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14+ Downloadable Resume Templates for 2020

14+ Downloadable Resume Templates for 2020

Are you on the hunt for the best downloadable resume templates? Perhaps a CV template or cover letter template to download? Here are over a dozen of our favorite options.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for downloadable resume templates.


We’ve got over a dozen of the best ones right here.


From modern designs to creative use of white space to unique layout, these are the top resume, cover letter, and CV templates to download.


They’re not just downloadable— 


They’re dependable, desirable, and distinguishable (and that’s undeniable).


So, let’s get to it.


Here's a list of downloadable resume templates that also work for a CV:





Vibes is the first one on our list, and it gets us off to a solid start. It’s a simple, two-column resume template download, but with a full-width header to write your compelling profile.



Long-form text, such as your work experience section, is given priority in the main, left-side column. Over on the right, supporting details such as your skills and personal information have just enough space to not encroach on the important bits.


As far as style goes on this downloadable CV template (with matching downloadable cover letter template!), subtlety reigns. It’s got black text on a white background, but heading titles get help standing out with the help of a third color. 


To make it even easier for the recruiter’s eyes to get to the section they’re looking for quickly, icons in square boxes are positioned to the left of each title.





Our Simple resume template is, well, simple. But it also means its suitable for senior and junior positions alike. Like the Vibes previously, it also is white and black with your choice of accent color. However, this one switches up the columns to include the smaller sidebar on the left.



As one of Zety’s clean & simple resume templates to download, it omits the boxy icon for a more subtle vibe. Small, radio button-like circles document things such as your language proficiency and skill levels.


Pro Tip: You are picking a great, downloadable resume template, but do you know how to write resumes? Check out our guide to get it right. 





Newcast is not just a great resume downloadable template, but it also sums up your entire work history in the form of a graph. With only one column all the way down, this one is like an updated version of those downloadable Word resume templates from the past.



Taking a page from Vibes’ book, it uses the third accent color (you can choose from dozens of color combinations) to highlight the resume section title, the box icon, your name, and your professional job title.





The Muse is one of our downloadable two-column resume templates. It works like magic for all job seekers.



Arrow ribbons point out each section title in the main resume area, and dates are given breathing room to enable the HR manager to easily visualize your employment timeline. 


Pro Tip: Make sure to choose a great resume font, whether you go with the paid or free downloadable resumes templates. Choose a font which maximizes readability, and use 10–12pt font size for the main body text (in your cover letter template, as well). 





As the name suggests, this is one of our modern resume templates. It uses the ribbon arrows like the previous one to point out each section title, but it does this in two columns rather than one.



On the top left and bottom right of the page are two neat little rectangles in the accent color of your choice. At the top, the columns readjust themselves, giving your name and professional title exactly as much real estate as your resume summary or resume objective. 


Pro Tip: How long should a resume be? One page would be perfect, as long as you don’t cram it in there. Two pages is fine, especially if you have a longer work history or impressive academic section to add. 





Initials gets its name from the circle bubble up there at the top center of the page, with—you guessed it—the initials for your name. That feature on these resume downloadable templates pulls the employer’s gaze right to your name and job title from the very beginning.



Continuing with the circular accent resume theme, the left-hand sidebar hosts your contact information each with relevant circular icons to announce each entry. Those dots appear again in the language proficiency levels and to “point” out each section heading.


Pro Tip: What to include on a resume? You know the standard sections, such as your work experience, education, and contact details. But there are dozens more, such as certifications, awards, licenses, memberships, etc. Check the link to learn more. 





If looking to download resume templates that are professional and clean, look no further than the Influx design. Another of our single-column options, this one gives the important dates in your employment history and education section space to be noticed.



One of the cool things about Influx is that these are downloadable resume templates free of unnecessary gimmicks—it’s a straight shooter, through and through. 


Pro Tip: You’re choosing a great downloadable resume template here, but that’s just step one of your job application process. Next up, learn how to tailor your resume to a specific job, unless you want all this hard work to be for naught.





