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Best Online Resume Builders in 2023 [Free & Paid Features]

Best Online Resume Builders in 2023 [Free & Paid Features]

We found and reviewed the best online resume builders, so you don't have to. Pick one (or more than one) to make your resume and know exactly what to expect.

As seen in:

Let's be super clear on this: there are tons of resume builders available on the Internet. Some offer great features, while others claim to be legitbut fail to deliver.


But what is the best online resume builder? That remains a mystery. Or does it?


I'll show you a quick review of the best resume apps and websites for making your resume. 


Want to save time and have your resume ready in 5 minutes? Try our resume builder. It’s fast and easy to use. Plus, you’ll get ready-made content to add with one click. See 20+ resume templates and create your resume here.


Create your resume now


Sample resume made with our builder—See more resume examples here.


These are the best resume builders in 2023:


  • Zety
  • LiveCareer
  • Resume Genius
  • MyPerfectResume
  • ResumeLab
  • ResumeNow
  • EnhanCV
  • ResumeHelp
  • ResumeNerd
  • Wozber
  • Resumonk
  • VisualCV
  • Kickresume
  • FlowCV


Let's move on to reviewing each of them:


1. Zety Resume Builder


Zety online resume builder


Zety is an online resume builder with over 15 blank resume templates and features that speed up the writing process. Over 1,000,000 users have already picked the Cascade template, the most popular of our resume designs.

Easy to follow prompts and beautiful templates to choose from. Started getting calls a few days after submitting and applying resume. It definitely stands out!

Go ahead. See a perfect resume for yourself. 


Zety—Online Resume Builder



(Arguably the best resume template of 2023 online.)


The builder guides you through the process with many resume tips and pre-written content available at a mouse-click. 

Writing a resume makes most people cringe. However, with Zety I can easily edit my resume to bring focus to any specific skills needed for a particular job. This includes the dreaded cover letter. I no longer panic when someone asks for an updated resume.

According to 3,000+ reviews on Trustpilot, Zety is an excellent resume-building tool. Users are particularly keen on its variety of accessible and eye-catching templates.

Went for a job interview and the potential employers were very impressed with my CV. It was the first thing they said to me!





  • Resume or cover letter made from scratch or uploaded from old documents
  • Resume wizard with built-in expert tips and suggestions
  • Intuitive navigation between sections
  • Matching resume and cover letter templates
  • Possible personalization
  • Free unlimited download in several formats (including PDF and .docx among others)





2. LiveCareer



LiveCareer online resume builder


LiveCareer is a resume builder online that won the Sitejabber's 2020 Customer Choice Award. It provides more than 25 resume templates that appeal to all kinds of souls—be it creatives, mathematical masterminds, or traditionalists.


You can use the dashboard to create a resume, cover letter, or even find jobs on popular job search websites. 


Plus, it allows you to tailor your resume to the job ad from there. Just copy and paste the job description, and the tool will show you your match score.


How cool is that!


LiveCareer—Resume Builder



LiveCareer resume example




  • Immediate preview
  • Expert tips in the entry boxes
  • Spellchecker in text editors
  • Great choice of templates
  • Money refund to 14 days after purchase




  • Template change affects your previous choices


3. Resume Genius



Resume Genius online resume builder


Resume Genius tool provides ATS-friendly templates, which means they're parsable by computer software and don't crash en route to the recruiter's mailbox.


The resume templates have a corresponding design for the cover letters, making your entire job application pretty consistent. 


And do you know what consistency means?




Your chances have just gone up!


Besides, your visibility can even skyrocket if you add to it the knowledge gained from articles written by Certified Professional Resume Writers. 


Resume Genius—AI-Powered Resume Builder



Resume Genius resume example




  • Integrated cover letter builder
  • Word and PDF formats are available
  • AI-generated content from real job ads
  • Unlimited downloads for both plans
  • Chance for a full refund within the 14-day trial period




  • You can choose to add the “References Upon Request” section, which is an outdated solution


Jump in for a more detailed review of the Resume Genius resume builder: Resume Genius Reviews

4. MyPerfectResume



MyPerfectResume online resume builder


The I-will-do-whatever-I-want-with-your-content editor should be long gone. And now it is.


No more trying to figure out how to make a resume in Word. MyPerfectResume does it all for you: formatting, naming the sections, and even pre-writing to fill them out!


What you need to do is only to click to pick which content describes you best, and you're good to go.


A few clicks away, and your resume is ready.


MyPerfectResume—Resume Builder Website



MyPerfectResume resume example




  • Encouraging prompts
  • Highlighted sections you're currently working on
  • Pro-tips available at every writing step
  • Consistent page design
  • SmartApplyTM (built-in application parser, ensuring compliance with ATS)




  • Bright template colors 


5. ResumeLab



ResumeLab online resume builder


The online tool offered by ResumeLab lets you create a great resume and cover letter combo. You get 20+ professional templates to choose from.


Apart from the pre-written content (e.g., experience bullet points or a career objective), you get a unique AI-driven document strength meter that scores your resume against those prepared by other candidates.


Also, you can customize each resume template by color, section order, or skill rating icons. The list of available modification options is a real deal.


ResumeLab—Resume Builder Online



ResumeLab resume example




  • 18 templates with advanced modification options
  • Flexible resume sections structure in every template
  • AI-based resume scoring system
  • Unlimited PDF download





6. ResumeNow



Resume Now online builder


ResumeNow is a fast-paced resume builder with incredible UX and design that takes you through a short series of fill-in-the-blanks wizard screens.


As you fill out the blanks, this resume software does the formatting and puts all the info on the resume template of your choice, just by itself.


