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Tell Me About Yourself [How to Answer This Interview Question]

Tell Me About Yourself [How to Answer This Interview Question]

Tell me something about yourself.


It’s such a scary, open-ended interview question.


There are a million answers, and most of them are wrong.


Don’t panic.


There’s a reason employers make you introduce yourself.




There’s a solid formula to give the perfect answer.


This guide will show you:


  • How to answer tell us about yourself interview questions.
  • 10+ great interview tell me about yourself sample answers.
  • Why achievements matter in tell us something about you answers.
  • Tips on how to describe yourself to get hired.


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This is not the only tough job interview question they’ll ask you. There are more—and we’ve got job-winning sample answers for you here:


  1. What makes you unique?
  2. Why should we hire you?
  3. Describe what you do in your current position
  4. Why did you leave your last job?
  5. What is your greatest strength?
  6. What is your greatest weakness?
  7. Why do you want this job?
  8. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
  9. What is your management style?
  10. Do you have any questions for me?
  11. What motivates you?
  12. What are your salary expectations and requirements?
  13. What are you passionate about?
  14. How to explain gaps in employment


Now let’s look at how to answer tell me about yourself interview questions:



Answer Tell Me About Yourself In 4 Easy Steps


Here’s a bad dream:


You sit down for the interview. The hiring manager smiles and says—


Tell me about yourself.


You gulp. You start to talk. You hope you’re saying the right things.


But you get the nagging feeling you’re blowing it.


You know they’re not looking for fun facts about yourself. But what do they want?


It’ll be okay.


Here’s the formula:


How to Answer the Tell Me About Yourself Interview Question


  1. Start with an important strength the hiring manager is drooling for.
  2. Tell how that skill or quality helped your recent employer.
  3. Give metrics to show it helped a past employer too.
  4. Tell how this new opportunity will help you grow your talents even more.


Here are two tell me something about yourself examples for experienced candidates.


Tell Me About Yourself Examples


Here’s a great tell me about yourself sample answer for experienced IT professionals:



Q: Tell us a bit about yourself.


A: (1) I really enjoy providing robust software solutions. (2) I’ve led a software engineering team of 10 programmers at Xyzzy Solutions for three years. Our proudest moment was receiving the 2018 Bossie award. (3) Before that I worked for two years as a software engineer at SurgeWallop. I slashed security breaches 70% by winning full employee buy-in for our Principle of Least Privilege drive. (4) It’s been a great run, but I’m chafing at the bit to sink my teeth in with a high-performing DevOps team like the one at Brass LAMP Dev.

I’ve always been really interested in computers. I guess for the past nine years now I’ve been a programmer, but my passion for tech started way back when I was a kid. I’ve always loved monkeying around with code, but it wasn’t until I moved to Arizona that I tried to make a living off it. I got really into it and I can’t imagine doing anything else.


Night and day.


The second of those tell me about yourself sample answers is what people typically say.


It’s nice, but—


The first answer will make the interviewer hope you don’t have other offers.


Next question:


How to introduce yourself professionally in an interview to achieve this effect?


Let me show you, next.


Pro Tip: Don’t ramble. Rehearse and time your answer. Have a solid ending. The worst something about you answers take too long and trail off into silence.


After you answer the tell us about yourself interview question, be ready to follow up. Use our guide to prep: Commonly Asked Job Interview Questions & Answers



Use Achievements for the Best Tell Me About Yourself Answers


It’s frustrating.


Tell us about yourself sample answers are nice, but—


Making your own is a different story.


Take heart.


You can introduce yourself fast in a way that interviewers love.




The best tell me about yourself answers add achievement.




  1. Your best achievement from a recent role.
  2. Your best feat from a past job.


These tell me about yourself interview examples show how:


About Me Examples


What does this sample answer to tell me something about yourself for experienced applicants do right?



Q: Tell us about yourself.


A: I really enjoy being at the center of a top design team. I worked as lead designer at Studio256 Designs for the past four years. (A) I was in charge of four designers who delivered over 150 client projects a year. Before that I worked at Ricardo’s Crop Shop for two years, where (B) I chipped in on a customer website that won a Shopify Design award. It’s been a great learning experience, but I’m ready to spread my wings at a high-end design firm like Arnolfini’s. That’s why I’m so excited for this position.

I live and breathe design. I’ve been into art for many years, and I just love that I can do this kind of work and get paid for it. I’ve been working for seven years now in graphic design, and I just adore it. I’m so gratified that I get to go to work every day and do something that I love.


See that?


