiz: Print, Scannable, Electronic, and Web


Expert’s comment:

It depends on what you mean by the resume type. Obviously, the answer provided by the quiz makes perfect sense in the context of the quiz itself. All the more so as all the other questions in the quiz are structured around these particular resume types. That said, the proposed four types of resumes feel outdated.


Here’s what comes to my mind if you asked me this question—


The four different types of resumes are:


Type 1: Chronological resume

Type 2: Functional resume

Type 3: Combination resume

Type 4: Targeted resume


The fourth type is a bit of an uber-category that can be applied to each of the previous three.



Why Is It Important to Create a Strong Résumé?


Your resume is what the recruiter’s first impression of you is based upon. A strong resume could become your ticket to the next level of your career development



What Are Four Things a Great Résumé Shows Employers?


A great resume shows employers that you’re qualified to do the job, you meet their expectations, you’ve got great teamwork skills, and that you know how to write an appealing resume.



List the Categories of Information Found in a Résumé.


Answers in the quiz:


  1. Personal information
  2. Education
  3. Skills 
  4. Work experience 
  5. Activities
  6. Interests


Expert’s comment:

This answer makes perfect sense. But there’s more to it. Head straight to our guide on what to put on a resume to find out what else you might want to include.



Having Just One Typo on Your Résumé Can Eliminate You from a Job Pool.


Answer in the quiz: True


Expert’s comment:

It’s true. In the era of spell-checking software, typos can be easily eliminated. Spelling mistakes show you’re not attentive to detail and can’t put spell-check to good use.


The recruiter will give your resume a pass, and move on to the next one.



Hand Written Résumés Are Still Used Frequently.


Answer in the quiz: False


Expert’s comment:

It’s the 21st century. You don’t write your resume by hand anymore.


Plus, a great cover letter that matches your resume will give you an advantage over other candidates. You can write it in our cover letter builder here. Here's what it may look like:


matching set of resume and cover letter

See more cover letter templates and start writing.



Résumé Can Be Delivered Through _____.


  1. mail
  2. e-mail
  3. fax
  4. all of the above


Answer in the quiz: D


Expert’s comment:

The answer to this question feels outdated. Even though it’s technically possible to send your resume through any communication channel, in practice you do it either via email or the employer’s recruiting software of choice.



This Résumé Format Focuses on the Tasks or Skills That an Applicant Can Perform:


Answer in the quiz: Functional


Expert’s comment:

That’s correct. The functional resume focuses on your skills and expertise.



During This Stage of Résumé Review, Résumés Are Quickly Scanned to Eliminate as Many Candidates as Possible:


  1. Stage 1
  2. Stage 2
  3. Stage 3


Answer in the quiz: A


Expert’s comment:

Yes, the first stage of resume reviews is when the majority of resumes are eliminated. 



When Should You Write a Functional (Skills) Résumé?


It takes time and effort to make a good functional resume. A functional resume focuses on your skills and qualifications, rather than previous experience. The bulk of the functional resume consists of a resume objective and skills summary. Experience is only briefly mentioned.


Functional resumes are mostly favored by career changers, military transitioners, creatives, and those who don’t want to come across as overqualified.



Eric Is a High School Student, and He Does Not Have Any Paid Work Experience Yet. What Information Could He Include in the Work Experience Section of His Résumé?


  1. school projects
  2. volunteer experience
  3. relevant courses
  4. all of the above


Answer in the quiz: D


Expert’s comment:

That’s correct. As a high-school student, Eric should make good use of any work-related experience on his resume. Volunteer work on a resume, relevant coursework on a resume, and school projects could earn him some extra points. He could also consider adding such sections as hobbies and interests on a resume, or language skills on a resume to boost his chances.


Pro Tip: Learn how to make a job-winning high-school student resume.



If You Have a Professional E-Mail Address, It Should Always Be Included on Your Résumé.


Answer in the quiz: True


Expert’s comment:

If you have a professional email address you should include it on your resume. In the past, you’d include a postal address as recruiters would respond to your application via traditional mail. It’s no longer necessary to include this, but you should always give your email address.

Pro Tip: If you’re in doubt how to make yourself contactable to the recruiters, read our guide on what contact information to include on a resume.



Which Document Provides a Brief Summary of an Applicant's Personal Information, Education, Skills, Work Experience, Activities, and Interests?


  1. résumé
  2. cover letter
  3. networking letter
  4. personal goal statement


Answer in the quiz: A


Expert’s comment:

It’s the right answer. It’s a resume that provides the recruiter with a summary of the candidate’s personal information, education, skills, work experience, activities, and interests.



Web Résumés Allow You to Include Extra Graphics and Images That You Would Not Include in a Traditional Résumé.


Answer in the quiz: True


Expert’s comment:

Yes, this is true. A web resume gives you a plethora of possibilities, they include adding graphics and images that you wouldn’t be able to include in a traditional resume.


Do you have any other resume questions you don’t know the answer to? Give us a shout out in the comments below. We’re always happy to help!

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