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How to choose the right resume template?
professional resume template

Professional resume templates

Choose one of our elegant, classic resume templates if you want your resume to reflect your professionalism. Clear, legible section headings make your resume easy to read quickly. Two columns allow you to make better use of space.

Who’ll benefit from a professional resume template?

This is a good resume template for corporate resumes, for example: project manager resumes, marketing resumes, office administration resumes, or executive resumes

modern resume template

Modern resume templates

Show the recruiters that you keep up with the latest trends by choosing one of our modern resume templates. Bar charts will help you illustrate your skills and the highlighted resume summary at the top will immediately catch every recruiter’s attention.

Who’ll benefit from a modern resume template?

This example is the best resume template for industries in which being up-to-date is crucial: engineering, programming, or software development.

simple resume template

Simple resume templates

If you want your resume to easily go through even the most old-school ATS systems, use one of our simple resume templates. It’s also a surefire way to keep your resume looking good when prospective employers print it on white paper.

Who’ll benefit from a simple resume template?

Simple resume templates are great for such long-established professions as lawyers, doctors, police officers, or teachers. Use them when applying for more jobs with a more conservative company culture.

creative resume template

Creative resume templates

Impress your future employers with creativity and originality. Our creative resume templates will help you make a resume that stands out from hundreds of other boring resumes. The dynamic layout and little graphic elements make the design sharp and original.

Who’ll benefit from a creative resume template?

Creative resumes are the best resume templates for graphic designers, photographers, artistic jobs, and other, well, creative industries.

student resume template

Student resume templates

In our builder, you’ll find perfect student resume templates that can be used for academic and scholarship resumes, as well as internship or part-time job applications.

Who’ll benefit from a student resume template?

You can use our standard resume templates for scholarly purposes and go for more creative templates when applying for a job.

basic resume template

Basic resume templates

Use one of our basic resume templates to present the information in a neat, easily-readable form. Make the most of the white space and clear section headings - guide recruiters’ eyes straight to the most important details about your career.

Who’ll benefit from a basic resume template?

Basic resumes are the best resume templates for professions such as electricians, construction workers, or manufacturers.

infographic resume template

Infographic resume templates

Add little graphic elements such as icons and bar charts to help describe your skills and experience. Stand out from the crowd of all-text resumes with our infographic resume templates. The recruiters will surely appreciate your creativity, sense of aesthetics, and attention to detail.

Who’ll benefit from an infographic resume template?

Infographic resumes are a great choice if you’ve got little work experience, for example if you’re applying for internships or entry-level jobs.

best resume template

The best 2018 resume templates you’ll see - all in one place!

Pick your favorite, or create a resume in multiple styles.

Once you choose your resume template and make a stunning resume, you can download your PDF resume right away. We also offer downloadable TXT resume files. Currently, we’re not offering Word resume templates.

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