The second of those tell me about yourself examples isn’t bad.


But the first will make employers hope they can afford you.


But there’s a trick to it.


You have to pick the right achievements, and—


They have to fit the job.


I’ll show how next.


Pro Tip: Put metrics in your tell us about yourself answer. We use percents, dollars, and other numbers in our something about you examples. They show the size of the achievements.


To ace your job interview, you need to prepare in advance. Here you’ll find tons of interview advice for all stages of your big day: Best Job Interview Tips, Advice and Techniques.



Know Before You Go to Introduce Yourself Correctly


You know your tell us about yourself answer has to show accomplishments.


But which ones?


Don’t fret.


It’s easy to pick the perfect introduce yourself achievement.


You just have to understand the job.


To do that, read the job offer carefully.


This tell me about yourself example job offer shows how:


Tell Us About Yourself Example Job Description


job description


That about me example job description wants two key things:


  1. A receptionist who can handle lots of regular clients.
  2. Someone who can triage calls and emails.



Make your answer like the first of these tell me about yourself examples:


Tell Us About Yourself Examples


This interview introduction is chock full of relevant things to say about yourself.



Q: Tell me something about you.


A: Well, I thrive in the excitement of a fast-paced office. As a receptionist at Drake & Caswell, I loved interacting with our 200 regular clients and managing training and travel schedules for 25 employees. Before that at Mindon Well Drilling, I really enjoyed being the contact point for hundreds of client calls and visits every week. In fact I saved 20 management hours a month by triaging calls and emails. Those were great opportunities, but I’m at the point where this position at Maven Consulting Solutions would really let my talents shine.

Well I’ve been a receptionist for the past seven years and I love it. You know, interacting with all the people and taking calls and just working with people in general. I’m a people person. I love the back and forth and energy. Even on my days off I love hanging out with friends and being around family. I’m also a hard worker and I’m very dependable.


See the difference?


The second of those tell me about yourself examples represents the other candidates.


The first is you, when you understand the job.


Can’t find enough info in the job ad?




  • Reaching out to employees on LinkedIn.
  • Researching the company online.
  • Reading the company website.


That’ll give you enough beta to nail the something about you question.


Now let me show you five great introduce yourself examples.


Pro Tip: It can take a little head-scratching to pull the job’s needs from the ad. Highlight the skill set in it. Then pick the most important for your tell me about yourself interview answer.


Not sure about the job’s needs? Conduct an informational interview with an employee. They’re quick and painless: 15 Best Informational Interview Questions to Ask



Five Great Tell Me About Yourself Sample Answers


Need more job-winning answers to the introduce yourself interview question?


Here they are.




Each one starts with a key fact.


Then it uses present, past, and future to describe the candidate’s work experience and career goals.


Finally, it lists two accomplishments that fit the job.


Tell Me About Yourself Interview Question Sample Answers


Q: Tell me something about yourself.


A: I shine in a fast-paced office where I can work on ratcheting up efficiency. At Castle Rock Mineral we often had over 100 customers a day come through the doors. I was able to slash scheduling errors by 25% and resolve complaints 50% faster than the previous assistant. Before that at TD Dental, I helped raise patient satisfaction scores 20% by streamlining our intake flow. I’m ready to grow into a position where my efficiency can make a difference to a larger team. That’s why I’m so excited about this role.


That self introduction in an interview for experienced candidates shows you have what the job needs.


Q: Tell me about yourself.


A: I’m an incredibly prolific web developer. At ExamTeam5, I regularly completed full-stack development for websites in 7 or 8 weeks. I cut delivery times at VerifEye Solutions by 30%. I enjoyed both positions, but HF7 Technologies is well-known for its aggressive work schedule. I think my productivity would really be valued here.


Q: Please introduce yourself.


A: I love using my talents to bring more business to a worthy product. I worked as marketing manager at Ninequist Interactive for three years. During that time, my team and I presided over a period of 40% revenue growth. Before that at Spintegrity, I was able to increase conversions for email campaigns by 25%. I’m ready for a bigger challenge, and I would thrive in a fast-growing tech firm like Sequoia5 Global.


That’s a great answer for tell me about yourself in an interview for experienced applicants.


Q: Tell us something about you.


A: I really enjoy working as an OR nurse. For three years at Chrontos Medical, I received consistent commendations for my performance in the peri-operative setting. Before that at Barstow General, I was first-choice for the team of 15 surgeons. I’ve enjoyed every step along the way. Mass General was my first choice when I moved East because of your reputation for high-level health care in a safe, compassionate environment.