Iconic’s name is derived from the icons that delineate each resume section, as well as each detail in your personal information at the top. 



Another one-column template, ample space is given on the left to allow dates and section headings to stand alone and catch the recruiter’s attention.


Pro Tip: Looking to include references on your resume? We don’t recommend it, but we do suggest adding a separate reference page, when called for. All the templates you see here make perfect resume reference pages (and cover letter templates, too!)





Enfold is the first of our two-tone resume download templates, and it looks a bit like a blog website. It’s got a large, standard black-text-on-white-background main column, and, on the right, is a reverse-colored sidebar.



That nifty column is offered in dozens of colors, and whichever accent color you choose will be the same color used in the titles of the various sections on the left. 


Pro Tip: Looking for downloadable free resume templates? Free resume templates, whether for Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft Word, are usually incompatible with ATS software—that’s the HR program that scans and scores your resume. 





We might not have been too creative with the name, but Diamond is definitely one of our most creative resume templates. The header area can be adjusted to whichever color you decide, and it really allows your name and personal details to pop out to the recruiter.



In the larger bottom half of this editable and downloadable resume template, large diamonds stand adjacent to section headings, while smaller diamonds act as resume bullet points.



Pro Tip: Looking for professional advice for resume writing? Check out our top resume tips and a list of the worst resume mistakes you can make. 





Cubic is one of the fan favorites here at Zety, and it’s easy to see why. This is a three-tone resume, but not in an offensive way. 



The header color is determined by the color of your choice, and that same color is used to accent the areas below. Speaking of below, the sidebar is offered in this pleasant grayscale, providing a nice shading variation to really allow the hiring manager to notice everything.


Pro Tip: What’s the difference between a resume and a CV? For most of the world, the curriculum vitae is the resume. In the US and a few other places, a CV is like a longer-form resume, used in academic purposes, for the most part. 





When looking to download CV templates which are clean and minimalist, look no further than our Crisp layout. The heading and your name get a full-width section to allow you to offer up your elevator pitch for the job.



Beneath that, this downloadable template for resumes and cover letters splits into two columns. The left column is ideal for short-form text, such as skills, while the right column is perfect for full sentences and paragraphs. 


Pro Tip: Be careful when searching for infographic resume templates. Infographics may be fun, but the graphics used within almost always confuse the ATS programs we talked about earlier.





Are you looking for downloadable resumes and cover letter templates which highlight important dates in your work and educational history? Look no further than Concept. 



Concept is essentially a one-column template, and its accent color is used for your name and the various heading titles. However, on the left is a single-color bar where only dates go, perfect to impress HR managers with different calendar-related details.


Pro Tip: No resume is complete without a cover letter alongside. For the templates you see here, you are also able to create a downloadable cover letter template, as well. The styles will match perfectly, and you’ll seem like you match the job perfectly, too.





Cascade is one of the best resume templates, which is why we saved it for last. This one has a sidebar that itself is a two-tone affair, where you’ll put shorter details such as your address and hobbies and interests, say. 



On the right, you’re given ample room to list everything, from your job description to volunteer work section. Whichever color you choose your sidebar to be, that color will also be used for the section titles. 


Key Takeaway


If you scour the internet for more than 5 seconds, you’ll be inundated with downloadable resume templates.


However, be careful.


Your mileage may vary depending on the CV template download you choose.


Keep these points in mind when looking to download resume templates:

  • Don’t google something like “cv templates free download word document,” because both free resume templates and Word resume templates have their issues.
  • Free CV template downloads are often not ATS-friendly, as we explained earlier. 
  • Microsoft Word resume templates render terribly on many devices, so it’s better to save your resume and cover letter as a PDF. 
  • Your resume content matters more than anything else. Learn how to write a resume correctly!

Have any questions on why you should stay away from free downloadable resume templates? Wondering how to customize your professional CV templates download? Let’s chat in the comments below, and thanks for reading!

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