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Cover Letter Layout: Example and 20+ Rules

Cover Letter Layout: Example and 20+ Rules

Got your cover letter written, but no idea what the right layout is? We’ll show you the best fonts, spacing and more with a complete cover letter layout example.

As seen in:

Layout is just for publishers and web designers, right? 




Hiring managers spend only seconds reading cover letters and resumes. If your cover letter layout isn’t easy to follow, your job application’s gone, along with your chances of getting the job.


Get this right and you’ve got that base covered.


This guide will show you:

  • The basic rules of how to layout a cover letter.
  • Cover letter layout examples.


First, here’s a perfect cover letter layout example created with our builder. 


Want to write your cover letter fast? Use our cover letter builder. Choose from 20+ professional cover letter templates that match your resume. See actionable examples and get expert tips along the way.


Create your cover letter now


cover letter layout

Sample cover letter made with our builder—See more cover letter templates and create your cover letter here.


If you’re looking for detailed advice on what to include in a cover letter, try: What Should a Cover Letter Include: Examples and Tips


Now take a look at how to make your cover letter layout look that good.


How to Lay Out a Cover Letter


A proper set-up of words on a page is called layout. It includes headings, space, and typeface. As a standard business letter, a cover letter needs to be formatted the right way


Proper spacing is key. It’s important to add space between the header, greeting, each paragraph, closing, and signature. White space is eyeball friendly and frames your job-winning content. Follow these tips to ensure a professional cover letter layout:


Cover Letter Layout and Formatting Tips


  • Use standard business letter-spacing: 1 or 1.15.
  • Left-align all contents. Again, this is a standard business letter layout.
  • Don’t use text justification.
  • Set one-inch cover letter margins on all sides.
  • Use a simple, easy-to-read cover letter font, like Comic Sans. Just kidding! Arial, Calibri, Verdana, Helvetica, Cambria, or Times New Roman are best.
  • Stick to 11 or 12pt font size.
  • Add double spacing between paragraphs.
  • Include your full name, job title (optional), home address (optional), phone number, email address, and LinkedIn profile in your cover letter header.
  • Remember to use a cover letter template design that matches your resume template.
  • Save your cover letter as a PDF to avoid messed-up formatting, unless instructed otherwise.
  • Give a professional name to your cover letter file title.


Here’s a job-winning cover letter layout template. Use it to structure your own cover letter or try our cover letter builder which will lay your cover letter out for you.


Cyrus Johnson

Business Analyst

1721 N Damen Ave

Chicago, IL, 60647



Chicago, 10/18/2019


Dane De Luca

HR Manager

Vermillion Inc.

2116 W 95th St

Chicago, IL, 60643

Dear Dane,


I have attached my resume for the position of business analyst. My professional achievements include saving $1M in costs by choosing a new cloud data warehouse solution. This was enabled by my superior negotiation skills, expertise in effective procurement and ability to identify cost savings.


As a business analyst at Vantech, I leveraged a new procurement business process to ensure consistency across all teams leading to a saving of 500 man-hours equivalent to $100,000. This consistent approach was the first of its kind in the company. I also consolidated 3 legacy CRM systems into a single modern iteration reducing data retrieval times by 50% and customer response times by 40%.


Getting on board with Vermillion as it rapidly scales its operations is an amazing opportunity for me to do what I do best, increasing efficiency in business processes and implementing value-rich changes to the organization.


Let’s arrange a quick chat to discuss how my ability to translate stakeholder needs into development goals can help Vermillion at this crucial time.




Cyrus Johnson


P.S. It’d also be a great chance to discuss how my dedication to clear data visualization has improved communication between stakeholders and development teams.

Pro Tip:  If you’re writing a physical copy of your cover letter, add a handwritten signature between the complimentary closing and your name. 

And that’s how you lay a cover letter out the right way!

When making a resume in our builder, drag & drop bullet points, skills, and auto-fill the boring stuff. Spell check? Check. Start building a professional resume template here for free.

When you’re done, Zety’s resume builder will score your resume and tell you exactly how to make it better.

For a full breakdown of how to write a cover letter for a job, check out our guide: How to Write a Cover Letter


Want to see cover letter examples for every profession? We’ve got that covered, too: Best Cover Letter Examples for All Careers


Still not sure how to leverage your cover letter layout? Fire away with your questions in the comments section below so we can help. Thanks for reading.

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