That tell about yourself answer for experienced candidates proves your nursing skills beyond question.


Q: Let’s start with a brief self-introduction.


A: When I’ve got a product I believe in, I excel at selling it. I’ve loved working as a sales associate at Peterboro-Munchen for the past two years. The job gave me an opportunity to increase revenue by over $100,000 a year for some of the best pumps and hoses on the market. Before that at Belsden Group, I consistently outsold the 10 other reps by 10% to 15%. Again, great product. Those were both great positions and I learned a lot, but now I really want to show what I can do. You’ve got the most respected, highest value security systems in the world, and a big market to sell them in. I’m very excited at the chance to use my skills to put your revenue through the roof.


See how those work?


Each of those interview tell me about yourself answers does three things right:


  1. It kicks off with a key fact that fits the job.
  2. It hits present, past, and future.
  3. It lists achievements that convince employers.


Pro Tip: Doing a phone interview? There’s no shame in writing down basic interview questions answers. But—don’t sound like you’re reading.


The tell us about yourself interview question is similar to what makes you unique. Check our guide for tips: How to Answer What Makes You Unique—Samples & Tips



Pick Great Achievements for Tell Me About Yourself Answers


What achievements work in tell us about yourself answers?


Which ones will make employers worry someone else will snap you up?


In a great tell me about yourself interview answer, list accomplishments like:


  • Cut costs X%.
  • Raised quality X%.
  • Increased revenue by X%.
  • Trained X employees.
  • Saved X hours per week.
  • Received X professional award.
  • Boosted customer review scores X%.
  • Slashed waste X%.


About me questions with achievements like the ones above impress employers.


Pro Tip: Whatever achievement you pick, tailor it to fit the job. The closer your achievement to the job skills, the likelier it is that you’ll get hired.


Still not sure what achievements to use in a tell me about yourself interview answer? We’ve got a guide for that: Achievements to Put on a Resume - Complete Guide



More Sample Answers to Tell Me About Yourself for Experienced Candidates [Interview Tips]


Need one more self-introduction in interview for experienced candidates sample?


Here are two.


Remember, here’s how to respond to tell me about yourself:


  1. Know the skills most vital to the job.
  2. Say how you used those skills to help your recent employer massively.
  3. Tell about a time you used those same skills to help a previous employer.
  4. Say you’re excited about the new position because it’ll let you do even more.


These tell me something about yourself answers for experienced applicants show how.


How to Describe Yourself Examples


This example answer shows how to respond to tell me about yourself.


It’s for a job that needs a machinist skilled in Lean and 5S.



Question: Tell us a bit about yourself.


Answer: I live, breathe, and eat Lean-5S machinist work. For the past seven years I worked at Raytheon as a machinist. I was promoted to head of the Lean program for our department. With my guidance we reduced setup times by 70% and cut kitting times by 50%. Before that I worked at BAE Systems for two years. There, I created a Poka-Yoke device that saved us 120 labor-hours per year and over $15,000. I’m really excited to get the chance to work at Toyota, because here my Lean-5S skills can really get a chance to shine.


That brief description of yourself example links you to the most important job skills.


But what about this next tell me about yourself sample answer for experienced candidates?


Well I’ve been a machinist for the past seven years. I’m highly skilled in setups, kitting, and machine maintenance. I’m very punctual and I haven’t had a sick day in seven years. I’m a hard worker and I get along really well with the rest of my team.


That’s not the best answer for tell me about yourself.The format is wrong. Also, in a tell me about yourself interview answer for experienced candidates, you have to prove your experience fits the job you’re trying for.


Pro Tip: How do you introduce yourself in an interview? They’ll usually say, “Say something about yourself” or Tell us more about yourself. If not, say you’re excited about the job, then give your best tell me more about you answer.


Need to answer more “tell me about” questions? See our guide: 20 Situational Interview Questions and Answers to Nail Your Interview


Key Takeaway


Here’s a recap. How to answer tell me about yourself:


  1. Start with an important fact about yourself. Talk about your most recent role, a past role, and why you’re excited for this opportunity.
  2. Put a couple big achievements in your tell us about yourself answer. They’ll show the hiring manager you’re effective.
  3. Review tell me about yourself sample answers. They’ll help you give the perfect answer.
  4. Introduce yourself by referencing the job’s needs. Learn them by reading the offer carefully and researching the company.


Got more questions about how to answer tell me about yourself interview questions? Need more how to introduce yourself in an interview sample answers? Want additional job interview questions and answers samples? Leave a comment. We’ll be happy to reply!

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