The app also offers pre-written content and a professional print-out.


Resume Now—Professional Resume Builder



Resume Now resume example




  • On-point design
  • Multiple download formats
  • Template recommendation based on the industry and country
  • Custom sections available
  • Painless formatting
  • Mobile app




  • No resume check with the limited access plan
  • Additional $0.50 for next download, print, or email


7. EnhanCV



EnhanCV resume builder


This online CV software tool lets you make both a CV and a cover letter.


And you can invite your friends to collaborate!


Let Sue and Drew tell you what they think of your application and ask to share their invaluable feedback. Perhaps you'll thank them later?


Also, a content suggestion tool can help you correct all typos.


EnhanCV—Resume Builder Site



EnhanCV resume example




  • Unlimited free PDF download with an account
  • Template names indicating career stages and formats
  • Feedback from friends and family




  • Long intro to get to the builder
  • Content improvements and recommendations available only with an upgraded plan
  • Branding on the documents with a free plan


8. ResumeHelp



ResumeHelp resume builder


ResumeHelp offers a wizard-based resume creator that takes you step by step, from section to section. All you need to do is fill in the blanks, and the app itself will put together your resume.


You get to choose one of 20+ templates that you can further customize to your liking. It also means you can later upload your resume to your LinkedIn profile.


The resume software tool also offers pre-written content to speed up the writing process.


ResumeHelp—Resume Builder Service



ResumeHelp resume sample




  • 20+ templates
  • Pre-written content
  • Tips on resume writing




  • No free cover letter builder


9. ResumeNerd



ResumeNerd resume builder


ResumeNerd's wizard will take you through the resume writing process section by section. 


Before you start writing any part of the resume, you'll get to see several tips on how to make the most of it. The app also offers pre-written content that you can modify to your needs.


ResumeNerd—Paid Resume Builder Software



ResumeNerd sample resume example




  • Resume check
  • Pre-written content
  • Many download formats, including HTML
  • Tips can be skipped




  • Cover letter builder is a premium feature


When making a resume in our builder, drag & drop bullet points, skills, and auto-fill the boring stuff. Spell check? Check. Start building a professional resume template here for free.

When you’re done, Zety’s resume builder will score your resume and our resume checker will tell you exactly how to make it better.

10. Wozber



Wozber resume builder


This resume software is available free of charge and has both resume and cover letter writing functionalities.


However, the builder lacks pre-written content that would show up inside the editor. And free templates like Word resume templates aren't always the most reliable. One interesting feature the app offers is the so-called Relevance Meter that shows to what extent your resume complies with the job offer.


Wozber—Resume Builder Program



Wozber resume example




  • Free of charge with an account
  • Progress saving
  • Cover letter writing tool
  • No branding




  • All templates look very much alike
  • The layouts might be hard to read and parse


11. Resumonk



Resumon resume builder


Resumonk is a simple tool to create a resume and a cover letter.


Its features are rather basic, and in comparison to the other online resume builders, the software comes across as a bit outdated—both in terms of functionalities and user interface.


Resumonk—Resume Builder Application







  • Simple to use
  • Cover letter builder included
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Clear pricing strategy




  • Has a slightly outdated vibe
  • Its features aren't as polished as those of competitors'
  • Branding with a free plan


12. VisualCV



VisualCV resume builder


VisualCV's resume website allows you to make a single resume or cover letter for free—but you can't call it a free resume builder.


If you wish to make more than one document and access all the templates, you must buy a premium plan. The builder offers a handful of ready-made resume examples that you can use as a basis for your document.


Also, the cover letter builder functionality is very basic.


VisualCV—Online Resume Builder Service



VisualCV resume example




  • Ready-made resume examples
  • Easy to use user interface




  • The cover letter builder is basic
  • Branding with a free account


13. Kickresume



Kickresume resume builder


Kickresume offers several templates for resumes, a cover letter writing tool, and a limited job search functionality. However, the pre-filled content it offers is quite basic and requires serious tweaking to become usable. The templates are graphics-heavy—arguably, this might be a problem for some ATS systems and recruiters. And if you don't have an ATS resume, your job application could be rejected before anyone reads it.


The app also lets you build a resume website.


Kickresume—Online Resume Builder App



Kickresume resume example




  • Number of templates
  • Website maker




  • Elementary pre-written content
  • Limited options when making a free resume


Plus, a great cover letter that matches your resume will give you an advantage over other candidates. You can write it in our cover letter builder here. Here's what it may look like:


See more cover letter templates and start writing.

14. FlowCV


FlowCV resume builder


The CV maker resume software is available for free and lets you create a good-looking resume.


It's intuitive, and—despite the lack of any wizard—you can start making your document right away. However, there's only one template available in the app and no cover letter making functionality.


FlowCV—Free Resume Builder



FlowCV resume example




  • Free of charge
  • Intuitive and easy to use




  • Only one (but fully customizable) resume template
  • No cover letter writing functionality
  • Whitespace is good, but there's probably too much of it

And hey!


Before you start using any resume-building online tool, make sure you know the basics of resume writing:



This is it! 


How did you like my selection of the best online resume builders? Are there any other top resume builders you'd like to add to my list? 


Give me a shout in the comments below. I'm always happy to hear from you!


About Zety’s Editorial Process


This article has been reviewed by our editorial team to make sure it follows Zety's editorial guidelines. We’re committed to sharing our expertise and giving you trustworthy career advice tailored to your needs. High-quality content is what brings over 40 million readers to our site every year. But we don't stop there. Our team conducts original research to understand the job market better, and we pride ourselves on being quoted by top universities and prime media outlets from around the world.

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